is EQ2 Players still being worked on?

Discussion in ' Website Discussion' started by ARCHIVED-CoLD MeTaL, Apr 4, 2012.

  1. ARCHIVED-CoLD MeTaL Guest

    All I ever get is:

    Oh no! An error has occurred.

    Click here to restart.
  2. ARCHIVED-feldon30 Guest

    CoLD MeTaL wrote:
    Maybe you're going to the wrong URL?
    By the way, there are alternatives. ;)
  3. ARCHIVED-Lantis Guest

    feldon30 wrote:
    Yeah. Why fix what's broken if you can simply throw it away, and use a complete replacement? ;)
  4. ARCHIVED-CoLD MeTaL Guest

    feldon30 wrote:
    What I pasted is what I get at that URL, not typoed. I go there, log in, and get 'oh no an error' everytime
    And yes EQ2U is awesome, will be better once you get the AA on the char list :p
  5. ARCHIVED-Kaedra Guest

    I'm getting the same error, whether or not I click on the link posted above or using the EQ2 website.
  6. ARCHIVED-Dessellion4 Guest

    I'm getting exactly that error whatever EQ2 Players link I go to.
    What's more since GU63 I can't access my characters through EQU either.
    Is it something to do with being on Splitpaw?
  7. ARCHIVED-feldon30 Guest

    Arcos@Splitpaw wrote:
    If someone experiences any issue with EQ2U, please shoot us an e-mail through the Contact Us form and we'll jump on it. We are still actively developing EQ2U and we're looking getting Prestige points in today. We typically respond to e-mails within 2 hours.
    Ok so I just looked up your guild Spirit of Dawnsong on Splitpaw: of Dawnsong
    And I'm also seeing a number of characters from Splitpaw that won't load anymore. The characters are no longer showing up in the data provided to us by SOE, which usually indicates the character(s) have been unpublished/hidden.
    Can you login and check to make sure your [X] EQ2Players checkbox hasn't unchecked itself? Thanks!!
  8. ARCHIVED-feldon30 Guest

    I'm now investigating the possibility of characters from Splitpaw and Storms not showing up on the EQ2U service. Valor does not seem to be affected from my immediate searches.

    If you have a character that you KNOW should be published yet returns an error on EQ2U, please use our Contact Us form so we can troubleshoot the issue!
  9. ARCHIVED-Dethdlr Guest

    Give me a few. I think I know what's going on but need a few minutes to verify.
    Update: Nope. Don't know what's hosed EQ2Players but I know what's hosed EQ2U. They ninja'd in a format change on me that's breaking things. I've sent them a note and once I hear back from them, I'll either adjust my code or they'll undo the ninja change. It's as simple as removing a space where their used to be one and that caused a good bit to come crumbling down. Sad thing it, the root of the problem is actually a bug in php that I had to work around in the first place.
    Hopefully we'll have this resolved soon at EQ2U.
  10. ARCHIVED-Dethdlr Guest

    Ok, EQ2U should now be fixed.
    Their may be a few cached things that may take an hour or so to work itself out, but it should be working again. If you find anything out of whack, let us know thorugh the feedback form on our help page.

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