Inquisitor Epic 2.0 Buff (Fanatics Focus) Bugged

Discussion in 'Priests' started by Silzin, Feb 12, 2017.

  1. Silzin Active Member

    I have my Epic 2.0 on my Inq, the Weapon, Buff and Debuff after leveling to Ascension 9. the Debuff looks like it is working, or I just have no way to test it. but i am having a problem with the Buff that comes with the Epic. Fanatics Focus increases the Base Auto-Attack Multiplier of the caster and group my a # (6.5-15) I am testing with the Adept atm at 9. note, it does not work on Spell weapon Auto.

    If the buff is working right i would expect my wife's trouby to receive a similar increase to damage that i am getting from this buff.

    test 1 - Me and My wife (Trouby) - starting off without the buff on my Auto attack damage is 4.6 mill DPS, my wife's is 61.8 mill DPS.

    Test 2 - Me and My Wife (Trouby) - With Buff - my Auto Attack damage is now 37 mill DPS, and my Wife's damage in now 66.8 mill DPS.

    Can others look into this and if it is broken Dev's please fix or if it is working as intended please change the wording so we do not think it should effect the group.
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  2. Cunning Member

    You're reading it wrong... It applies directly to you, and then adds a buff to fanaticism. That's what boosts the group. So cast your epic buff, then cast fanaticism. You actually get double since you get the direct and group buff.
  3. Silzin Active Member

    thank you i will cast it in that order and test again
  4. Silzin Active Member

    Ok, i tested it again with the buffs stacking right and the trouby in group's Auto Attack is not changing with the buff. Are you testing it with other people and getting a change in other people's Auto Attach damage?
  5. Cunning Member

    Yes I've run it in groups and they all get the boost. Not sure why your troub isn't. Heck you can even bring up a Merc and toggle the buff and watch its primary weapon damage change in their stats. Troub should be able to see it as well...
  6. Mermut Well-Known Member

    Is the troub capped on wdb?
  7. Cunning Member

    Wbd is different. This adjusts the Base attack mod. So while you do want wdb capped along with DPS flurry ect. You'll actually see your weapons damage spread in your character window change. Don't think any of the uis show the base mod.

    I was actually wondering if changing the damage type to something other than its basic melee type might cause an issue?
  8. Silzin Active Member

    Interesting, and thank you for pointing out the change in the base damage of the weapon in the Character window. After testing again i am seeing a change in the damage in the window and in ACT now.
  9. Lyricus Member

    Is the boost a significant one? I mean auto-attack is mostly pointless these days, so is an Inquisitor seeing their auto-attack rise in their parse?
  10. Cunning Member

    Yes, it’s a significant increase. Depending on how the melee in your group are speced, and what level you can get the spell up too, they should see an big increase in their auto attack damage. The inquisitor themselves will see even more as they effectively double dip with the spell. If you build your character knowing that, it can easily be the highest thing on your parse.(excluding broken pets)
  11. Silzin Active Member

    to give you some numbers from testing. my spell weapon and melee auto with Myth weapon and Myth Buff off is both hitting around 4-5 mill dps. with the buff on at the lowest level m melee auto attach was hitting for 45 mill. now i have it GM'ed and i have changed my reforging it is hitting much higher then that now. So yes very Significant.
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