Increasing Kerra isle faction ?

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    been looking for any npc on the isle for hours and cant find one .... is it now impossible to aquire faction with them ? my island faction is 46k but cant purchase any recipes , plz some advice on what to do or if the quests are no longer available.
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    If I remember correctly, the tradeskill faction for Kerra Isle is separate from the adventurer faction ... just do the daily tradeskill quests to raise the tradeskill faction ... you can do the daily tradeskill quests even with max faction.

    If you're not offered the daily, then check to make sure you've finished the tradeskill questline.
    At a certain point, you'll be able to purchase recipes, but you need tradeskill faction (not adventurer) to buy the recipe books.
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    JanEQ wrote:
    You remember correctly but you do get regular kerra, hua mein, etc faction when doing the daily tradeskill quest as well as the tradeskill faction. which means adventurer/tradeskillers are at an advantage there.
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    Short answer: Do all the quests for on the spire island
    Long answer: After she is done sending you back and forth to Paineel, she will send you over to Chinook on the Kerra Isle to do the TS quests there. (and their quests will eventually forward you over to the pandas up in the hills)
    Faction answer: The TS quests for the kerrans will give both adventuring and tradeskill faction, and most of the faction merchant items can be bought with EITHER faction, the recipe books need the tradeskill faction.
    Note: if you are just going after the recipes, they are heirloom, so you only need to do this once per account. But I would suggest doing the whole timeline, You will get mucho tradeskill XP (and AAXP if capped), and eventually the signature quest that rewards the weapon with escape and coveted +3% xp

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