Is there a getting back Into endgame guide?

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    Just came back and am sorta clueless about adornments upgrading gear and other needed things for doing raiding ect. Are there any guides pertinent to today's mechanics? Ty
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    The TL;DR version is "get your Resolve to 1060 and Potency to 60K and the rest of the stats will come as you do more advanced instances".

    To begin, if you are level 110, you'll get in-game mail that will summon your to Myrist, the Great Library. Once you have worked through the introductory info you get when you are summoned by the Tribunal, you will be delivered to the Myrist Foyer. In the Foyer, next to the Registration Desk, is Tishan's Lockbox, which has upgraded armor. Even if the gear you have on is better, the Lockbox gear is pretty completely adorned, so you will want to grab a set and use Adornment Reclamation to strip all the adorns. Now you have a pile of adorns, adorn every possible slot. You probably should also grab six extra Potency adorns (from the helmet is good) and use those for your mercenary's armor.

    If you want to see caps and info about what each stat does, look yourself up on and hover over a stat... the popup will show you soft cap, hard cap, and some info about that stat. If no caps are listed, there is no cap.

    The first thing you need to consider is Resolve:
    • Solo encounters have no resolve requirements
    • Heroic Tier 1: 1060
    • Heroic Tier 2: 1334
    • Raid Tier 1: 1512
    Mastercrafted gear comes with 60 resolve. If you have 21 pieces of MC gear, that's a Resolve of 1260, which is more than enough to get you into heroics.

    I encourage you to go to the Vegarlson overland zone, and harvest there until you get a bunch of rares. It's pretty easy to harvest there without catching a lot of aggro. You need two rares for each new mastercrafted item (the names of these items all have "Academic" in the title). So, if you wear chain or plate, you need 14 Golden Fleck for armor, 2 for a weapon, you'll get a nice secondary doing the sig line. Leather wearers need 14 Needlescale Hide, cloth wearers need 14 Casiun Root. Everyone will want 18 Azure Sapphires for jewelry. Cloaks either need two Casiun Root or two Needlescale Hide, and I'm pretty sure belts also need two Needlescale Hide (I'm not on my tailor ATM). You also will want to upgrade all your Apprentice or Journeyman spells/combat arts to Expert (made by Sages, Jewelers, and Alchemists, depending on class). The scholars also make a bunch of the Ascension spells, and any that you can upgrade should be upgraded.

    You will get the best results with your Academic armor if you make (or have it made for you) out of refined rares, so you will want to harvest about double as many as you think you need, then use the Tradeskill Prestige Tree Salvage spec and refine them. Once you have the crafted Academic gear, switch that tradeskill spec to Experimentation, and experiment everything to Visionary. The wiki has a guide on Experimentation.

    The solo overland collections rewards have 40 Resolve. The solo instance collections have 50 Resolve.

    The problem is that as you were getting all this Resolve, chances are very good that your other stats, Potency in particular, dropped like a rock. Try to get your Potency back up to 60,000 or better. As you're trying to raise your Resolve, typically the new gear has less Potency. Ways to achieve this goal:
    • AA lines and Ascension Forms were changed with this xpac to replace Potency buffs with Fervor, so carefully reevaluate your AA.
    • White Potency Adorns (crafted, or harvested from helmets in Tishan's Lockbox)
    • Potency Infusers (you can use infusers from from Thalumbra forward, many can be crafted)
    • Deity Infusing (aka plat infusing)
    • Better gear that has both the Resolve and Potency values you need (which we probably won't see until we're getting heroic loot)
    Other stats to consider. (Note, I'm using cap values that were accurate during PoP, and I won't swear they haven't changed):
    • Ability Mod should ideally be half of your biggest hit. Reforging, adorns, and infusing can boost ABMod.
    • Crit Chance 2,500 or better. Crit Chance is how often you will critically hit with spells, CAs, and/or physical attacks. This value is often heavily debuffed based on the specific monster or zone. You need 100%, plus however much is being debuffed, so if the mob is debuffing 2000% crit chance, you need 2100% to get a crit hit every time.
    • Crit Bonus 4,500 or better. Crit Bonus is a multiplier to the damage done on a critical hit or healing on a critical heal. The hard cap, as far as I know, is ~4266.
    • Fervor multiplies the total spell/CA values after all other formulas have been applied. The hard cap is 230.
    • Reuse and Recover Speeds both hard cap at 100.
    • Casting Speed is how fast you can cast spells/CAs. The soft cap is 100, anything over that adds to Spell Doublecast.
    • Doublecast caps at 100%, however if you look at the buffs on Named mobs, they often have a buff that increases their Doublecast Avoidance, which means you need 100+that avoidance number vs. that mob. For PoP T1 raid mobs, their Doublecast Avoidance was typically 80, so you'd have needed 180% Doublecast to actually doublecast every time.
    • DPS Mod affects the damage of physical attacks. It has a soft cap of 600.
    • Haste affects the speed of physical attacks. The soft cap is 200, anything over that value adds to Flurry.
    • Flurry affects the chance of hitting multiple times on a physical attack.
    • Accuracy adds to the contested formula (weapon skills and level vs. defense skills and level) to hit a monster. This is not used against the target's parry, dodge, shield block, or deflection. There is no cap.
    • Strikethrough is the chance to prevent a monster from parrying or dodging an attack.
    • Multi Attack affects the number of weapon swings per physical attack. It has a soft cap of 200.AE Autoattack (AE Auto) is the chance for physical attacks to hit multiple monsters. It has a hard cap of 100.
    • Weapon Damage Bonus is bonus damage applied to all weapon autoattacks including melee, ranged, and spell weapons. It has a hard cap of 300.
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    as always, an excellent writeup.

