Interested in petition to keep FG where it is?

Discussion in 'General TLE Discussion' started by Mesander, Jul 9, 2018.

  1. Mesander Member

    I realize some are going to tell me I am crazy for even thinking this...but I have to ask the question.

    Why keep progressing Fallen Gate? Is it not obvious that there are a ton of people playing and loving the older content? I've been amazed at how healthy the server population is. Playing on a lower toon isn't so lonely anymore. There are people everywhere at all levels. I've spoken with dozens of folks who have told me that RoK and TSO or any expac before is their favorites and I agree with them. That tells me that most do not like the later and more current content. What's the point of progressing it if its fate is sealed with a character transfer to the live servers? Not to mention that Daybreak is collecting a nice coin due to subscription requirements for TLE access.

    I know some people will say, well I am getting bored and want new content. Well good grief people! How much content do you need?!?! There's only enough content from launch to TSO to keep a person busy for a good 2-4 months on one character...and that's if you play frequently...and are you really ok with having 2500% crit bonus or crit chance with millions of HP? That's not dumb at all.

    Figuring in character slots and the ability to buy more...there's PLENTY of time to keep a person occupied for a LONG time. The vastness of the game; from zones, to timelines, classes/races, good/evil, discovery, tradeskilling, the list goes on and on.

    Say what you want...but there's a reason why people are all over this server...and its not because they want to get to live.
  2. Fangrim Member

    I wanted SH to keep going too, I still wanted more content after SF though but i hear where you're coming from.Sadly it won't happen because if the players there are happy to stay there is no profit in a new TLE server. FG will be just like SH when the next one is announced :(
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  3. Atan Well-Known Member

    I agree there is a reason the server is popular over live, but that is more because of the ******** bloat that has been done to item and stats on live. Couple with this the now ludicrous amounts of grinding needed to catch up on live (epic 2.0, ascensions, etc).

    It simply isn't a reasonable thing for a returning player to try to play on live, and even if they did, the game wouldn't remotely feel like the game they used to play, its evolved into a perfect use case of MMO over inflation.

    That being said, I see no point in keeping FG where it is. 12 weeks is roughly the right speed for new content based upon the majority case of players completing content and growing bored and wanting more. I know this depends on 'how you play', and more importantly has to do more with 'why you play'.

    There are still many expansions they can release before the system just got 'stupid', but too your point, we'll reach a time where the game will no longer hold interest for enough and it will be time for another TLE. I think that is sometime early next year, but we will wait and see.
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  4. Cheallaigh Well-Known Member

    personally i'm not interested in stopping yet, i wont even get my epic till velious. i enjoy raiding, and while i agreed there is a ton of things to do, those of us who raid will get bored eventually. right now and even for the next few expacs, we will not have the insanity of live... but knowing dgb, they will do something to kill the server too soon... like another TLE.
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  5. Adoninilol Well-Known Member

    I can't imagine expansions lasting any longer than they have, by week like four of EoF all of my guild was pretty exhausted with the content and many quit, we're experiencing the same thing in RoK. By TSO/SF there will be enough content to keep people busy.

    TSO has an abundance of instances that will (hopefully!) drop gear like they did back in the day to rival specific raid pieces to keep people running them, sentinel's fate had the same exact mentality with specific items with pestilential rain, stonewill, and various ward procs.

    Velious is where I can see the population really start to dwindle, however, there is enough raid content in that expansion to keep people busy for a very long time.
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  6. Fistpower Active Member

    Because if they stopped progressing the server, it would be dead in a month.

    Content is way too easy and people only wants to level so many alts.
  7. Tominator Member

    RoK is when I left EQ2 the first go around 10+ years ago. It seems history is repeating itself, I haven't logged in for several weeks, shortly after RoK hit FG. My nostalgia for the game is mostly grouping in dungeons thru EoF/early RoK. Since no one wants to do that anymore, my interest in playing has dwindled to near nothing. I'd definitely play on a new TLE server if they eventually did that.
  8. Pone the Wonderhorse New Member

