Discussion in 'General TLE Discussion' started by Seth, Feb 26, 2020.

  1. Seth Active Member

    mobs/bosses are dying in like 2 hits. kinda boring
  2. Kittik Well-Known Member

    Seeing the same thing. The mobs and zones are so simple there is no need to do anything other than run in pull entire rooms and move on.
  3. Xevran Well-Known Member

    I'm shocked EoF has the same problem DoF did. I just really wish they would get TLE right, like not even 100% right just get it like 70% right and I'd be happy.
  4. Zenji Well-Known Member

    I would have been shocked if it didn't.
  5. Xevran Well-Known Member

    Yeah it was sarcasm.
  6. Mesander Member

    Ok I was seriously about to start a new thread but thankfully this has already been done. The mobs in the instances are a COMPLETE JOKE. A total PUSHOVER. Jack up their HP and make them hit harder. Give us a challenge instead of a kiddie game. I have 2 pieces of EoF gear and can mop the floor with these mobs. Sheesh.
  7. Kalika Well-Known Member

    I expected that, we still managed to wipe in mistmoore castle, Fury was neither healing neither curing, necro had pet on protect self/master to be sure that body pulls will fail, second necro was using blues and coercer had a charmed pet without petamorph effect to be ensure maximum chaos ... but my illy looted decent items ;-)
  8. MightyMeaghan Well-Known Member

    So what you're saying is that in order to die in a dungeon you have to be an absolute blinding idiot? And even then only maybe?
  9. Somedude Active Member

    I'm not sure exactly what they were trying to say, but CMM is the only challenge that exists in EoF right now. Not that it is a HUGE challenge, but the number of mobs tightly packed together and then number of them that have a 10 second stun/stiffle ability, does present challenges. Particularly when an encounter socials to 4 other encounters, you have 20 mobs on you and your tank and healer are both insta stunned on pull.

    Again, not that its 'hard', but its the only zone you have to pay attention to at all.
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  10. Jupiter Member

    Plus Tech/Crayons training you just for fun. :-D

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