Is the next expac pay 2 win, cause I'm spent

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  1. Lucus Well-Known Member

    that's what they are aimed at like the new bundle for like 98k DBC 15 normal cages, one rare case as filler to excuse the price to get an ethereal cage.

    IMHO whales to me mean people with more money then common sense.
  2. Malleria Well-Known Member

    Oh don't get me started on the familiars. They're trying so hard to push the "collect them all" idea, when collecting them all does absolutely nothing. You can't even display them all somewhere, just the one you can have summoned at a time (that 90% of players hide because it's freakin annoying having a random mob following you getting in the way).
  3. Lucus Well-Known Member

    don't forget if you happen to get an awesome looking familiar appearance to use and it isn't the same tier as the one you actually can't use it as appearance.
  4. Kristabella Well-Known Member

    So, what if it costs that much for an ascension spell? Don't buy it if it is out of your price range. I won't be paying for that. It's the very same reason I have an android phone and not an Iphone, I can't afford an Iphone or it's apps. And NO I don't have a lot of purchases. I haven't paid for the game sub in over a year. I make plat and buy Krono. I save up my measly $5 and get things I want. I recently used it to get merc crates, then sold them on the broker for plat to buy Krono.

    Do you go to the store and buy and buy Wagyu steak at $109 per pound at the grocery store or do you buy the store's $3.69 per pound steak? It's that simple. The store makes a profit too. Are they suppose to sell it at like 50 cents a lb so you can get it cheap?

    Of course it's profitable to a certain extent, would YOU go into business to LOSE money for you, your family, your employees, and your investors... you throw that word around like it's the scourge of the earth... profit!!! ooops I hope I didn't offend you there... profit!

    While yes they are releasing stuff, let me tell you about the last one, Rise of Kunark. If you hadn't noticed already, there is the new zones and some new dungeons. BUT to accomplish anything in this new venture, you must go thru and get:
    OLD gray factions
    OLD gray signature lines
    OLD City Timelines
    OLD Timelines (Vespyr, Othmir, etc...)
    OLD Class timeline
    OLD Heritage Quests

    Why do you think that is?? Because the content is already there and they don't need to hire a programmer and pay him to make new content, thus cutting costs. Why cut costs and spare the expense if you are as rich as all get out??? Why are they adding stuff to the marketplace, because want need more money... Every business wants more money, it's the reason you are in business. You think they should have a cap, and can only make what YOU think is fair?

    The game is like life, pay for what you want, work for what you want, if you can't afford it, you don't get it. I can't afford a lot of stuff, and I have just as much fun. While yes there are problems within the game I complain about, I am not gonna complain about spending, either I have it and buy it or I don't.
  5. Uxtalzon Active Member

    Yes. It will be.
  6. Kielex Well-Known Member

    I sincerely cant be bothered trying to explain my self to someone with such incredibly messed up views. In reference you're comparing my gaming experience to every aspect of real life that you could possibly think of.. This game isn't real life.. I came here with one very simple point.. Pay to win. And honestly if you agree.. It's very cool, Nice! We have the same outlook on the game, If not.. It's not really hurting me at all.

    I'm allowed to have a different opinion, The difference between my opinion and your opinion is I back up mine with facts.. You back up yours with ********.. Comparing my gaming experience to buying steak. lol
    pretty much every little thing you've said has been backed up with a metaphor that makes little to 0 sense

    Evguenil62 alt account?
  7. Neiloch Well-Known Member

    Citing real life as justification? Is that you Solistcey?

    People play video games to escape things EXACTLY like that, not to get more of it. EQ2 isn't being developed in a vacuum, all you have to do is look at other games that were subscription based and tried to squeeze more money out but adding P2W stuff to how it will go. Hint: Bad for the long term, great for short term gains.

    Saying its not 'pay 2 win' because you don't get a gold medal or a big "YOU WIN!" message on the screen is just being purposely obtuse or just plain unaware of what 'pay 2 win' means in a video game space. If you can pay cash to gain power advancement people strive for while playing the game, its pay 2 win. Other games are definitely as much or more P2W, but they also don't charge for a subscription or content updates.
  8. Cirvandal Active Member

    A game, especially one like this should allow you to have a second persona in theory, which is why it is called a roleplaying game. An RPG should NOT have ANYTHING to do with real life, especially not with money. This is not Second Life btw. I definitely agree with you Neiloch.
  9. semisus Does not play this game

    I hope next expansion of before that ascensions scrolls will drop more frequently
    I would also really like if they made it so kronos could be turned in for dbc , this would also take alot of kronos out of circulation
  10. Kristabella Well-Known Member

    You said it, I can't be bothered either with people who think that everything in life (or game life) should be free, and just because someone has something they worked and paid for, everyone should get it for free. While playing the game is fantasy, the purchasing of the game is REAL life and REAL money. The comparisons are fair. If you want the fantasy (playing the game is not real life), use fantasy currency to pay for your fantasy stuff. If your fantasy stuff isn't for sale with fantasy currency, then perhaps you should petition that it is. I had to use metaphors to show you how silly your argument is, that everything should be for free, and the big bad greedy gaming company is wrong for making a profit. have a great day in rainbow heaven. Will have to just agree that we disagree.
    "Evquenil62 alt account?" Me? Not hardly this is the only account I have ever had.
  11. Kioske Well-Known Member

    I love how 90% of the people trying to justify the pay to win tactics that DBG has used for Ascension are so super casual that it doesn't even affect them. They are all literally saying "I don't raid, so it doesn't affect me, but here's my opinion anyway". GG's. Your opinion is misinformed and your opinion is wrong. A game with a monthly subscription should not have pay to win. If you are a silver or free to play account, you can make mini transactions for certain services that put you in line with a sub, kind of a "pay as you go" feature. That's so that people can still enjoy most of the game, and pay for the services they want, like the broker or guild halls or housing, or whatever.