    I'm working on doing most quests and timelines, but I've nearly finished them all. I only have one character so this does take a long time - but I think I would be "totally" done in 2-3 months if we froze. I know a few of the other people who are doing the achievements must be in a similar situation to myself. I think the current release rate is about right, you can feel the ebb and flow of people due to it.
  9. Peredhel New Member

    I'm enjoying the slower pace of play (and advancement) on Fallen Gate, as does my cousin. HOWEVER, there's a rumorthat there will not be GUILD HALLS on Fallen Gate, which is disturbing. The personal harvest (and other depots) are annoyingly small and the tinkered ones are not yet available. The other amenities are worth waiting for, as well. Besides, I enjoy decorating our guild hall. If we aren't going to have guild halls or holidays, I might as well go back to Live servers or forget the game entirely.

    Guild halls came in with TSO prelude, which should be in late August.

    Could a dev please advise if we will get Guild Halls on Fallen Gate?
  10. Peredhel New Member

    I might actually do my Adventure epics here on Fallen Gate, which I've never done before. But I do want Guild Halls to unlock.
  11. Beyoncia Well-Known Member

    RoK is definitely the best expansion for Everquest 2. Our characters began becoming powerful, but not too powerful. New interresting AA's that altered gameplay, Mythic weapons. Huge new continent with lots of instances, dungeons and raids. The next two expansions are not that bad either though they had more flaws, but DoV was the begginign of the end, the expansion that ruined the game and forced half the population to quite. If it were up to me I would stop FG at SF.
  12. Adoninilol Well-Known Member

    The main reason DoV was such a dud was because of the fact that crit mit/critical avoidance made all old gear absolutely useless, which won't be the case this time around.

    I think DoV would be a fantastic expansion this time around without having to run through buggy/unfinished encounters for weeks on end just to kill them on the patch day.
  13. Beyoncia Well-Known Member

    It was more then that. The radical changes in stats and mechanic made many classes obsolete. And bugs, tons of bugs for months, some are still not fixed I guess.
  14. Adoninilol Well-Known Member

    I would hardly call the stat changes "radical". The crit consolidation was already done and moving primary stats to one singular hardly made a difference, everyone was using the same exact gear, it's not like people really had a choice as to if they were picking str or agi because of the other stats on gear being more potent in their uses.

    The big things were the itemization change, reforging, and mercs. None of which were super game breaking and held no difference on the later game's position. As I said earlier, the lack luster itemization people were screaming about was already happening since EoF, who wasn't wearing their 7 set sans a few specific pieces here and there? Who wasn't wearing anashti items and avatar charms? Oh look, I have to wear my 6 set in TSO so I can get set bonuses, unless I have something wicked cool like an avatar BP that I want to break it for and wear my super cool helmet off gozak. Which 0.5% of the raiding population even had a choice of.

    The "choices" in itemization were pretty great in SF (shout out fyreflyte) but for most of the game's history we have been gated into using specific items no matter what, there was never hmmm... this charm has 10% potency, but this one gives a super cool amount of auto stats, which do I choose?

    Hardly any classes were obsolete at that point, I can't think of a single class that some raid force at the point wasn't using. With the exception I guess of necro's and ranger's, but a few guilds still ran those.

    Even templars which were called useless were being used by a few guilds and doing just fine, same with wardens and furies. Sure brawler's were op as banana's, but it's not like equil (top guild btw) wasn't using iguards on a lot of content.

    As far as bugs go, I already touched on that above. A lot of the content was bugged broken in drunder, but we wont have to deal with that now that it's all post fix/nerf.
  15. Elskidor! New Member

    I'm hoping third time is a charm and next TLP will have a much wiser, smarter XP plan. Live has been destroyed with no signs of EQ2 returning to enjoyment, but if they work out the disastrous XP for the next TLE I'm game for a RoK locked server. SF/Velious or Pantheon's launch would be as far as I'd play anyway, but Kunark is prime.
  16. Mesander Member

    I noticed some say stopping at SF. I'd be ok with that I guess. SF was's not as good as RoK or TSO but its not far off. Anything beyond SF is where the game really fell of the map. I was a part of a raid force for a long thing though is that there is MORE to the game than raiding. I don't why people get this concept of raiding stuck in their head and think that's the only thing there is to do. Once that mentality sets in...they tend to think they own the server. Hmm...that's fine. Run it in the ground all the way to live. Once enough subs die off because TLE is dead...then DBG will pull the plug and there will be NO servers; not even live. See you at the funeral.
  17. Elskidor! New Member

