Is the Price Rise to Spell Research Reduction Reasonable?

Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by Milliebii, Aug 30, 2014.

  1. Milliebii Well-Known Member

    At the recent SOE Live it was announced that "Grand Master" level spells/CAs would be researchable for all CAs/spells. This means a great many of us will be seeking to get our spells/CAs to this new level by using our SC to reduce the research time (aka instant upgrade).

    Feldon at EQ2 wire has pointed out that the price of the 'instant upgrade" from Expert to Master for a level 91+ spell/CA has gone from 600SC to 1400SC this weekend. Presumably the cost of upgrading a Master to Grandmaster will be higher.

    How do people feel about the prospect? Particularly with level 96 to 100 spells becoming available with the Xpac in November.


    August 30, 2014 2:11 pm at 2:11 pm| #
    Merc Unlocks and Item Unattuners are up 50%.
    But it turns out the CA/Spell Research Reduction is up 145%:
  2. Rhodris EQ2Wire Ninja

    I used to think 600SC (approx NZ$8) to research a master was overpriced - absolutely no way will I pay (approx) NZ$16 for it. With plat dropping by the bucketload in-game, I'd rather buy a master on the broker, or park the alt for the length of time.

    And go play Rift while waiting.
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  3. Malleria Well-Known Member

    Agree, 600 was already too much for a master. 1470 is a joke. I can't believe there could possibly be people stupid enough to pay that price.

    Just wait, grandmaster drop rate will be worse than ethereals.
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  4. Enric_of_Neriak Member

    I agree with all of the above. I won't usually chime in on these things because I just wait out the upgrade time, use my monthly allotment of SC, or buy upgrades with plat from other players.

    I won't waste my monthly SC on this and if anything by going up on prices for things like this I'll actually spend less in the marketplace over all. Lower prices in the marketplace mean I'll gladly spend an extra $5 to $10 to add to what I get for my sub. But with prices on items like this going up I'll just quit spending money in the marketplace altogether, both my 'free' SC and any I would have bought.

    Vote with your wallets. Don't spend any SC at all and send /feedback as to why you won't be. Maybe they'll listen.
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  5. Foretold Well-Known Member

    I mentioned in the other thread that I *used to * use this feature frequently. Now that its over double the cost... no freakin way. They 100% lost my business on researching, and maybe on everything else SC, too.
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  6. Cisteros Active Member

    OMG it will be as if I was time warped back to the old days when the only way to get a Master ability was to loot or by it from another player. I don't know how I will survive going forward
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  7. Kurei Hitaka Well-Known Member

    Okay, I don't really stare at the Station Store very much at all, in fact mostly use what I get from my sub and that's about it.

    However now this is starting to look ridiculous...with the price for everything on the rise lately, especially with an 145% increase, I reeeeeeally hope the stuff I'd be willing to shell out some extra for doesn't end up effected. Definitely agree that we should speak with our wallets here. Especially with all this happening over the course of the sale.

    Edit: @ The above poster. Sure, you can manage with it. But these drastic and seemingly random (Read: We were not informed of them) price changes are making the fearmongers' assertions actually sound plausible. Used to be we could laugh off any yuckster who came in saying "OMG the game's doubling/tripling the prices on things that were normally offered for fairly low prices! The game wants to gouge us!". This past couple days has made us all a bit wary now. XD
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  8. ShaggyBodom Well-Known Member

    I am just curious how much more SOE actually makes from these price hikes. A lot of people will stop buying the item, is it really increased enough to even show a lot of profit worth the amount of hate they get from the raise?
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  9. Milliebii Well-Known Member

    One of the factors in the pricing of Masters on the broker is the cost of researching the spell. Raising the cost of research will IMHO also raise the cost of Masters and now Grandmasters on the broker.
  10. Deveryn Well-Known Member

    After giving access to all games for one price and keeping the monthly free SC gift, this move doesn't surprise me at all.
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  11. Nolus Well-Known Member

    Are they going to be able to be acquired in game as well? As far as the upgrade now bit. I don't care I don't really use it. It would be nice if Grandmasters introduced to loot table, would be cool if Sages could make masters. I know not much a chance. But would be nice.
  12. Cisteros Active Member

    I was referencing waaaaaay back to a time when research was not an option. Somehow we managed to get through without having all Masters on day 1 of a new release. Let the cost on the broker go up. More plat for those who acquired an item through gameplay. is something I have no problem with.

    And before someone comes in all obtuse ( not directed at the op ) I have no opinion on what appears to be a pretty sick cash grab by jacking up the prices on marketplace stuff since I don't spend my money there, just what
    Sony rebates me each month when I use the krono someone else bought.. As someone said earlier, vote with your wallet and just don't use the option.
  13. ShaggyBodom Well-Known Member

    Every item that has had a price increase, I have never purchased either. But, that don't mean that some day I won't be interested. On top of that, it just sucks what they did so I voice my opinion on the matter (which I am good at doing :p ).
  14. Avahlynn Well-Known Member

    Yeah. I guess we're thinking on the same wavelength. Blah.
  15. Xillean Well-Known Member

    Price is not reasonable imo. I wont be buying any more sc anytime soon.
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  16. Axterix Active Member

    Just plain nuts. 2.5x the price? The only two ways I can possibly see this as justified:
    1. If they intend a major drop (as in 50% less time) in how long it takes to research higher level spells, but if that is the case, the two should have been done at the same time.
    2. If this cost was only for researching Grandmaster, with Master and below staying at 20 SC per day.

    I've been tempted from time to time to use some SC to speed up research. This though ensures there will be no further temptation.
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  17. Thalador Active Member

    It's things like this that make me 100% against paying cash for anything SOE anymore. I was a paying subscriber for 9 years and stopped when the nickel and diming began. This is just another example.
  18. Avahlynn Well-Known Member

    Yikes, no, those prices are off the charts too much. I won't be buying those for sure.
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  19. Griff Well-Known Member

    It's funny because the usual replies to the additional charges for races, mercenaries, game mechanics and classes are normally countered with "You don't need it". At what point does "You don't need it" become "You won't enjoy the game near as much without it?"

    No we did not always have such perks. People also left the game because the lack of such perks made the game too much of a grind or hassle without them. So they added things like mercenaries, reforging, Freeblood, Beastlord, Spell Research and more that enticed more people to join and retained more people over time. That benefited them financially. They also charged for such things, but not so much that avoided purchasing them.

    Now you take the most popular items, the ones that allowed people to gain spell improvements quicker, allowed them to solo better, allowed them to un-attune items to pass on that they either spent a good deal of coin or time obtaining, and jacked up the prices while calling it a sale. Does that really make good business sense? Now they are adding a new race to the next a premium. Silly us, we assumed that races in an expansion would be included.
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  20. Corydonn Well-Known Member

    Good. Research assistants are dumb and so are the people who use the.... They are very nice people.

    Anything that makes having a master or grandmaster ability drop feel better to loot I can approve of. I always thought research assistants ruined one aspect of progression and collecting in the game. Back in my day there was a leaderboard for the players with the most masters of a class and it was fun to collect them all... Before research assistants RUINED it! It was also the best getting a drop you couldn't use and going to a friend and giving them an upgrade they would be in your debt for! But that doesn't happen anymore because friends are all like.... Already researched it like a lamesauce sandwich.

    I hope they raise the prices more on these infact!
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