    Paying to increase your DPS should NEVER be an option. Ever. You should not be able to pay real life money for spells, gear, stats, in ANY WAY. This includes the Tithe tokens, mounts with stats that come with the premium expacs, ascension spells, armor, jewelry, infusers that come with premium expacs etc etc. ANYTHING that makes your character into a more powerful character should be earned through in-game currency or in-game play. It ruins the integrity of Daybreak Games, and the Everquest 2 community, Devs included, to be adding in all of this content that you can buy with real life cash in order to grasp at a dying product and make as much money as they can before it finally kicks the bucket.

    Next expac they are doing your regular character spells exactly the same as they did ascension, with the same kind of upgrading needed. You know, the spells that anyone that hasn't paid real life money for have not mastered or grand mastered all 8 useful ones? Think about that for a second. 8 spells, and even if you research them it takes 20-25 days per research (40-45 to go from expert to master), and the upgrades to these spells DO DROP somewhere, and 90% of the people who have not paid into the system have NOT finished grand mastering them out this late into the expac. I have run expert zones almost every day for the last 4 months, I have gotten 2 of the master scrolls for Scorched Earth. At this pace I might master it out by Christmas, or I could research it and take the 45 days and the scrolls don't do any good. I have 4 ascension classes to choose from, by the way. Is there anyone here who has spent zero real life dollars that has grand mastered every ascension spell useful to them? Please speak up.

    I, for one, will not stand for a pay to win game. If DBG has some fantasy that they are going to turn this into a pay to win game, then they need to remove the monthly subscription and got the micro transaction route. They can watch their game world burn to the ground as no one pays for the product. I can tell you this, I don't pay my $15 a month to then pay for more per spell to try to keep up in a raid community that is built more and more on the need for DPS checks, to a game that you can barely log into most times because the company can't get a handle on their own log in servers, and to deal with the kind of in game lag that games with 50x the player base DO NOT EXPERIENCE. This company needs to get a handle on their community, or they can watch it burn.

    To DBG, if your intentions are to just grab all the cash as the ship sinks, carry on, because sink it shall.
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  12. Kioske Well-Known Member

    No one is asking for anything to be free, Kielex pays to play this game. He pays his monthly subscription. He shouldn't then ALSO have to pay $75 per spell in order for his character to compete in a raid community. Your analogies and metaphors are built in ignorance. I will assume that this conversation does not even apply to you because you probably don't even group outside of your 3 friends who play the game with you, and you damn sure don't even bother getting into the raiding community. I'd be surprised if you even knew what ACT was....
  13. Cirvandal Active Member

    Please jump off the Runnyeye bridge and get eaten by the monster in the lake.
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  14. Azian Well-Known Member

    ^^ This is what concerns me greatly. I know they claim that the upgrade materials or books will be readily available in the next expansion with a level increase but you'll have to pardon me for being skeptical given what they did with illegible scroll pages and nearly non-existent recipe book drops this expansion. If my choices become paying huge amounts to upgrade numerous spells or instead sitting at apprentice or journeyman for a long duration awaiting upgrades then I'll probably make my own third choice and hop off of the mouse wheel entirely by finding another game to play.
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  15. Cirvandal Active Member

    I quit the game today, I do not support this pay to be relevant concept. Two subs less Daybreak, well played again.
  16. Azian Well-Known Member

    Sorry to hear it.
  17. Cirvandal Active Member

    Well, I do no longer enjoy raid as 99% of the content is tank and spank. I also do not enjoy doing PGs one bit. Over for me.
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  18. Stach Well-Known Member

    As my accounts slowly fall off the year subscription I am not paying for them, six paid accounts. Yes I am loosing all my prestige Items and losing the summer weekly quest, but at this time I just don't feel it is worth paying for as the grinds have finally burned me out. But I can still play on f2p and work on my epic 2.0 on these alternate accounts. But really feel my time in Norrath may be coming to an end.

  19. Gillymann Abusive Relationships Aren't Healthy. J S.

    First, it always cracks me up when people compare gaming to real life. Look, I buy game time to have fun. Challenge and effort are fun. If u want to work, I get plenty of that in real life effort and work are not synonymous concepts. If in doubt, see any dictionary, or, talk to someone who works in real life.

    Secondly, this game IS transitioning to ptw, and DBG will probably develop it further. When I bought this game years ago, and ever since, I have been aware there are grind and ptw business models, and I chose the sub model. It's the one I prefer, and I'm confident a large portion of eq2 players chose this game for similar reasons.

    DBG is not just going to flip a switch and radically change the business model over night, because that would cost them a lot of money. If it where ne, I would nudge customers along by dropping in the changes a bit of a time over a 3 to 5 year period. This way, some peeps will get used to it, and others will keep paying sub fees and for expacs until they eventually fall out.

    This game is now grindie ptw business model, and not only is that not going to change , it's likely to become more so over the next 2-3 years.
  20. Alenna Well-Known Member

    the epic 2.0 is a prestige item.