Introducing: EQ2 Relaxation video series

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  1. Aterskia Active Member

    Den kin me'es be's furst to suggest the Stone Bridge in North Karana(next to Spires)
    Has a most relaxing music! Relaxing, yit, wif air of hopeful expectancy,...:D
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  2. Sturmlocke Linux enthusiast playing EQ2 via Proton.

    Enjoy everyone. Four more videos are uploading right now and more EQ2 raining vids are coming this weekend :) Lots of rain in this vid too, perfect for studying or falling asleep after a long day.

    May the force of relaxation be with you, always.
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  3. Sturmlocke Linux enthusiast playing EQ2 via Proton.

    Oh wow, you still play EQ @At? If you do, I might need your help getting to some of the beautiful vistas. Would make a new char just for that, don't have access to my old acc anymore anyway.
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  4. Aterskia Active Member

    me'es paws be'es at yu's serbice!
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  5. Sturmlocke Linux enthusiast playing EQ2 via Proton.

    + added more SWG Naboo videos

    Working on more EQ2 rain videos rn, Dcuo also wip, Vanguard wip, EQ1 wip
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  6. Kattt Well-Known Member

    How did I not see this before? Love what you've done. I hope it gets lots of attention, and maybe even help bring new people in. You did a beautiful job on these videos!

    I have 3 requests for you. I especially love what you did with your Greater Faydark ambiance video. What I would love to see, if possible, would be a "sweeping" type aerial view of especially all of Kelethin, and Gfay, and Lesser Faydark. These are my favorite zones in all of the game. Kelethin is the very first city I played in way back when, when I first started playing. It brings me such happy memories, and deep nostalgia. But when I look at it, and hear the EQ2 Kelethin theme, it gives me goosebumps and for some odd reason, nearly brings tears to my eyes. Something about the angelic choir voices that really move me. Like angels. When I say sweeping, check out the video on youtube called "Everquest 2 The City of Kelethin," which is 2 and a half minutes long. If my memory serves, this is an advertising trailer for eq2 from way back when, that I think soe put out for the zone. I LOVE the shots where the camera pans down as if you are flying yourself, and then sweeps across the platforms, around the skies, and from both above and below. Like you are a small fairy flying around. Not still shots, but moving about, like you are flying slowly around in a dream. You know, as if it were drone footage. It has such a gentle and magical feel and goes with the music SO perfect. Not the character parts, just the scenery parts. Although some Fae flying about is nice too. But I could totally see you doing what this video did, but much better quality, and much more of the city, the lesser explored corners, Gfay and Lesser Faydark all together, with that music playing on loop. And if you can't use the music, I would just mute and play your video with the music. =) But I think your video quality would be so much nicer. I would totally put a video like that on loop to sleep to.

    My 2nd request is doing the same sweeping aerial views of Frostfell, using their Frostfell theme song in its original entirety, to put us in the upcoming holiday mood. =)

    My 3rd request is the same kind of thing done for Vesspyr Isles, with equally enchanting music from their library, choral voices and all. This is my 3rd favorite zone in the whole game.

    No one does the beauty of nature in a game, better than EQ2 has. All the designers and graphics people that made all those zones should be so proud of themselves. Even though the engine is older, they all STILL take my breath away. Especially Kelethin. =)

    By the way, does anyone know who composed/orchestrated that Kelethin theme with the choir voices in it? I would love to know more of their stuff.

    Thanks for the lovely videos!
  7. Aterskia Active Member

    me'es tinks mehbees yu's tinkin uhv Obol Planes? der defintlee gots "choral voices" ya YA?
    if knot, mehbees Obol Planes could be added (wif the choral voices ting extended during whole vid?[me'es no tinks choral be's ober whol zone])
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  8. Kattt Well-Known Member

    Definitely talking about Vesspyr Isles. With the beautiful and luscious Vesspyr trees, the amazing colors, the huge flora reminiscent of Greater and Lesser Faydark, the ethereal feel, etc. But sure, Obol too. Also very beautiful. Perhaps both in same video.
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  9. Aterskia Active Member

    ya YA! den kuld be's "Spiritual Relaxation" :cool:
    an on dat same idea, the Void in EQ1 gots sum interesting visuals an vocals too!
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  10. Sturmlocke Linux enthusiast playing EQ2 via Proton.

