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Discussion in 'General Beta Discussion' started by Kander, Nov 1, 2017.

  1. Kander Developer

    We tried to get 2 handed ranged weapons [Crossbows].working. Unfortunately, the engine is hard coded to not allow ranged weapons in the main or secondary slots and the modifications required to change would be a significant investment of resources that could be better allocated elsewhere. Unfortunately, we will not be offering 2 handed ranged weapons at this time, however there will be leveling weapons for all weapon slots and plenty of leveling weapons available.

    We jumped the gun on this, and code just doesn't allow it.

    Thanks for being understanding!
  2. Gohul New Member

    So what you are telling us, is that one of the expansion preorder perks doesn't make it into the game? Talking about "Skewer, the Equalizer"

    If that is correct, what do we get instead?
  3. Taled New Member


    Nothing about Skewer in the order info (It's not a preorder perk, it's an upgraded edition perk) says that it is a 2H Crossbow. It just says it is a crossbow that levels up with you.

    So, presumably, it will still be provided as displayed.
  4. Kander Developer

    Correct. It is still provided as promised, nothing has changed, there just will not be an additional 2 handed version.
  5. NrthnStar5 Well-Known Member

    I'm confused. Will the crossbow included with upgraded versions still be a viable, working weapon? And if so, why can this one item work out fine but additional ones cannot?

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