Is anybody still here?

Discussion in 'Lore and Legend Discussion' started by Pixistik, Oct 13, 2022.

  1. Pixistik Don't like it? You're not alone!

    hello hello hello hello hello

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  2. Dude Well-Known Member

    You can try logging in to see, but I think you already know the answer.
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  3. Buggabug Active Member

    I am usually still here at least a couple days a week, was even throwing pumpkins at someone yesterday. Maybe we should be a FTP server, just an idea.
  4. Siren Well-Known Member

    They should just flip the PvP switch on and let PvPers have at it on Kael Drakkel. We can see how much better PvP is when the game auto-levels everyone into each zone, with similar gear-- it would eliminate level locked twinks and mentoring exploiters from running everyone off the server.

    This is an especially good idea now that a bunch of the continual cheaters/exploiters/plat dupers were banned in that big rollback poor Tarinax had right after its launch.
  5. ttobey Makes the Monsters Move

    Still here!
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  6. Bludd Well-Known Member

    i used to be here, but i didnt post this
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  7. Mugwort Active Member

    Log in every now and then. If it turns PvP, chances are, I will never log in.
  8. Dude Well-Known Member

    What's up with EQ3? Asking for a friend. :p
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  9. gambitak Well-Known Member

    I logged in a little while ago and there was one other person on the entire server, and, they were AFK. Unless there are a bunch of people using hiding somehow, this is a fairly dead server. On the plus side, if you've ever wanted your own private server, pick an unusual play time and it's all yours :)
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  10. Kenn Well-Known Member

    I logged in and there was a whole one other player online. I can't do my quest line solo.
  11. Nilyana Active Member

    I've not seen more than one or two other people on the server in a good while. Granted, I don't log on myself much, either, I'm mostly playing on Varsoon now. But I hop on now and then to see, and yeah... server seems pretty dead.
  12. Bella22 New Member

    Yes, I come here regularly. This is the best server to get your daily quest done easily and it work for all your worlds .Plus it is fun to have nobody getting to your mobs first. No crowds.
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  13. Cuora Member

    I am here now that Frostfell is here to get the daily gifts and open up the Wonderland. I try to get in for a little while a couple times a week but I home school my son in the mornings and early afternoon, so sometimes it doesn't happen. I actually love the server, doing the Familiars Wild is awesome as they don't grey out and get killed easily. Love being able to decorate, but as has been said, hardly anyone on this server which is a shame. Wondering about its future :(.
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  14. DENSER Well-Known Member

    probably nothing, it will stay that way until a new server idea replaces it .
    No communication whether here or discord from them, none for months, it doesn't smell good.
    A bitter failure, they will not affirm it, but it is one, a nice slap
  15. Siren Well-Known Member

    It was a great server idea in some ways, on paper anyway. I've been popping in for Frostfell, which I've never done on Kael of course, unlike most of the other servers.

    They really need to make all the Frostfell quests repeatable every year on every server.
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  16. Sturmlocke Linux enthusiast playing EQ2 via Proton.

    Yeah, personally I don't view this server as a failure, bc I have always viewed TLP and additional servers like these as a way to bring back ppl that might have been waiting for a reason to jump back in again. I believe both Kael and Varsoon have accomplished this nicely. Ppl coming back to give this game another try is a good thing after all, bc some of them might stay, which benefits us all in the end. Like Siren, I still appreciate these alternative servers, having these options is a good way to spice things up a bit, but I will always remain on live when it comes to any long-term plans. Live is good tbh, you just need good folks around you to get the most out of it. That said, curious to see how Kael and Varsoon develop in the future.
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  17. Pixistik Don't like it? You're not alone!

    Kael isn't coming back, it was a poor attempt at a nice try.
    Wasn't a great idea from the getgo in my opinion.
    At least they can scratch it off of a list of things the players want, that wasnt it.
  18. Dude Well-Known Member

    I think it was the, "Well, it's awesome in GW2" thing that led them astray. Maybe it's great for GW2, but this isn't GW2 or the company backing it. Sometimes you just need to stick with what you're good at or, at least, what you know.
  19. gambitak Well-Known Member

    Just created another character to have a look and still the only one on. There was another person on, briefly, but they logged within seconds of me logging on.

    If I make a character and get invested in it and the server shuts down, will they offer a free transfer or would I be screwed?
  20. Pixistik Don't like it? You're not alone!

    Not sure how it would work coming from that server and the ruleset, I dont see a problem with them offering a free transfer off tho