Indium cluster ore spawn broke?

Discussion in 'Tradeskill Discussion' started by ARCHIVED-Skull_Splitter, Apr 12, 2010.

  1. ARCHIVED-Skull_Splitter Guest

    I've spent hours/days trying to get indium and the ore spawns just aren't there.
    I'm not talking about slow or infrequent I'm talking about 4 ore spawns in 8 hours??
    Known issue?
  2. ARCHIVED-Rijacki Guest

    Skull_Splitter wrote:
    Where are you trying to harvest it?
    One of the best places for metals in T6 is in the Croc Caves of Sinking Sands.
  3. ARCHIVED-Grumble69 Guest

    It's insanely low. They really need to go through and readjust the rare rates. On one hand, the MC items and spells are not mandatory by any means. On the other hand, there's absolutely no reason for them to be so rare for levels that you rapidly pass through.
  4. ARCHIVED-Sorvani Guest

    if you are rapidly passing through the levels, you aren't going to need the MC gear anyway. the quest rewards would be good enough to get your through. best, no. but enough.
  5. ARCHIVED-Skull_Splitter Guest

    been all over -hours per day for the last 4-5 days :(

    Fwiw indium isn't the rare it's the normal metal.
    I need it for most of my carpentry crafting.
    There's also only about 1k for sale....
  6. ARCHIVED-Seidhkona Guest

    When I harvest indium, I do a big loop. I start from the docks and head to the left, usually there's one or two nodes along the cliff wall. I then go up into the first oasis there, and enter the first cave. Then follow the caves through, that's the best source of rocks. You eventually pop out in the oasis behind the carpet NPC.
    When you get bored with the crocodile caves, the next best place is along the orc highway.
    I never have any problem getting plenty of indium. When I want wood from that tier, I go to the Twin Tears and circle the gnoll oasis like a shark, looping outside the oasis then inside, over and over, until I get enough wood or get sick of harvesting.
  7. ARCHIVED-Thunderthyze Guest

    I think the best harvesting locations for T6 and T7 are well known. Having said that however on Runnyeye the availability of T6 roots and T7 loams on the broker is next to invisible. When I go harvesting, I can sell my surpluses of these two commodities for 1g a pop. When you consider just how readily roots are available in SS you have to wonder at the laziness of some people. I've seen no disparity in the availability of ore nodes however. Everything is more or less as i'ts always been.
  8. ARCHIVED-Tyrus Dracofire Guest

    i can confirmed.
    it is strange, i used to mined/harvested, and now i dont see them anywhere for over 30 mins.
    it is there, but completely out of view, bugged spawned beyond the cave walls or underground where we cant reach or able to see. it is pain to wait for "old nodes" to disolve/despawn to pop a fresh nodes to somewhere reachable.
    it is an old bug that got broken again.
  9. ARCHIVED-Skull_Splitter Guest

    Sigrdrifa@Lucan DLere wrote:
    My route is similar but I don't go to TT as I get plenty of everything else.
    I'm getting more beryllium than indium. I'm finding sand scoured stone nodes about 4-5 times as much.
    I'm also watching traffic and don't see others harvesting much at all.
    The good news is I'm getting tons of root. What is odd is it's isolated to the indium nodes. Which I don't have problems anywhere else. I spend hours upon hours harvesting for my guild and this is the only issue I see.
    I also go left off the docks and cross over to the left of the Spectres and down that beach.
    I remember I could get 3-4 ore nodes each pass between the Oasis right out in front of the docks.
    I honestly loves the wood amount I have thousands of sandalwood but it does me no good without the indium as a Carpenter.
    Fwiw this is on Crushbone.
    Thanks for the replies. Hopefully something will change.
  10. ARCHIVED-Verky Guest

    There are lots of rocks in that Monk cave in PoF too, and there are 2 caves in Lessar Faydark. Just an idea of where else to look that might be better.
  11. ARCHIVED-Calthine Guest

    Be aware that the two rock harvestables share a spawn. Be sure you are clear-cutting all rock-type nodes in the area to maximize the potential for the right one!
  12. ARCHIVED-Skull_Splitter Guest

    I'll have to check out that PoF cave- I'm lvl 53 so...
    Yeah I clear all spawns since they made that change years ago- not sure if it's still that way but it's an old habit to harv the entire zone.
    Well oddly enough today seems to be much better.
    Maybe it had something to do with Bristlebane, lol
  13. ARCHIVED-Rijacki Guest

    The other place I would go for T6 rocks are the mushroom caves in L'Fay. Not as plentiful but they spawn pretty quickly.
  14. ARCHIVED-Seidhkona Guest

    Skull_Splitter wrote:
    Note that the Pillars of Flame cave is hard to get to. You can see where it is looking here. It's down at sea level.

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