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  1. Dude Well-Known Member

    I don't know. I have a friend who does code, so that must be a much more reliable source than some ... person who works on the actual code of the game.
  2. Taled Well-Known Member

    How dare you call them 'person's? The developers are all AI with quirky personality algorithms!
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  3. Laaw Well-Known Member

    this "fix" is not to help any players, just makes the game once again worse for Tradeskill.
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  4. Cyliena Well-Known Member

    Seconding this. I have a lot of items on broker on several characters. This is a crazy hassle. I thought I was going nuts last week when half of my items were delisted.

    I'd understand delisting for inactive toons, maybe after 30 days of inactivity, but 10 days for everyone? Ouch.
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  5. Zenji Well-Known Member

    The tears in this thread are hilarious.

    Another MMO that shall not be named has had limited sale time on broker items since day 1 and the economies there do just fine.

    This is a good change. Thank you DBG.
  6. draidean Well-Known Member

    And that's one of the reasons we play(ed) this one and not that one.
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  7. Elskidorr Active Member

    That's the one part of P99 or EQ TLPs I can live without...EC Tunnel is such a time sink I don't even bother. EQ2 live sounds like the broker is basically useless because of cap though so I suppose the broker system has failed anyway.

    The company really needs to address the cap limit on the live versions of both games. If you can't list everything you should be able to list then there's a major problem.
  8. Pixistik Don't like it? You're not alone!

    Its not so much the limited sale time on items, its more the bassakwards way it is being done.

    It is not a good change, its a stupid change.
    So items I have had on the broker for months are left alone, but items I have listed for sale since the expansion was released are prone to being delisted for no reason? doesnt even matter if you are on the character with the broker window open, it will delist the item while you watch it..seen it happen.

    Its a stupid change!
    Stuff like this is why its so hard to see the positive sides of the game
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  9. Ichoris Well-Known Member

    What I find odd is that all of a sudden this is causing lag and other issues. The broker has been in the game for almost 19 years now. I'm sure there are less players now so that would mean less items. So why all of a sudden is this an issue. Plus technology has gotten better since the game launched. That alone should make is faster. It doesn't make any sense to me. I think there is another reason they removed it.

    I also think that 10 days isn't long enough. It should be at least 30 days and really nothing should be delisted if you are an active player. Maybe first delist all items from players that haven't logged in for a length of time and see if that helps the lag enough. Who knows maybe that would be enough.

    If you really had to remove them then add something that makes listing them again easier. For example save the old listed price of the item. So all you are doing is pressing YES to list the item again. Not having to add a price again would at least make it faster and a little easier.

    Why does every solution they come up with so drastic. Maybe try using a scalpel once in awhile instead of a sledge hammer to fix these current problems that were somehow not a problem 19 years ago.

    Instead everyone has to put up with more busy work. I just want to play the game. Not spend time every 10 days listing items on my broker. I already have enough busy work tasks and roadblocks to get thru just to play the game as it is. Daybreak should be making the game more user friendly not making it more difficult for everyone.
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  10. Tkia Well-Known Member

    It is possible that it has now become a problem because the amount of data being held has passed a critical point. We don't have enough information to dispute that. However, if that were the case surely the first step of the solution would be to strip out all the old junk that has been there for years on inactive accounts, rather then constantly delisting all the new stuff?

    Even if they can't do that due to lack of selection flags on things listed pre-expansion or something, then they should bite the bullet, warn people it's coming, and do a one off de-listing of everything. I'd rather do that and have to re-list everything once than this nonsense of going through boxes every 10 days.
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  11. Notnasty Member

    I understand the need to strip out old broker items from inactive accounts, but not active ones. If a player is AWOL for more than 30 days, yes, delist their items. Current players should not be put through the aggravation every 10 days.
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  12. Geroblue Well-Known Member

    I have multiple accounts and don't play all of them over a month's time. I rather enjoy logging into an account, and seeing plat my character can use.
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  13. Dead Alt Account Well-Known Member

    This is making it incredibly difficult to find spells for alts.
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  14. Ixian Active Member

    Not true, EQ2 does use databases, they're just not used to store content-related data in the way other games might do.

