Is the sleeper lore done??

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    I admit i didnt really read any of the quest dialogue because we were rushing through it for discos and whatnot but is the kerafyrm storyline done in this game?? I know he gets trapped at the end of the instance but please tell me thats not it lol.
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    Congratulations! You have beaten EverQuest II!
    It's like Aunt Rhodey's Old Gray Goose.
  3. ARCHIVED-Malleria Guest

    The heroic instance takes place in the past, before Kera was released by adventurers. You zone in/out through a chrono portal. So presumably Kera is still out and about destroying skyshrine and such.

    What I'm trying to figure out is how CoE is going to work in to the Skyshrine story. As far as we know, the upper reaches of Skyshrine (presuming such a place exists, since there are virtually no 'good' dragons in Skyshrine besides Nevederia making a brief appearance in WL, and Lendiniara in past-Dracur Prime) are still under siege by Kera and his followers (again, presumably this is where all the 'evil' dragons are, since we have to assume Kera has more actual dragons at his command than just Doze, Sevalak, Vyskudra and Kildrukaun. Tjudawos and Zeixshi'Kar come to mind at the minimum). Plus we're missing an appearance from Yelinak, and surely the new combine wasn't formed and mobilised solely to recapture the droag undercity.
    All in all... we still have a TON to do in Skyshrine, but in a couple of months we're gonna be shipped out on a whole new tangent into the Ethernere. I understand new velious content will continue to be released, but from a continuity standpoint... why would we abandon Skyshrine half finished to fix some other random problem?
  4. ARCHIVED-LordPazuzu Guest

    Right now you're going back in time to the point of the awakening. Really, the final event of the zone should have involved a hundred NPC adventurers coming in and slaying the warders, followed by Kera death touching everyone.
    I think The Temple of Veeshan is still out there, even though the Western Wastes were for the msot part destroyed.
  5. ARCHIVED-Rainy Guest

    Erus basically outlines it for us:
    Mayong has the Calendar/Monoliths, the Duality has the Chelsith Stone. the Duality thinks mayong knows more about how the symbols are ordered/happening, while he thinks he has a better grip on thier meaning. So the Duality is going to either A) send us after Mayong to take his research or B) ask mayong to collaberate with him. that's been his whole focus.
    Erus and others however have noticed that people have been randomly dying for no apparently reason, and unable to be revived. the Duality gave it a look over, told them to find Lord Everling and see if he knows anything as he'd be the best source of info. (it comes off as a more of 'I can't be bothered to look into it, I'm doing more important things' deal) however Everling won't talk to just anyone, or can't because of his fragmented state.
    So they sent Fironia to help question him, and us. Fironia got little to nothing, we got a cyrptic riddle out of him. Fironia gets zapped, and we find out were the zapped people are going from a Truespirit.
    We go back to Erus and explain what we know, and the Erus claims the fact the FV got stolen to Ethernere will probably get the Duality to look into it more. (mostly becuase if FV can get stolen, he certainly can..apparently people being zapped that weren't in his 'league' didn't concern him too much)
    So this is more of a 'this requires immediate attention (becuase my existance is on the line)' situation, that once dealt with and over, will be pushed aside to continue with the Age's End prophecy/eventual dealing with Kerafyrm. Or it may very well be one of the 'steps' on the way to Age's End.
  6. ARCHIVED-Wilin Guest

    Rainmare@Oasis wrote:
    It's on the way to Ages' End. Kera and Mayong are headed for a grande finale eventually. Army against army (against army). The Awakened thought they'd use the Ethernere and the spirit stealing abilities to subdue Norrath, but that plan will backfire and ultimately help Norrathians weaken Kera just enough so Mayong can kick his tail.
    Now, the Sleeper lore is done. :)
  7. ARCHIVED-shadowscale Guest

    Rainmare@Oasis wrote:
    thats odd... i have it hanging on the wall of my house
  8. ARCHIVED-kelvmor Guest

    shadowscale wrote:
    No, you don't. Otherwise, 3000+ other people would have it, too. There is only one Chelsith Stone, and the Duality has it. The Chelsith Stone you have hanging on your wall is a replica.

    Just like there is only one Soulfire, and only one Qeynos Claymore. And those are currently held by an Erudite member of the Deepwater Circle known as the Swordbearer, despite the fact that many players have those equipped in their appearance slots. All of those are replicas or different-but-similar swords. No player character holds the actual Soulfire, Qeynos Claymore, or Chelsith Stone.
  9. ARCHIVED-Meirril Guest

    kelvmor wrote:
    According to the quests, Mayong Mistmoor gave *you* the Chelsith Stone to hold on to until it is needed. The same stories that place both swords of power in Eustice's (sp?) hands also place the Chelsith Stone in *your* hands and as far as I know it hasn't been stolen from us.
    We also happen to have Rile's Phlacery since it was never taken, stolen, or exchanged for anything else. Another odd tidbit that will probably never come up in another story. It would be great for Rile to get the drop on us...and then hold up the Phalacery and make him yield.
  10. ARCHIVED-shadowscale Guest

    Meirril wrote:
    yep, thats how i remember it, we get the stone from the leviathens stomach, kill trakanon to get the missing part and stick them back together, then mayong leaves the stone with us for safe keeping untill its time to give it to him. at no point has it left the players possession and at no point could we have really ended up with a fake.
    and the Phlactery is something have broght up as well before, sadly never been extended onto. lots of missed potentiol.
  11. ARCHIVED-Cusashorn Guest

    I doubt Kerafyrm's storyline will ever truly be over until he is finally killed, and he is killed, his undead spirit is placed under a spell that prevents him from leaving the presence of his body, and then his body is burned down to bones and ash, and the ash is taken to the Plane of Fire to be thrown into lava, and then that same lava is taken into the Void and thrown into the Black Hole.
  12. ARCHIVED-Rainy Guest

    actually during I think the Fallen Sword's timeline we hand over the stone to the Duality for his research into the symbols on it. Or it's implied that we do, because the Duality has a LOT better idea of what it is then we do and we're on a timeframe.
    it's even implied in the consequences quest that the Duality has the stone, Mayong has the outer calendar and probably the monoliths or at least access to the monoliths. that's why they say Mayong seems to know the order better on where the symbols are/the direction we're moving in, but the Duality seems to have a better grasp on thier meaning.
    which is why they imply that soon they are going to have to either have us go after mayong's information, or they are going to have to collaborate with him. both the Duality and MAyong seem to be well on thier way to figure out thier respective peices, but each of them only has half of the picture.
  13. ARCHIVED-shadowscale Guest

    Rainmare@Oasis wrote:
    bleh... now i cant actualy remember if was anything about us handing over the stone. unable to recall doing such but have been wrong before... has also been lore plotholes before as well so can go eather way.

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