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Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Ponygirl, Jan 31, 2021.

  1. Ponygirl Member

    Hi, I have been having issues with new guildies not being able to join us in the in-game voice chat for the guild. When they try to join, it gives them an error saying that the password is incorrect. I don't remember there ever being a password in the first place. What can I offer to them to fix this issue? I don't like using 3rd party voice chat sites as it messes with my computer and I get tired of typing all the time especially when I am fighting critters.

    We are on the Maj' Dul server and my guild is The Outsiders.

    Thank you,
    Ponygirl Curtis
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  2. Shiney21 New Member

    We are having the same issue in our guild on Halls of Fate.
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  3. Taedain New Member

    Having this issue as well
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  4. Taedain New Member

    I put in a help ticket about this and they had me clear my game cache files but that didnt fix anything then they said newer guild members might not be able to use guild voice chat and that MAYBE when the next server rest happens it will fix the issue and to /bug the who knows if and when this will be fixed
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  5. Kat1 Active Member

    Yep same here . I put a ticket in and have been getting the run around for days . I have tried making several new Characters hoping one will possibly get through. I really need my Guild chat .I am not deleting anymore folders it is not going to work.
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  6. Bhayar Well-Known Member

    Problems with voice chat started happening after they did maintenance weeks ago. I've bugged it, stuck it on the forums and have zero response. My particular issue is that when I log in, I'm never in guild chat like I used to be. Now I log in, regardless of toon or frequency, I'm in "None" and have to manually select the chat channel.
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  7. Elkhunter New Member

    Im getting the same thing with my new toon. When I go to put my chat window into Guild, It won't stay there. It will stay in None, and Group. I have tried settings, shut the game down and restarted, shut the computer down and restarted it, and still wont go into Guild. All of my other tunes have no problem going into guild chat. They need to do another maintanance on the server, I would assume.
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  8. Taedain New Member

    Here we are after reset and guild voice chat is still this point id just be happy if they just admitted it was broken
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  9. Kat1 Active Member

    Same here ! I heard back just today that they can do nothing more they were turning it over to someone else to look into. I hate playing not being able to chat with my guildmates and I am to low a lvl. to group when they are doing a raid.
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  10. Kat1 Active Member

    I can't even get in manually .
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  11. Ponygirl Member

    I ran into another guild voice chat issue last night. Now when I, or anyone else for that matter, log in or switch from group to guild voice chat, everyone in guild chat (except the new guildies because it's still goofy and won't let them join), is muted. I had to go in and manually unmute everyone! Talk about a royal PITA!

    Come on and please fix this already! I really don't like 3rd party chat services like teamspeak and discord. It messes with my computer (please don't give me advice on how to fix that, I have ran thru the gamut on that issue and it still doesn't work right). I really like the ease of in-game voice chat.
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  12. Kat1 Active Member

    Oh No ! no another issue with voice !
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  13. Zylara Well-Known Member

    Well this explains wats happening with an alt i invited to guild lol, now if they could fix this plus the fact we STILL cannot see whos actually talking in vc w/o pulling up the vc chat window itself which has been /bugged for months now
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  14. morderir Active Member

    our two recruit since last patch cant join the vocal guild unless they are made moderator ......(
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  15. Ponygirl Member

    Dearest Devs,
    How have you been doing lately? I know you must be nose deep in requests and bug reports and new content and all kinds of stuff that you just haven't gotten to this issue. I am trying really hard to be patient, really I am. However when I see not only my thread but a few others reporting the same problem, well...I just don't understand why this problem hasn't been fixed yet. It's been just over 2 weeks since I first reported that Guild voice chat isn't working for new guildies and new alts of guildies. It's very hard on me as I like to get to know my guildies, give guild hall tours and just chit chat with the members. My fingers are swollen after 30 minutes of typing. I am a fast typer and I know I have seen smoke from my keyboard but it's just not the same as verbally communicating. Could you please find it in your heart to fix this issue before my fingers swell so much that I just cannot physically play the game? I promise not to bug you about anything for awhile. I know there are other issues at hand but this is important to not just me but to everyone who uses in-game voice chat.

    On behalf of everyone else, I would like to thank you for all of your hard work in keeping this wonderful game running for us. You are doing an amazing job and we really appreciate all of you!

    Stay Gold,
    Ponygirl Curtis, Leader of The Outsiders
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  16. Kat1 Active Member

    I have been wondering if ANYONE is even looking into it I see more and more having issues Aghhhhh. Like you I hate typing while playing I like to get to know people .
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  17. Raven1313 New Member

    been also having issues when creating new toons. none of my new toons have access to guild or officer chat even though this being my guild all our toons are as high of rank as they can go and should have access. please fix
  18. Kat1 Active Member

    Please put in a Ticket I think the more that get on them the better chances they will fix it . I have been on them for over two weeks now and no help. Sorry this is happening to so many .
  19. Orionza Active Member

    Me too. I sent a report. New character as of a few days ago.
  20. dreamweaver Developer

    I think I commented this in the other thread about this issue, the devs don't work on the voice chat or chat systems for the games they are universal to our titles and worked on by the platform team, which does not update here. I have passed the issue along to them but you should also submit petitions for your problem. Tech services will gather info and pass that along to platform to help diagnose and fix the problem.

    tldr; I am passing the thread along, there likely won't be a "dev update" on this it will come from me when I have one and please submit a petition to the tech support team.
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