    In other words:
    Databases: Stores player, guild, broker, etc. data.
    Files: Item, spell, mob, zone, etc. data.
  15. Tyrval Active Member

    Ehh, I wouldn't go that far. Without seeing the code base can't really say anything like that one way or the other. Another post said they aren't using a SQL database anyways- I wouldn't think they are, since that doesn't really support concurrency unless it was postgres so probably isn't a good fit for anything enterprise level with a significant amount of users. But anyways, we have no idea what is generating the lag without seeing their side, though queries generally are a significant risk of latency as that's where a lot of computations happen, and the broker is essentially just a big pile of queries.
  16. Dockter Well-Known Member

    Welcome back to 1993.
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  17. Pixistik Don't like it? You're not alone!

    More lag with the Overseer than I have ever seen with the broker, they going to fix that as well?
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  18. iceverything Master of Respawning

    I have been playing EQ since 1999 & started playing EQII in 2010. I am wondering if there IS another way to address this 'lag' issue besides F'n up our broker. My lag is no better today than it was before you screwed up our broker.
    May I suggest you take some lessons from EQ & maybe remove old, inactive crap first. For one thing, get rid of all inactive guilds & accounts. To define what will be 'inactive' should be no less than 6 months w/o log in. As we all know, rl gets in the way of our game more often than we would like. In EQ if a guild had less than 10 members for more than one month, game would delete that guild. All members would be guildless. I looked it up once and Skyfire had over 300 guilds!! Now I know for a fact there are not 300 active guilds on SF. SO how about you remove that crap and NOT what we rely on daily for our game?
    Maybe limit how many guilds to a server as well. So many ppl want to start a guild so they can be GL or have a private guild. This is not needed with all the wonderful guilds available to everyone. Ill take a guess it is similar on the other servers. [I do not mean to offend anyone with a private guild. So plz dont flame me for my opinion. TYVM]

    You have limited how many houses we can own yet you come out with more & more houses forcing us to either go w/o or purchase on different toons or accounts creating more info to store am I wrong? You now limit how long we can sell items on broker. This is an outrage! I think 60 days is a reasonable time since so many of us have more than one account. Im sure the devs will say that 10 days is what is needed to relieve this 'lag' issue. Exactly what lag did this fix? My game still hangs up on Loading zone files 9 out of 10 times. Dont tell me its my internet, I have had THREE different internet providers & game still hangs up on Loading zone files!

    It was mentioned that you give us, the players, a list of things that you think will help this 'lag' issue & let US choose what we are willing to give up. Not have ppl in an office that doesnt even play EQII choose for us.

    Are you trying to get ppl to leave the game? It Seems to many of us that You are limiting how we play the game to make YOUR job easier. Just how many of YOU @ DB actually play EQII on a regular basis? And if you do play, what servers?

    One more suggestion, STOP creating PVP servers. Each time you do you wind up killing it off. There is NOT enough interest in PVP to keep a full server alive. Adding more low populated servers can not be good for this 'lag' issue you, DB, speak so much about. Maybe the servers need updating & changes, not our game? IDK Im just a gamer.
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  19. puppybreath Active Member

    Cant DB archive old, inactive, accounts? Would that not help with this lag they speak about? I know in our guild there are many ppl that have not logged in for more than 3 yrs. Cant you do something with that to ease the lag and leave the game alone for the active players? Im sure many of these account have brokers AND other things that cause all this lag.

    What is the next thing DB is going to hit us with to fix the lag? Cuz it aint fixed yet Ill tell you what.
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  20. Tedra New Member

    So by their logic - wouldn't the depots we have in our homes that store hundreds and hundreds of even more items ALSO cause lag? Or 1 character owning 15 different houses filled with hundreds of items?

    I don't get how items on a broker are the culprit? This entire time? After 7 days of not logging into your account doesn't your broker go inactive anyway? So the one broker seller with141 broker sale pages is the real problem why punish those with 1 or 2 broker pages (it's not me I sell a lot on at least 15 alts). This just seems so odd.
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