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Discussion in 'In Testing & Test Server Updates' started by Jamiss, Apr 21, 2017.

  1. Jamiss Developer

    With the update to Test on 04/21/2017 there will be a change to how Loyalty Tokens are stored for your account. This will have a few adverse affects:
    • Loyalty Tokens earned on Test will not be available on non-Test servers.
    • The Loyalty Tokens that you earn on Test will be reset after the update moves to non-Test servers (am in talks with a few others regarding this)
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  2. Xianthia Well-Known Member

    Hi Jamiss, thanks for the note!

    I sometimes start the Daily Objectives on live and then finish on Test, so I won't going forward. Is that a permanent change where tokens earned in Test won't be available on non-Test servers?

    Oh, as I was re-reading your note it occurred to me to ask, how will test server players be able to use loyalty tokens since up to now the currency has been shared across the various servers.

    I'm curious as to what's being done with how the tokens are stored, but guessing that information will be forthcoming.

    I better submit or a simple note to thank you will turn into repetitive questions :p
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  3. Jamiss Developer

    After the update moves live, the amounts will again be shared across both Test and non-Test servers. The changes, however, are being tested and checked on Test first before they move there :)
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  4. Donnell New Member

    I have just bugged an issue that may be connected to this (Char name Xymreal).
    Basically the daily quest didn't complete properly and there were side effects you don't want on live.
  5. Miss_Jackie Member

    I'm probably going to kick myself for this later, but as I logged into my lowbie fury tonight, I noticed something strange. I would complete the dailies, get my two tokens. A few minutes later, it would appear again (before the nightly reset). And then appear again, and again..

    And this is on the AB server (live), not on test.
  6. Robb Member

    Anyone hear what the reset on Test will mean? That the Loyalty Tokens on the Test server are reset to zero or something else?
  7. Jamiss Developer

    The loyalty tokens that are earned from when this update went on there to when this update reaches non-test servers will not be granted. I am talking with a few people regarding this.
  8. Jamiss Developer

    I have received sporadic reports regarding this. This update should address this issue.
  9. Jamiss Developer

    You can feel free to go more in detail on this forum.
  10. Donnell New Member

    Effectively, by not completing correctly, the daily quest continued to add Loyalty Tokens for each individual harvest after the original 40 had completed (ie 6 per node harvested). The character went from around 1190 to 1220 in about 2 mins.
    On a subsequent day, where I did the harvest first and then killed monsters (the 25 option I think) the quest again did not fully complete and I again received an extra 2 loyalty points for each kill after the 25th. This took the account to around 1250 before I moved on. The same account, on live (Thurgadin) still has around the 1190.
  11. Donnell New Member

    To add a bit more, this morning the options I covered were Craft 3 different first and then Visit unexplored locations. Same sort of thing - the quest partially completed in that it awarded the LP's but did not come up with a quest completed type message. Subsequent location discoveries awarded the extra 2 LP, any xp awarding kills after this point also gave 2 LP and any successful harvest awarded 2 LP (despite the harvesting option not being one of the active ones for the character this morning).
    Under the Journal, the tab for Daily Objectives suggests that they have been completed and the counts for Slay Creatures and Slay Different Creatures look to be as they would have been just before I discovered the third location. Account on test now past 1300 LP.

    It looks as though changing zones may stop the effect.
  12. Bunji Developer

    Pushing an updated Test build which should fix the extra rewards from Daily objectives.
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  13. Jamiss Developer

    Removing Sticky.
  14. Beee Active Member

    just as info for others: The logmessage
    #FF9F7FYour Loyalty Point Tokens have been increased by 2. You now have XXX!
    was forgotten. on live too... Token are given correct
    Problem is adressed and now known ;)
  15. Chikkin Well-Known Member

    someoen on Isle of Refuge just reached the 12 year vet reward (365 loyalty tokens) and says it showed 2 uses on it. And aparently he was able to claim it twice. Same person later mentioned they kept getting loyalty tokens, showing some 60 thousands of them available. So the bug is alive and well lol

    player name: Bandito

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