In-Game Item: Character Slots?

Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by ARCHIVED-Soulcharmer, Jan 7, 2012.

  1. ARCHIVED-Soulcharmer Guest

    I was looking at the list of items activated in game on my account subscripion, and along with the various expansions and vet rewards I see "In-Game Item: Character Slots", what is this?
    I have been playing on and off since game first came out, and when I stopped last time I had the standard 7 slots all filled, but I have never bought any extra slots, so I am wondering what that item means.
    I certainly don't have any extra slots.
    I am currently back playing as silver for the moment, so although I can see all 7 chars I can't play them all due to subscription level, and I obviously can't create anymore.
    As an old player with 7 characters from pre f2p now playing as silver I should only have access to 4 slots atm right?
    Or are there any circumstances where I would get access to more ( other than buying new slots )?

    Just curious due to that item being listed under my details, sounds like it should be bonus slots.
  2. ARCHIVED-Lithran Guest

    additional character slots only really is good for Gold. Since with silver your limited in the amount of characters you can play with. Getting ore slots will not really ADD more for you to have access to.
  3. ARCHIVED-Tigress Guest

    thats not correct. if you buy more slots as a silver, you will have more characters to play with. should you sub to gold, then you will have empty slots.
    you are given 4 slots as a silver. you buy two slots as a silver. you have 6 characters to play with. (in your case, you will have access to two more of your already created characters.)
    you decide to go gold. you will have 9 slots as a gold.
    if you go back to silver, you will have 6 slots again. (the last 6 characters played will be accessible and the rest will be locked.)
  4. ARCHIVED-daalberith Guest

    That entitlement I think reads the same no matter how the character slots were granted to the account, but I'm not sure. It might be worth a call to CS is you're really curious about it.

    Tigress is correct. If you acquire an additional character slot through the cash shop or LoN or whatever, you get access to +1 characters regardless of sub level. I had more than 4 as Silver at one point, and I knew of another person that had something in the low 20's for character slots as Silver.
  5. ARCHIVED-melanie66 Guest

    Also, there is no limit to the number of character slots you can have now. So if you want to have 30 alts on one account, you can. Just buy the slots. And since it was never mentioned, it's a one time fee. You buy the slot and it's yours forever, regardless of your account level.
  6. ARCHIVED-Soulcharmer Guest

    I understood how buying slots worked in all circumstances but as I have never bought any that didn't explain my situation.
    I realised afterwards I forgot to mention the most important detail, and the main reason for the enquiry.
    In all the time I subscribed over the years I only ever had the 7 char slots, and coming back as silver as I understood it, I should have had access to 4 of the 7 slots, with there only being two options to gain access to them all, resubscribe, or buy slot unlocks.

    However, for some reason I have access to 6 out of 7 slots and I am concerned if it is just some bug that will vanish without warning, or if there is some other genuine reason for the extra two I seem to have.
    Is there any known bug where people temporarily gained extra slots, or does anyone know of any situation where older players converted to silver gained more slots than the normal allowance for new silver players?

    Currently just logging on the four most preffered chars for now just in case the extra slots vanish overnight, but would like to know for sure what the reason might be for me having 6 instead of 4, and if it is permenant or not.
  7. ARCHIVED-Dalannae Guest

    Soulcharmer wrote:
    Did you make a silver account on Freeport before the announcement of going F2P?
  8. ARCHIVED-Shawnyve Guest

    You said you've been playing on and off since launch. Were you ever a Station Access subscriber? (the $29.99 for all games)
    If you were at the time that changed to the current All Access Pass, you have a permanent bonus 5 character slots tagged to your account that become available whenever you are an All Access subscriber (so even if you lapse your subscription or whatever, if you've got them they're still yours). But while you are on any other plan, you won't see those slots or be able to use them (well, you'll see locked out characters if you have them), but the entitlement stays listed on your account.
  9. ARCHIVED-Te'ana Guest

    If you have the extra five slots from the old all access accounts then you still have them regardless of maintaining an all access account or reverting to just a normal gold account. So if you once had 12 character slots you still have them.
  10. ARCHIVED-Elomort Guest

    If you ever created characters on EQ2X you would have had a number of free character slots provided at the merge.
  11. ARCHIVED-Soulcharmer Guest

    Elomort wrote:
    Ok this sounds promising, could you elaborate?

    Incidently I only ever had regular EQ2 subscription, never had station access or anything like that.
    I have my 7 old EQ2 chars on the Splitpaw server (EU client ), however I did make an account on the EQ2X server ( US client ) to have a look around to see if I felt like coming back.
    Obviously at the time they were seperate accounts but with same universal login, so were merged when game went f2p.
    At time of merge I had two chars on freeport from the EQ2X account.
    Each client is treated seperately for slot allowance so a silver should be able to play 4 chars on US and 4 chars on EU if I understand it correctly, but that that doesn't explain why I have 6 available in itself.

    Are you saying they somehow added two slots to the normal 4 because I had both an EQ2 live account and a EQ2X account at time of merge?
  12. ARCHIVED-Shawnyve Guest

    Soulcharmer wrote:
    The Bazaar (A LiveGamer server for "normal" EQII) was merged with Freeport recently. Since many people were at their max char capacity already on both servers, SOE gave everyone on the (new and improved?) Freeport server extra character slots to cover the toons involved in the merger.
    You happened to have a toon on the right server at the right time :)
  13. ARCHIVED-Dalannae Guest

    Soulcharmer wrote:
  14. ARCHIVED-Dalannae Guest

    Shawnyve wrote:
    Not just livegamer. it happened for all of us hwo created a EQ2X account.
  15. ARCHIVED-Lasai Guest

    I have had All Access and prior to that Station Pass.. and by no means do I have those slots now.
    In fact, the slots I gained when in Station Pass I did NOT recieve when I went All Access, nor did I have access to those characters.
  16. ARCHIVED-Te'ana Guest

    Sounds like a bug. I wish I could find the reference, but Station Pass/Access folks had their accounts permanently flagged to keep their 12 character slots when the extra slots were removed. I know my accounts were grandfathered and I can see it in my account entitlement details as follows.
    Entitlement: Extra Character Slots (Station Access)

    Edit: Here is a Zam link to explain this:
    What will happen to my character slots?

    If, on the date of the launch of SOE All Access, you have an active Station Access account (or have cancelled it but have time left on it before it expires), you will be entitled to the free character slots that were included with Station Access: EverQuest – 2 character slots, EverQuest II – 5 character slots, and Vanguard: Saga of Heroes – 4 character slots. If, on the date of the launch of SOE All Access, you do not have an active Station Access account, you will not be entitled to any free character slots.

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