    Writing from my phone, just stopped by to say thank you for your super kind and supportive words. Really appreciate the feedback! :) I'll try to do everything that you ask for ofc. It's interesting how we share the same feeling towards the very same regions. In fact, I already had some of it recorded and then during editing I noticed that there were weird glitches due to something in the background so I have to redo that now. Will def do it though! Music is no prob if it's coming directly from the game or if it's part of it or if dbg owns it. Just gotta give credit where credits due.

    Same here btw, love Kelethin and both the gf and lf as they're crafted so we'll, no matter how old the engine is. And now imagine these regions with the Forgelight engine that dbg owns (separate thread where we're discussing this btw).

    If you like music + viewpoints from above, there is lots of it in here:

    Hope it keeps you relaxed while I do more.

    Btw, if anyone needs help setting this up in order to do your own vids, let me know and I'll help out where I can. Lots of free and open source software available and you can do lots of things with it.

    We are all the advertisement these virtual worlds need - no need for costy advertisement programs. We are the community, we are what can make this game flourish once again, if we're willing to do the necessary work. I have been uploading these and the new character model pictures on Steam in the eq2 community tab and so far the reception is pretty good. Join me and let us show the world that we're still alive after two decades and that this world still holds many untold stories, secrets and mysteries in a beautiful box that has yet to be fully unlocked.

  11. Sturmlocke Linux enthusiast playing EQ2 via Proton.

  12. Kattt Well-Known Member

    Love the way you write too. =)

    Ok, can't help myself, thought of 2 more. Again in that sweeping drone footage style.

    4) Footage of Nights of the dead festival and all the zones that their amazing holiday effects are in! With beautiful orchestral music. Perhaps the theme song for Darklight Palace is nice, or Darklight woods, or the NOTD holiday music etc. Lots of sweeping footage going over the many pumpkins, festivities, and people gravedigging. lol Not being able to fly in home cities and notd zones might make the drone footage look harder to do, but I love the idea of giving you the challenge. =)

    5) A VERY special footage video of some of the best player decorated houses, with apprapo orchestral music. This community is amazing and the creativity is astonishing. I have loved being a part of it from day one. Places like steam would be great for highlighting them so that people from other RPG's can see what those other games are missing. ;) No one does housing quite like EQ2, even newer games with newer engines and more advanced graphics just don't do housing like they do. I can totally see an amazing house like one done by Jazzy or Cloudrat done to some of EQ2's finest orchestral themes!

    Ok, that's it for now, but of course there is always other holidays, to get us in the mood at certain times of year, like Erollisi Day. =)

    I must stop myself! lol

    Love your graphic redesigns too. I have seen them before. Being a woman with long hair, I LOVE the long hair looks you did and SO wish they could do them. Your renders are amazing!

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  13. Sturmlocke Linux enthusiast playing EQ2 via Proton.

    My dear Kat, you just hit the nail on the head. Agree 100%! Keep the ideas coming, we need good ideas in this world.

    Btw it's totally true what you say about the housing part. Check this out:

    Her eq2 fan website is in there in the lower left.

    Spex liked my first post, which triggered my interest, and then I checked her profile to find this beautiful site with lots of awesome housing ideas. Was meaning to comment yesterday, totally forgot.
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  14. Sturmlocke Linux enthusiast playing EQ2 via Proton.

    + added Castle Mistmoore to the list, should be on now.

    Up next: SWG Naboo Housing Relaxation V1

    After that: DCUO Atlantis Relaxation V1.0 and V1.1

    After that: More EQ2 and SWG
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  15. Sturmlocke Linux enthusiast playing EQ2 via Proton.

    Alrighty, first DCUO video is live now too! This one is a real beauty, enjoy everyone!

    Make sure to turn up your volume before clicking play in order to feel the vibes right from the start. Also pls watch from the very start at 00:00. Ty!

    Also created a thread over at the DCUO forums similar to this one:

    Second post with link to the YT video in the dcuo forum is awaiting approval right now. Interesting discovery, you can't edit your posts in the DCUO forums after a few minutes it seems. In order to make future vids more relaxing, I actually purchased 150 dollars worth of relaxation music and DCUO is the first video to make use of it for an enhanced relaxation session where the in game music or sounds are lacking the right mood.