    This post should be stickied for anyone with questions about CD or at or near endgame.
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    I know that if I can ever stomach starting the expansion I will be referring to it.
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    You will be starting it!!! I have been patient because I see you are having fun flying by on your BROOM MOUNT from that other game.
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    Other game?
    World of Tanks?
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    Awesome post, thank you!
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    Close, long ago it was the World of Rogues... or something like that *shifts eyes*
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    I bet you are a closet Gnome in that other game.
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    Any orange adorns to hunt down for potency? I heard blues only drop in raids.
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    Aspect of Aniquilacion set
    Slots: Slots: All 7 armor slots, Primary, Secondary, Ranged, Waist, Cloak
    • Ascension of Destruction
    • Firmament of Fire
    • Foundation of Ruin
    (1) +26% POT (Celestial: +35% POT)
    (2) +100,000 All (Celestial: +180,000 All)
    (3) Adds fire damage to Tainted Mutation, Granite Protector, and Ethermancy

    Aspect of Pingyuan Diqu set
    Slots: All 7 armor slots, Primary, Secondary, Ranged, Waist, Cloak
    • Ascension of Life
    • Firmament of Growth
    • Foundation of Earth
    (1) +26% POT (Celestial: +35% POT)
    (2) Gives a longer window for triggering an Ascension combo
    (3) +250,000 health, +25% Max Health (Celestial: +300,000 Health, +30% Max Health)

    Aspect of Paixo set
    Slots: All 7 armor slots, Primary, Secondary, Ranged, Waist, Cloak
    • Ascension of Love
    • Firmament of Passion
    • Foundation of Excitement
    (1) +26% POT (Celestial: +35% POT)
    (2) +28% MIT Increase (Celestial: +32% MIT Increase)
    (3) +4% Fervor (Celestial +4.5% Fervor)

    Aspect of Zou Kunnen set
    Slots: All 7 armor slots, Primary, Secondary, Ranged, Waist, Cloak
    • Ascension of Magic
    • Firmament of Power
    • Foundation of Thought
    (1) +26% POT (Celestial: +35% POT)
    (2) +25,000 Mana (Celestial: +50,000 Mana)
    (3) +4% damage to Frozen Heavens, Implosion, Terrestrial Coffin, or Virulent Outbreak

    Celestial Rune of Expedience
    Slots: Primary, Secondary, Ranged
    • +400% POT
    • +50,000 ABMod
    • Expedient Strike proc
    Rune of Championship [VI]
    Slots: Finger
    • +2.6% Ability Doublecast
    • +528% POT
    • +240% Max Health
    • +462,000 ABMod
    Celestial Rune of Championship [VII]
    Slots: Finger, Waist, Cloak, Primary, Secondary, Ranged
    • +2.8% Ability Doublecast
    • +631% POT
    • +260% Max Health
    • +492,000 ABMod
    Rune of Juxtaposition [VI]
    Slots: Ear, Waist, Cloak, Primary, Secondary, Ranged
    • +2.6% Ability Doublecast
    • +528% POT
    • +49 Overcap Fervor
    • +120 Overcap Weapon Damage
    Celestial Rune of Juxtaposition [VII]
    Slots: Ear, Waist, Cloak, Primary, Secondary, Ranged
    • +2.9% Ability Doublecast
    • +631% POT
    • +80% Weapon Damage
    Rune of Witness [VI]
    Slots: Wrist, Waist, Cloak, Primary, Secondary, Ranged
    • +2.6% Ability Doublecast
    • +562% POT
    • +13.2% Fervor
    Celestial Rune of Witness [VII]
    Slots: Wrist, Waist, Cloak, Primary, Secondary, Ranged
    • +2.9% Ability Doublecast
    • +674% POT
    • +19.2% Fervor
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    In an easier-to-digest format:
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    Wicked. Cheers!

    Running to printer.
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    Oh no, I was a blood elf warlock.
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