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  1. ARCHIVED-Gungo Guest

    Well while completing most quests in SF already I found this quest it doesnt have much in eq2i. And yet appears to be a major quest series in the expansion.
    Speak to Sergeant Geret Dalshinn near the Citadel in North Qeynos, or to Elrinn Darknor in North Freeport to obtain the quest.
    1. Speak to Dalar R'tann in The Commonlands near the Ulteran Spires.
    2. Speak to Al'leed Velgo in Paineel in The Sundered Frontier ( 1981, -298, 3375 .
    3. Gather the following items necessary to locate Lucan from The Hole:Contested
      • A harmonic crystal shard, from Nomh the Nomadic Guardian (outside tower of serillis)
      • A seal of scrying, from Caertax the Deceiver (-613, -2.5, -44)
      • A binding rune, from the Vengeful Seal Watcher (graveyard in dartains fortress)
    Working on the kills now. Anyone else have any information to this series?
  2. ARCHIVED-Qupe Guest

    Have not been able to find the Vengeful Seal-Watcher, quest text said the watcher was placed by Dartain to keep watch over the seal in the Vault of Eternal Stone. I've spent hours and hours in all wings of The Hole and haven't found it yet.
  3. ARCHIVED-Arbreth Guest

    The Seargent in NQ is not talking, no feather. What are the pre-requisites to get that quest?
  4. ARCHIVED-Gungo Guest

    Ill bump it.
    After killing the named you go to paineel and hand in the quest and get a new quest
    "whispers from the past"

    This quest sends you to quel'ule to talk to Fyr'end lorak.
    He makes me kill like 10 void beasts then you have to clear erudin library instance.
    Then you have to kill some trash in befallen
    Then you go to asanti sul temple and summon her.
    She then tells you only mortals can kill the Theer and the gods left norrath again and took thier avatars.
    Then the quest becomes epic and you have to kill Perah celsis in vasty deep. (RAID)
    To get the first component to make an item to kill theer.
    The reward for this part of the quest is 1 of 4 fabled charms.
    Will tell ya whats up if we kill perah tonight.
  5. ARCHIVED-Qupe Guest

    Where did you find the Vengeful Seal-Watcher?
  6. ARCHIVED-Qupe Guest

  7. ARCHIVED-2live Guest

    Anyone have location in living tombs, where you find Anashti's temple? Been everywhere and nothing.
  8. ARCHIVED-Qupe Guest

    To enter Anashti's Temple click in from the back door entrance to Silent City from the Sinking Sands (being grouped may prevent the option from showing up).

    Oh, and the Vengeful Seal-Watcher seems to be spawned by killing the Fallen Warlocks in the Eye of Dartain wing of The Hole.
  9. ARCHIVED-Gungo Guest

    Sorry the vengeful watcher is in the graveyard in the dartain area and i beleive most named in the hole are on a 30-45 min respawn.
  10. ARCHIVED-dethdrow Guest

    I am able to get this quest with one of my toons but not with others and all have followed same questlines. Is there a bug or different prerequisite?
  11. ARCHIVED-Seidhkona Guest

    Gungo wrote:
    As you learn more, feel free to expand the EQ2i article. I haven't done this one yet, so I haven't had a chance to expand the documentation.
  12. ARCHIVED-Raetsel Guest

    As a person who is in a guild that kills Waansu in the x4 Lab this quest is.. well.. unfortune.
    It will have us to kill a mob (perah'celsis) whos loot drops are bad compared to waansu just to get a quest update.
  13. ARCHIVED-Tyrus Dracofire Guest

    quest journal for finding Lucan, didnt say they are heroics or solo.
  14. ARCHIVED-wwd2 Guest

    I just received this quest from the knight in North Freeport. It's listed as a solo, level eighty-five, signature quest, yet it sends me into the Hole to kill level ninety, heroic mobs. What gives?
  15. ARCHIVED-wwd2 Guest

    Bumping this, again, because I am still wondering if I am missing something, or if the quest is just mis-labeled.
  16. ARCHIVED-Raetsel Guest

    if its wrong in the wiki then fix it.
    if its wrong in the journal then /bug it

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