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Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by Fixit, Jan 6, 2023.

  1. Fixit Active Member

    I dont understand why the 10 day limit to items being listed on broker exist.
    I heard something about it fixing something we dont need to know about. Really? Now you keep secrets? But this effects our game play HUGELY! We deserve an explanation at least. To make us go through the hundreds, even thousands of items and relist them every 10 days is a crock. You didnt even put a timer on the broker to make it easier for us. This is how you thank your loyal members?

    Maybe if you explained WHY you did this we would be more understanding of your actions. As of right now I think you did us wrong big time.
    *I found the explanation post after I posted this. No need to yell at me for that. I still think there was other ways to fix the problem than the broker changes.
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  2. Dude Well-Known Member

    They did explain. It's to help fix lag.
  3. draidean Well-Known Member

    Agree. This is going the break the broker even further. We were already having a hard time finding items at decent prices, or at all. This will exacerbate that problem. It's also another time sink for us. Just more busy work we have to do in order to be able to play. Why is it always the decorators who have to suffer? I had been trying to keep adventure faction merchant items up for my fellow decorators at a price they can afford, but I will not have time to do this any more now. I could maybe accept this if the time weren't so incredibly short. You didn't even warn a person, and won't explain why this was the only course of action you could take for whatever the problem is. Classic corporate opacity and degradation of the quality of the product/experience probably in the name of profit. Badly done.

    Edit: Thanks Dude, I had not found that posting before. I will move my response.
    Edit 2: Well, apparently that thread is locked so no one else can be heard there, so I'll just leave it here.
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  4. Spiritus Praeteriti Member

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  5. puppybreath Active Member

    Well I hate to say it but my lag is at an all time high since RoS lauched. What about removing items from game that are totally useless to most of us like the potions we get from Overseer OR all those nails we get from RoS? WE get more of those items than we could EVER use in game. Just leave them out. What about heirloom items? There are so many of those now they jsut sit in bags till we get around to deleting them. If we got actual items we could use not so much random stuff would that help?
    Changing how the broker works is not a good solution if you ask me. Maybe you should have asked the ppl that actually play the game what we would like to give up to help with lag. Give us a list of things and let us pick.
    If you ask me I think you hurt the server economy.
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  6. Quiarrah Well-Known Member

    My lag has gotten worse also! Granted I am on an old machine but it has gotten worse since this expansion. I really don't think the broker had anything to do with the lag problem. I am not liking the idea of having to (forcably)relist my items. I am on 3 servers. One of them I don't get on ot but it is nice to come on and see that I have made some money. Now I will HAVE to get on to make sure my items are still selling?? I have a better idea. All these people who have been away from the game for 3 or .ore years who just dropped off . . . How about delisting them?
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  7. draidean Well-Known Member

    Also the 40 pages of (stacked) items on AB that are over the 50,000,000 limit that cannot sell anyway?
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  8. Banana Tree Member

    This is a HORRIBLE 'addition' to the game.
    At least put in a List All Items For Sale button so we don't have to hunt and peck like angry birds.
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  9. Vladamo New Member

    This is a just a bad "fix'. Working as intended and just horrible.
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  10. Xillean Well-Known Member

    Sorry but this is terrible and needs to be reverted. The timer should at least be 30 days if there has to be one.
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  11. Smashey Well-Known Member

    So thats why some of my stuff gets delisted despite being in my broker window. How awful. Worse than the 50 mil cap.
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  12. Geroblue Well-Known Member

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  13. Kenn Well-Known Member

    I've had alt toons with items listed on the broker for years and just forgot about the toon. I can see where delisting everything once a year could clean it up.
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  14. Pixistik Don't like it? You're not alone!

    It would appear that 2023 is off to a great start with more changes that dont make sense.
    I don't know who thinks this kind of stuff up, but really you should skip the meeting and grab a beer or something instead.
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  15. Quiarrah Well-Known Member

    Who thinks this stuff up??
    Certainly NOT anyone who actually PLAYS the game. . ..
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  16. Geroblue Well-Known Member

    Wizards of the Coast has put out OGL 1.1... claiming it alters OGL 1.0, which they said years ago was unalterable.
  17. Fixit Active Member

    I have friends that do code and they say removing our items from sale list has NOTHING to do with lag. Items are alrdy in the data base so being listed or not does nothing to ease lag. And after todays patch, my game is screwed up more than it has been in ooohhhhh more than a yr or two.
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  18. FuRiouSOne Well-Known Member

    They are trying to control our economy, first the 50mil list limit, 100mil buy limit and now this. Blaming simple SQL (database) quarry pulls causing lag is laughable.
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  19. Drona Well-Known Member

    I think they should remove the broker from the game. We can go back to using auction. I mean turn EQ2 in old school EQ1? :D
  20. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    We've learned from the devs that there is no SQL-accessible database. Everything is its own file.
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