    Let this be an inspiration to how beautiful a true open underwater world can really be, and how relaxing it is. As a game dev, you are able to set the mood and influence your players mentality, thoughts and emotional level with a good and beautiful zone + music + sounds. Let the underwater sounds, visuals, music and beautiful zone heal your soul. Allow it to take away the stress and negative feelings, balancing out both the light and dark side within you.

    Feedback appreciated!
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  16. Sturmlocke Linux enthusiast playing EQ2 via Proton.

    Introducing a new related mini series:

    4k / 60 fps

    Relaxation Walk Through The World Of Norrath.

    Here is the first one, a better looking 4k version is also coming soon. The 1080p/60 version above has some weird artifacts in a few scenes, dunno why though as it looks just fine when viewing the original source material. Gonna make sure that the 4k version looks cleaner and sharper if possible. Buttery smooth 60 fps too, for the most part that is. Have been testing a few things for one or two folks on page 5 over here:

    Thus, swapped drives and now running on Ubuntu again instead of Elementary. Performance has gone up nicely with the newest iteration of Ubuntu 22.04.1, which will further enhance the videos I produce and allow for smoother videos. Lots of nice music accompanying the beautiful ambience sounds of the forest in this one too. This is the first EQ2 video to benefit from the music that I personally purchased for enhanced immersion ( Working on those fly by videos that were requested next, just gotta finish editing two or three other vids that I have already started working on before doing that.

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  17. Sturmlocke Linux enthusiast playing EQ2 via Proton.

    Oki doki, lots of new stuff.

    Updated the EQ2 playlist on page 1, bunch of new vids. In addition, also created an Ubuntu EQ2 and DCUO video guide. All it takes is just a few clicks and you're up and running with Ubuntu, Vulkan and EQ2.

    In addition, also made another Walking Relaxation video, but this time I chose something a bit more exotic.


    Again, using one of the many music tracks that I purchased from Chris Collins. This track is actually a shamanic tune that fits in perfectly with the tribal drums and overall ambience sounds of our virtual jungle. Walking through the Karuupa jungle like that actually reminds me of the Jurassic Park and Jurassic World theme park tour over at Universal Studios. Noticed it when I finished editing the video, triggered interesting memories. Super relaxing and beautiful region - our EQ2 devs are pushing the limits of this 20 year old engine everywhere. Looks, sounds and feels fantastic IMO.

    Last but not least, another walking relaxation crypt dungeon crawler video is uploading right now. Both of these vids will be available in 4k / 60 fps. Same goes for the Greater Faydark Walking Relaxation video that I posted earlier, which is already available in a 4k / 60 fps edition. Have about five more in the pipe, then I'll do DCUO this weekend, and next week the fly by videos that were requested. Just gotta finish the stuff that I already started first. Everything is being uploaded over to Steam as well.

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  18. gambitak Active Member


    Thank you for the work on this, I absolutely love it. Already listened some of your other ones, too. What a great idea.
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  19. Sturmlocke Linux enthusiast playing EQ2 via Proton.

    Thx for commenting mate! Makes me really happy seeing ppl enjoy these vids; that's what it is all about to me after all. These 4k / 60 fps walking videos, and the longer journey ones, are the most time consuming, but also the most fun. Karuupa Jungle looks so good rendering at max details and at a higher reso, especially at 60 fps. Just look at the animations of those velociraptors or even the stegosaurus and triceratops. Would love to see the powers that be add some long necks in there too tbh. Heck, would be awesome if our engineers could further expand this region, adding more dinos and other zones and features from the Jurassic Park movies. That t-rex walking animation could use some work though, looks a bit like he's sliding on ice in slow motion sometimes, but the model itself is great. Now that we know shadows and water rendering is going to be fixed and improved this year, I can only imagine how awesome it's gonna be watching those dinos walk through the water and see the water move around and react to their and our movement (producing little waves according to our movement basically). Can't wait.
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  20. Michaile New Member

    I want to say thank you so much for making these videos and the unexpected indoor exercise routine they can provide.

    I started watching Mistmoore the other day after you posted about it and loved it but before long I realized I couldn't sit here for the entire time and watch it or my joints would be killing me so... I started walking in place while watching (I love that you can hear the footsteps and keep pace to those)! When you stop to look at NPC's I have been doing squats, lunges, or arm exercises with dumbbells. You go up stairs, I jog in place.
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