I'm having a REALLY hard time leveling on FG

Discussion in 'General TLE Discussion' started by cynosis, Aug 6, 2017.

  1. cynosis New Member

    EQ2 is having a massive problem keeping my attention, i log on every single day with the intention of leveling either my bruiser or necro, but honestly? After about 30 minutes i say screw this because leveling seems or atleast feels like an insurmountable task. Quest it? sure i would LOVE to do some long quest lines.. if they were actually worth it. Group it? Great! But if i run FG one more time im going to tear my F**KING eyes out of their sockets. Maybe i'm missing something?
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  2. eq2vet New Member

    same here let my sub run out for i believe the 3rd strike cant do it again and SH is dead:eek:
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  3. Sigrdrifa Well-Known Member

    (1) Have you upgraded your spells and/or combat arts? If not, look on the broker and see if you can buy Adepts for your spells.

    (2) What kind of armor and jewelry do you have? Is some or all of your gear greyed out in your character window - if so, it's ineffective and needs to be updated! Is your gear Treasured trash you got along the way? Even legendary from overland names? If so, you should try upgrading to Mastercrafted armor and gear.

    For both the above, you should be harvesting as you travel, and harvest EVERYTHING. Whatever you get that you don't need you can sell, but the rares you keep and find a crafter who can turn them into Mastercrafted gear. (Commands such as /who all tailor 28 30 will enable you to locate tailors who can do your stuff. Substitute the type of artisan as needed, and specify your level range.

    The better your gear and spells, the easier it becomes to kill stuff.
  4. cynosis New Member

    Even as a necro caster gear makes a difference there?
  5. Medicinal Member

    He isn't saying it's hard to kill stuff, he is saying the grind is too slow.
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  6. Zenji Well-Known Member

    and the faster you kill the faster you level.
  7. Sigrdrifa Well-Known Member

    Exactly! You also level faster if you quest as well as slaughter.
  8. cynosis New Member

    Understandable, im all for the slaughter! BUT! i mean... 15 exp for a kill when you need 15k? its a little crazy. I just feel like i honestly have no choice but to attempt multiple accounts to even be relevant... because thats all i see everywhere. There is absolutely no solo play.
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  9. Abershawe New Member

    If you aren't happy with the speed of leveling I'm not sure why you wouldn't just go to a regular server. There you fly through the levels.
  10. Dude Well-Known Member

    It's not designed for solo play. It's designed for grouping. If you want solo play, I highly recommend moving to a live server. There you will be able to solo and molo to your heart's content.
  11. cathulu New Member

    I can almost never find a group in the 39 range. I have tried nearly every day and am pretty much done. I really enjoyed it but I think FG is already gathering flies.
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  12. Atan Well-Known Member

    Hmm, the only level range I find difficult to get groups at is 48-50. But that's just being considered too high for CT, and 50's only need Icy Dig or Nek2, and don't want non-50s for that.

    So in that narrow space of 48 and 49, groups have been slow outside of peak times. I've learned to save collections for this gap.
  13. jessejames Active Member

    I have been playing on this server for 3 weeks after working 60 hour weeks and I'm 46, never had a hard time finding a group. I do expect to see a slowdown between 48-50 unless I get in on some PF groups but Every time I log on the server is jumping at all levels. Problem with 39 is you're kinda high for RE but low for CT, so suck it up and do RE for a little bit. If you have a hard time getting into RE I think you're doing something wrong. I see them groups constantly and there has been multiple Instances at most times

    To the OP, in 2004 it took me 6 months to reach 50 and now I'm doing it in like 4 weeks putting in long hours at work GROUP GROUP GROUP
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  14. Greene Active Member

    Around the FG level, the quest exp is just abysmal, hours of running back and forth through an entire zone 3-4 times for .01% exp, it's not neat. I've already got a thread going on how awful quest exp is. But it's also inconsistent. In Everfrost, I got half of 49 just putzing around the repeatable barrel quests within an hour or so.

    If you really want to be a part of FG and feel the exp is too low, I have one word for you: Potions. And not the kind an alchemist can make. A lot of my guildies all hit 50 on the first week, but I missed that group exp potion sharing stuff when I was stupid enough to try to level a beastlord on Stormhold. /sigh !
  15. dirgenoobforreal Well-Known Member

    Why quest? Despite its name its never been about questing. Yes you can quest and ur back and forth but why would you whene its a MMO and its about grouping up and slaughtering 100,000 goblins.

    I'm on my 3rd character now and its already level 33 and its as easy as ever to find groups for content. Even done all the HQs on all of my chars.

    Havent spend a single real $ on this game and I like for like 4-5 hours daily.
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  16. jessejames Active Member

    I never noticed the bad quest XP until I played a few newer MMOs the past few years and you can really just quest to max level. But since I'm back here after 2.5 years obviously it hasn't gripped my attention like this game. Grouping and raiding isn't the same

    again if want to level up.... GROUP GROUP GROUP GROUP
  17. Springelf Active Member

    The exp can feel brutal at times. I play a necro too and its a lot harder to solo then at this time on SH. *shrug* Sucks but what can you do. I like to solo more then grouping....but you just *have* to group on this server. What I did was a combination of everything. I solo quested a bunch, grouped when the exp felt really ugh, and I did a collection or 2 halfway thru a level to get the bump to the next level....which is what made things "feel" faster to me. Oh...and dont look at your exp. I tried to ignore the bar....made me feel less anxious lol. I bought like 2 adv vitality potions and a bunch of the 99 dbc potions for when I grouped. There isnt a rush to get to 50. In my guild there are people at all level ranges. Just have to put yourself out there and LFG or join an active guild.
  18. Atan Well-Known Member

    The 99 cent xp pots basically make the xp in dungeon groups to be like SH was if you had no potion or vitality.

    In the long run, buying more of the 99 cent ones pays off more than the vitality potion. If the vitality pool was actually equal to a minimum of 1 level, I might value them more, but at upper levels maximum vitality is at must a half of a level.

    So, 8 2 hour 50% potions vs 1 vitality restore potion, you will get more gain out of the 50% ones.
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  19. Venser Active Member

    why would you do 20 HQs 3 times
  20. jessejames Active Member

    Yes gear and spell quality are basically everything. Even if you have all grandmaster spells they aren't going to hit for anything if you don't have decent gear that gives your damage a boost. Hoover your mouse over a spell and look at the projected damage. Now get nekkid and do the same thing. If you have bad gear you'll still see the difference with no gear. Also compare your hit point and power pool totals with/without gear.

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