Inquisitor Prestige AA(dps mod to potency) not working properly

Discussion in 'Priests' started by Amunet, Dec 6, 2012.

  1. Amunet New Member

    When this aa converts DPS mod to potency it is not working. It updates the character screen with potency but none of the damage spells, combat arts, or heals change their numbers on the tooltips or the damage/healing done.
    This is easily testable by removing tenacity from yourself and then adding it back , the potency % changes but the actual dmg/heal doesn't. For me this is like a 25% potency decrease.
    Anyone else see this? I've put in a petition and feedback.
    While I LOVE That SOE is actually FIXING things that have been broken for years (like heresy THANK YOU), there is still a lot of fixing to do.

    (on another note our auto attack base modifier is way too low)

    WTB +WIS gear with flurry 2013
  2. Amunet New Member

    Has anyone else tested this, can confirm? Maybe it is only happening on Nagafen?
  3. Tigerr Active Member

    So what you are saying is, dps mod ( the right side conversion) is giving you potency but that potency is not applying to spells and what not?. Therefore you are implying that all of your dps mod is not giving you the 20ish potency that you'd get?. Tenacity is not really a solid way to test it at all, specially if you are going by the tooltips. I will test it tonight but, that less than 3% potency that you gain from tenacity's dps mod bonus should apply correctly cause I remember looking at it while having my Dps mod buffed, it applied correctly. Watching the tooltips though is not a 100% way to test it out, I am almost certain that it is applying correctly but once again, going to test it in a few.
  4. Tigerr Active Member

    K, part of it is a visual bug. After you take off tenacity, look at one of your heal spells, nothing will be affected. As soon as you cast something, the negative potency that you get from not having the DPS mod conversion from Tenacity is visible. The spell (in my case, MD) was reduced by abit, once you pop tenacity back on, same thing, it will not show a change right away until after you hit a heal or w.e. Then it will hop right back to where it should have been. The problem though is that upon taking off any DPS mod and putting it back, the potency tooltip shows the CORRECT value you are supposed to get. I noticed that there is a 3-5% increase while that extra potency doesn't apply at all. It is all just a visual bug, unless I missed something.

    So this is what probably happened. You had 300 potency, you took off tenacity, ended up with 297 pot. Looked at heals, nothing changed, took off tenacity again and noticed your tooltip at 293 potency , putting it back on would put you back up at 297, the amount you were "supposed" to have. Problem is, its not multiplying to 300, it is only being affected by the 297 pot. So, I say visual 100%. Cast a heal after you pop it on and off. Don't worry about the 2ish pot you lose, as i'm 100% sure that is just a tooltip error.

    What i'm curious about is if that "phantom" pot actually belongs there, I can't find anything that would indicate that it HAS to apply but, will look again.