Illy DPS?

Discussion in 'Mages' started by Twofeets, Sep 23, 2020.

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    Other than 'Mimicry', any advice on illy DPS?

    My potency is 170k, I'm working on DPS mod as gear permits, but still only doing less DPS than my healer.

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  3. