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    What gets me about that is I'm pretty sure that even in 1999 you could have built a LAMP stack, which likely would have suited the inclinations of anyone developing on Linux. I'm trying to do this from memory without Googling, but I think Oracle was introduced in 1981 and PostgreSQL and DB2 had been around since the 1970s. SQL Server 7 and FoxPro were around, though it's unlikely they would have been interested in developing on Windows. Now I realize these are all relational database platforms. As Sweety D indicated, there weren't any document database, graph database, or NoSQL database platforms around. My experience has been that most (definitely not all) code developer familiarity with database platforms is pretty limited. I would guess that in 1999 it was next to non-existent. What's ironic is that MySQL tables are stored as individual files.
  2. Heresford Active Member

    Holy smokes, that's old school! I'm half expecting to hear someone say they started out on a difference engine!
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  3. Geroblue Well-Known Member

    Aha ! I did Apple Fortran 1.0, on Apple ][+ with 96 megs of ram., and a Corvus hard drive, 20 megabytes. So there !

    And then transferred to a four year university with a Dec Vax 11/730, Vax Pascal.
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  4. mouser Well-Known Member

    Damn, we a bunch of old geezers...
  5. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    Not quite. A Motorola kit computer I soldered together myself.
  6. Ixian Active Member

    Just going to quote my reply to Sigdrifa here:
  7. Heresford Active Member

    By content-related data in your examples of what is stored in files, are you referring to such things as art, graphics, and audio, or actual data such as [name]='Wand of Awesomeness; [level]=125; [fervor]=405; [icon_file_id]=227015, etc.?
  8. msheaf1 New Member

    Is the Dec Vax 11 the same as the PDP 11? That's what I used in college with Pascal. In high school we had Apple Lisa 1 computers. At home a Trash 80 which I still have around some where.
  9. Ixian Active Member

    The latter.
  10. Geroblue Well-Known Member

    I don't think so. We were told the Vax was a mini-frame. No floppy drives, DEC VT102 vacuum tube/valve monitors. One modem line, 132 column green bar printer. Disck pacs for storage.
  11. Heresford Active Member

    Okay. Well, my mind is only half-boggled, then. But it's still boggled.
  12. Sweety D Well-Known Member

    Today's update notes says "Broker auto-unlist time increased to the next server restart after 28 days of being listed."

    This seems like a good change. 28 days is a lot better then 10. However, in general, doesn't the server usually restart every week, or sometimes every other week? So really we just went from 10 days, down to 7 days. Or best case 14 days.

    Also, we still don't have an easy way to auto-relist items. Super lame.
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  13. Tkia Well-Known Member

    No, you should get 28 days + however long it is to the next server restart on any given item. Which sounds better in theory, however, since most people will list different items on different days as a regular thing different items are also going to delist at differemt times. So effectively you still have to check after every server restart to find out what de-listed this time and re-list it. So basically still a weekly maintenance task.
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  14. Sweety D Well-Known Member

    Thanks for clarifying. It seems it I misunderstand, which is good. However, you have pointed out another flaw, lol. Still lame.
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  15. Siren Well-Known Member

    This whole thing is a mess for sure, but at least the devs are trying to compromise. That's something anyway, and it shows they do listen.
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  16. Wulfen Active Member

    What exactly triggers Broker delisting?
    Is Broker delisted 10 days after I don't log into the game?
    Is Broker delisted 10 days after I don't look at the Broker?
    Is Broker delisted for each individual item I do NOT adjust, because it didn't need readjusting?
    So even if I have looked at Broker, those items not changed are delisted after 10 days, whereas others I have changed, are not yet delisted? What exactly triggers delisting?
  17. Ichoris Well-Known Member

    It seems that any item listed will be delisted after 30 days. I don't think it matters if you logged into the game or not or have used the broker. Some of my older items are still listed but anything more current was delisted after 10 days. That is now 30 days which is better but the whole thing is a mess.

    It's been working fine for years but now it's an issue? Don't understand it myself and hate the extra busy work. I just want to play the game. What can you do? Even with the player complaints It's here to stay.
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  18. Vlkodlak Well-Known Member

    This mechanic randomly chooses players to force them to relist their items. More than half of my raid team has never had to relist and item, while I am stuck doing it weekly. Looking over the broker, there are pages of the same seller selling masters at 275 mil, they have been there since last summer and yet somehow they are will over the so called 50 mil cap.

    Raise the cap to 500 mil and call it a day.
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  19. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    It's not random. Items listed prior to the implementation of this delisting process don't seem to be affected at all. Otherwise, any item you have listed on the broker since the process started is going to delist (1) anything that has been listed since this delisting thing started, (2) if the price has not changed in 30 days.

    It's a PITA, and they've never fully explained why they are doing this.
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  20. Heresford Active Member

    Who knows? Perhaps they have their databases hosted in a cloud provider somewhere that scales up the size of the VM or resource consumption units if they hit a certain limit and they've been running close to the threshold? They obviously auto-scale the zone instances, so maybe they have reasons not to turn off auto-scaling or set limits to auto-scaling. I thought I read somewhere that they're on AWS?

    Anyway, this is sheer speculation.