Is it just me?

Discussion in 'Warden' started by ARCHIVED-sundrop, Dec 20, 2011.

  1. ARCHIVED-sundrop Guest

    Is anyone else finding there Warden being neglected for the Fury's in there guild?
    *I am just trying to find out if it is the guild I am in, or the class that is causing me to be neglected.
  2. ARCHIVED-torri Guest

    Furies still bring better buffs to a raid than a Warden. If you are in a cutting edge progression Guild, it's the class not the Guild. (Though the few people I know in hardcore progression Guilds wouldn't use a Druid aside from situationally)
    If you're in anything less hardmode, it's either the Guild or the Fury is substantially better geared/played
  3. ARCHIVED-sundrop Guest

    Well its simple a casual raid guild.
  4. ARCHIVED-joyhinia Guest

    Imho a fury and warden shouldn't be competing for the same spot, furies are mage healers and should be in the mage group, wardens are tank/scout healers and should either be healing a scout or tank group. There is no reason a warden shouldn't be picked to raid.
  5. ARCHIVED-Banedon_Toran Guest

    Ask the raid leader if there is anything he/she would suggest to improve your chances at a raid spot (if this is the issue), if you ask politely and they give you flack your in the wrong guild :D
  6. ARCHIVED-luinnil Guest

    Unfortunately Warden is in the bottom tier of desirability along with Templar for raiding these days. Casual guilds are probably still hurting for excellently played healers so I imagine if you're good you can still find a spot. Every guild good enough to go HM needs 'that one Warden' for the run in circles fight but besides that you might be out of luck if the guild is starting to try to go ultra-serious.
    As a raid lead (and healer, albeit not druid lately) myself my opinion would be make sure you cure phenomenally, pre-curing almost every detriment so you can barely even see the icons show up. Really excellent curers are a treat and if you show you're good at both healing and curing you should be able to make the case to get and keep a spot.
  7. ARCHIVED-Ayaka Guest

    Wardens are amazing in Drunder Hardmode content. Our inquisitors switch to their warden alts for some fights. This is because some of these mobs have a lot of damaging abilities that do not cause reactives to trigger or that go straight through wards.
    Wardens also have a lot of abilities that are irreplaceable in this harder content (tortoise shell, nature walk, countless death saves and stoneskins). If a warden is actively trying to do more than just click a heal they will use their countless defensive abilities to actually increase the DPS of their scout friends. A lot of DPS now actually want a warden in their groups over an inquisitor for this reason.
    Warden is no where near the "bottom tier of desirability"... But it's up to the player to use their abilities effectively.

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