Is channeler able to main heal end game?

Discussion in 'Priests' started by Beefkayk, Nov 7, 2017.

  1. Beefkayk New Member

    Hello I have recently moved over to main my channeler I really do enjoy him however I'm sitting about 6.5m hp 291 resolve I'm curious at some point the Channeler is able to solo heal for groups ?? I have heard alot of mixed thngs about them .
  2. Chillispike Active Member

    Short answer yes they are.
    I solo healed expert events with my channeler.
    6.5mio HP ain't much .. no matter which class. Make sure you pick the Health gain from the prestige since it's potency based.
    Prolly the main thing is the timing of the healing spells, due the rather long recast you need to use em when there is something to heal. Other healing classes normaly precast some of the heals, as channeler you can't kinda .. on the other side you are allready to intercept, which normaly should be on the group.

    If you wanna check my spec
  3. Beefkayk New Member

    I have done all the AA to increase health I'm still pretty much full panda gear other then a few pieces of 2.0 just missing the last quest for it
  4. Mermut Well-Known Member

    Panda gear isn't really what you want for raiding. The lack of purple armor adorns means you can't make use of the purple adorns that give big health, mit and ab mod boosts. You'll be better off with instance gear.
    This week is also double PG tokens. You can get white max health adorns and the ring with it's upgraded orange adorn is extremely powerful.

    All that being said, a well played channeler is absolutely viable in raids.
  5. Vunder Well-Known Member

    So there’s two things with the channeled.

    1. People that complain about them solo healing groups have usually grouped with an under geared Chan or one that doesn’t know what they’re doing which is very easy as they are a hard class to play well.

    2. 95% of all raid leaders that I have ever ran into have no flipping idea how to properly use a chan that being said they don’t like to use them at all. However we are one of the few healer classes that can solo heal the main tank in a raid without any help from cross heals. I’m to the point where I rarely cast healing spell on purpose it is almost easy mode
  6. Mermut Well-Known Member

    Very true. I've seen many bad channelers and a few good ones. The difference is so extreme as to make them appear not to be the same class
  7. Mhoramm Member

    The key with a channeler is crit bonus and potency. The more you have the more HP your construct will have which makes your job a whole lot easier. That being said, crit bonus and potency help all classes.
  8. Vunder Well-Known Member

    HP of construct begins to level off after 30k potency. Its far more important to be paired with a druid in raid as it doubles the construct HP

    In Current gear i have 4251cb and 31k potency and in raid my construct has 1,589,582,899 HP (sounds like alot but it goes down WICKED FREAKING FAST in beta. (With druid as channelers should always be paired with a druid)

    Beta Buff Gear for Raid Testing

    I have 4200CB and 65,000 Potency and in raid my construct has 1,642,853,203 HP So i gained 100 million HP with more than twice the potency. It needs to be around 4 billion to be effective. Pet is constantly in the orange from the insane amount of damage coming in. This is with construct repairs going round the clock and emergency power when it's up.

    Channelers need a lot of help with upcoming xpac. On the parse im hitting 20-30m HPS while everyone else is around 60.

    Its a very shaman only xpac. Unless you can ward, everyone dies.

    Construct Hp did not scale very well with the new HP pools (which are just insane) Add about 90 million hp to your current HP

    Things to note: If you are stuck in a stupid mage/scout group with group intercept..they will die. You cannot keep your pet healed enough to keep them alive. I can only heal effectively at the moment as MT healer with single target intercept.