In PoP, How are players getting this health?

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  1. Monkybones Member

    If this has been covered in another thread, I didn't see it, so, sorry.

    Anyway, I've finished all the overland quests and factions. I'm now starting the Coliseum of Valor stuff. Wow, lots to do. I've finished the first few and have my Font of power but my stats are garbage. I have really good armor, weapons, and a nice set of Adornments. I've even enhance my stats. But . . . .

    I cannot get my health above 7mil no matter what I do. Everyone else I examine is well above 25 and 30mil. I see a lot of people with over 50mil health unbuffed. How are they doing this?

    So, I guess what I'm specifically asking is for a guide or steps to follow on the best way to increase my stats to that level. Will increasing my Ascension raise my stats ( I'm level 4 )? Whats the best way to acquire high end armor ( I see many have Purple Mystical stuff ). Where do they get that, and whats a good progression to it? How do I increase my stats through buffs and/or consumables?

    My wife and I are getting to a crossroad where things are too tuff for us with what we have and I need some advise on how to progress from here. Thanks in advance.
  2. luxxxaeterna Member

    Health conversion from Class Prestige AA tree, hp adornments, runes(from epic2.0 and Proving Grounds, the orange adorns from PG are now obtainable in CoV from a merchant with PoP currency), stamina infusions.
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  3. CoLD MeTaL Well-Known Member

    Epic 2.0 has an orange rune, then the other orange runes that take 100s of PG runs or years of PQs, also white PG look for Nerve IV adorns, and then heroic or better gear.
  4. Kheldorm Active Member

    Get a set of master crafted armor of endurance as well.
  5. CoLD MeTaL Well-Known Member

    I'm wearing 5 Endurance pieces and it isn't giving hp worth anything. 8 if you include jewelry.
  6. semisus Well-Known Member after you finish 2.0 from doing tons of Proving grounds , or you can get lvl 5 version by having someone do the commision that has the recipe ( requires 20 planar fragments/ 100 planar infusions and essence of magic and some other stuff same as above
    Other than that its mostly due to enchanced vigor in prestige line that adds health according to your potency and crib bonus and infusing gear to get more stamina.
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  7. Monkybones Member

    Thanks everyone. Sounds like we have our work cut out for us.
  8. Redlight Well-Known Member

    If you could include a link to your characters it would be good it makes it much easier to see what can help, PG hp adorns are an easy way to boost health and if you just buy the first level ones ( they don't increase at an equal %) so do the PG weekly and you would be able to buy few. The new tinkered temporary adorns (15% boost) are cheap, last 8 hours and fit in multiple slots, lots of ways to get more HP but link your characters :)
  9. Seth Active Member

    best way to get HP in Current expact is pretty simple. firstly get 110 ofc, secondly get a full set of Crafted Endurance set, don't reforge your CB If you hit cap or at least if you need to only do it if utterly necessary considering how even though you don't get any more CB you do get more POT which also increases Health. Next would be to get the PG adornment for the bracers because that is an easy 200% more HP, thirdly I would suggest if you have the platinum to buy Planar adornment of Health because just using a few of those will boost your HP by about 4-7m HP, fourthly I suggest getting the Tinkered Coating which gives 15% max health on your Primary,Secondary,Head,Chest,Shoulders. Also If you don't have your epic done, get it done, takes a couple days of grinding but 100% worth it. then slot in the Celestial Rune which gives 100% Max Health, and then if you wanted to, you could put Bolstered Attributes in which would net you an easy 4mill more. And ofc Infusing your gear will give you about 200-400k more HP per item nearly max infused. Make sure you have your AA specced into HP, Enhanced Vigor, Potency increase, Crit Bonus Increase etc. Also if you have not done the days of summer I suggest you look it up and get it completed fast. quite easy and when you have done it all, you will have access to a 50% pot increase from the Panda, which also means that it will Slightly increase your HP. After all this is done you will have over 50mill. Now it is not as easy as I just wrote it will take time but well worth it. Also running Heroics has a chance for Stat infusers (HP,CB,STA)
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  10. CoLD MeTaL Well-Known Member

  11. Sigrdrifa Well-Known Member

    From the Proving Grounds, you can get the Proven Adornment of Nerve [IV] adornment, which adds 20.7% Max Health (available for Primary, Secondary, Head, Chest, Shoulders, Forearms, Hands, Legs, Feet, Finger, Ear, Neck, Wrist, Ranged, Waist, Cloak). The easiest way to get these quickly is to run all your 100 and 100+ toons through the solo Proving Ground instance, at least three times a week, and be sure to pick up the weekly PG quest outside the PG portal. I think it needs 50 PG Marks and some plat for each level of the adorn (you get Proven Adornment of Nerve, upgrade to [II], then [III], etc.)

    The Planar Adornment of Health adds 20.7% Max Health (slots: Finger, Ear, Neck, Wrist).
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  12. Determind Active Member

    Basic question: Under "Prestige" AA and your class tab, do you have all 8 levels of "Enhanced Vigor". That will more than double your HP with your current gear. Typically I see most people put their points into Enhanced Vigor and Undeniable Power for potency with the other 2 middle points usually going into Imbue Sight for crits.

    I had the same issue with HP and hadn't really been paying attention to my AA allocations, not realizing how much HP gets added with Enhanced Vigor. I had to go back and change it on all 19 of my characters.
  13. CoLD MeTaL Well-Known Member

    Orange adorns, which are very hard to get, are a big deal, and Deity points in Sta are a big deal but again almost impossible to get.

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