Images of houses on leaderboards very blue

Discussion in 'Test Server Forum' started by Chikkin, Feb 20, 2024.

  1. Chikkin Well-Known Member

    Not sure if it's just me, but when I browse thru published houses on leaderboards, on Test server, all the images of homes seems very oversaturated with blue color. This is very visible on pictures from Halas homes where normally brown woodsy walls appear very gray/blue in those images, Cloudrat's dojo shows her standing on that rug from Desert of flames which is red normally, in image from dojo it shows blue, almost purple

    Anyone seeing the same?
  2. Chikkin Well-Known Member

    So I unpublished my house to place some new Brewday item and republished it again, at the part where game wants to take a picture of interior the game camera seems to have gone haywire. The image is gray, blue and very distorted. It's "Work House" under large homes

    Not sure if this has anything to do with DirectX on Test, I can play normally and everything around the world looks normal for me, don't have any issues with DirectX besides one odd crash and black screen on the first day.
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  3. Whilhelmina Well-Known Member

    It's not just you, every image of house on leaderboards I see has some blue overlay.

    If you look at my house in Hall of Fame "Cheese and Cupcakes Storage Room", all the cheeses are a deep blue.
  4. Bunji Developer

    Seems to be same issue with house preview images. I sent the info to the team working on the conversion. Thanks.
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