Infuser’s the Only Item that Drops?

Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by Mr Rogers, May 27, 2020.

  1. Mr Rogers New Member

    Day after day, solo after solo, 99% of the time all I get our infuser's. Would it kill yeah to increase the RNG percentages just a little? Would DB lose money from the cash register if yeah did?

    There is a fine line between time spent and reward, this isn't it.
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  2. Ramone_AB Active Member

    It's poor itemization and the lack of good gear that is a true upgrade is why I log in, assign Overseer, log out, Log in collect free stuffs, log out daily. I don't do the daily quest nothing. The quality of the last 3 expansions rate some where in the sewer under cat vomit and too much alcohol for repeating things.

    I had hope that as summer got closer we would have better things but look here we are. (Yes Covid-19 didn't help but seriously improve the RNG for gear and spells)
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  3. Merriel Well-Known Member

    With ALL the potential rewards that are supposed to come out of the mission crate from the Daiku Corral daily mission, ALL I ever get is infusers. I am soooo SICK of infusers. They need to up the drop rate on the other stuff in that crate. It is the one mission I do every day, and the only reason I continue to do it is because I am still finishing up shiny collections and collecting the house items. Otherwise, I would just quit running that instance. :/

    No more infusers! Please?

    I'll give the devs a cheesecake with cool whip and a cherry on top if you guys would "fix" the RNG on those mission crates. Any flavor cheesecake you want! ;)
  4. Alphonsus Well-Known Member

    6 months into an xpac doing multiple pq's a day and not once did I get the charm, that includes buying the reward crates from Seru as well, it's always an infuser. Good 'ol rng...
  5. Miroh Well-Known Member

    It is or 150 resolve gear. But, we just play the game, we aren't paid to make content.
  6. Kristabella Well-Known Member

    Honestly, there is not much more for me to do in the game. The overseer thing is a joke, 99.9% of it is infusers and potions. The only reason I log in is to do the Daily missions for the bonuses we had been given. That will end in a day. So, won't be any reason left to even do them. Hells Bells, my Merc gets better gear drops than I do...

    Trying to get a drop for the new request... I would have better luck hitting the PowerBall. I have 3 toons, I do daily missions for. There are 13 dailies, x 3 = 39 per day! This has been since it started which was 10 days ago or thereabouts, so approx 390 missions and not one new quest item drop. Add to that, my entire guild doing dailies, not any of them have got it yet. Some of them raid, and they haven't got it thru raiding... what gives???

    So, when the bonuses end, and there is no new quest to go do, and the overseers are drunk with potions and infusers, why bother. I guess we can use the game as one big chat room.

    Tradeskillers were neglected. 1/2 of the classes are worthless, can't make anything anyone even remotely wants. Sought after recipe books are tied to that silly overseer game, and it just seems, as per usual, we were given a rushed, unfinished xpack. Tradeskill wasn't done, so throw the stuff at the overseer,and we can make some money at it in the meantime.

    Add to that servers going down, logins not working... EQ2 in the throes of death. (and yes that is spelled right lol)
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  7. Kelemvlor New Member

    How i see the game now , InfusingQuest Curse of the RNG Overseers.
  8. chattie Well-Known Member

    Lost interest in BoL
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