    Honestly, if their TLEs are making them enough then the next one to launch will likely kill Fallen Gate and it won't make it past SF or Velious, depending when they launch it.
  18. Kalika Well-Known Member

    One of the many early main error was to inflate the blue stats, there was absolutely no reason to do it, especially considering that as early as during Paineel expansion they already had progression enforced using saves (arcane reisistance), and then they used crit mitigation (an terrible and easy to avoid mistake) and later we had crit chance (which was fine). It would have been super easy to write in the marble that someone with the best in slot item would sit a X% haste, Xdps mod, X MA whatever be the expansion. This would had saved hundred of micro change (for aa or spell) that had to be done since 10% haste buf or a 20MA buf that used to be cool became useless.

    One related problem with the TLE is that we already have 200 haste/200dps mod/200 MA. So insane inflation is already there while on live it came with velious.

    Two other huge failures were the inability to balance dps classes and to deal with ward/hot/reactives, i often had to play my mystic but during 2 expansion my warden ruled. Beastlord were kings then vanished and were crap ... Conjurers asked for years to get shared stats and so on ...

    On top they never actually cared about the fun factor, why would SKS get everything (FD, evac, death march) while being able to tank almost as well as any other tank ? Why would anyone play a guard then ? Why would people play healers if you give dps classes mercenary that can heal anything that land in solo/adv solo content ? Timing adv. solo with my necro (in semi decent gear) and my warden (with rather good gear) was one of the reason why i left.

    Another big issue was exhaustive complexity, i really grew fed up of spending too much time reforging, when i left i had 2 entire gear set (one dps for solo/heroic one for raid) .... and of course dps classes only had to keep one set of gear (most tank probably had also two or even 3).

    Around Tear of Veeshan/Avatar of Malice it was clear that the game was almost doomed.

    The final nail in the coffin were ascencion gring, deity grind and epic 2.0 grind. There idea was strenghen the pay to win aspect but that they got is people leaving massively since catching back or getting alt ready for last tier content became to costly (timewise).

    So we may hope to have quite some time before we hit the point at which the game became fully broken. We have decent content ahead : TSO/SF/Velious.

    The content quality is going to be much worst, even if i sort of enjoyed ToV, AoM will be probably be the last playable expansion, i left quite early in AoM not relly because it was that bad but because it was clearly going nowhere.

    12 weeks is a bit short for me, I would prefer 16-20.
  19. Maledicere Member

    Do a google search on Nostalgia: A Neuropsychiatric Understanding

    That said, I think EoF/RoK/TSO were the three best xpacs in the game. You could lock the server at TSO (maybe SF), but they would need to do something to make it last.

    • Free server transfer tokens. (A benefit of being a member and on FG, can only transfer off.)
    • Obviously level out XP gain (/crosses fingers for a fix at the end of July.)
    • Fix gear (if you do it once, you're done forever with a static server.)
    • Provide special questlines and weapon rewards for Beastlord and Channelers for their version of an epic.
    • Vet rewards.
    • Add training dummy house items and other type of items that provide the same type of effect (like personal ulteran spire, druid grotto you can click for ports (I don't want guildhalls.)
    • Enable the city arenas for PVP combat or have PVP zone versions (like Timorous Deep 0 (for PVP), 1 (for PVE), 2 (if 1 is heavy), etc.
    I think anything past SF is just too much.
  20. Mesander Member

    THANK YOU JESUS! Someone who finally gets it! I think another problem is there are a lot "newer" players who didn't play this game back in its prime. So those folks really have no idea the differences between the EQ2 golden days and what is now live. That doesn't help. A locked server at TSO would be GENIUS! They could gradually work on the itemization, fix the bugs; the good news they would have less work overhead because they wouldn't have to worry with new content releases. I know I know...some people are going say...but we're bored! There is plenty to do. Start a new toon and get your panties out of a wad. I have talked to so many folks that want this. Why not give them what they want? Especially if they have money in their pocket. Hello?!?!
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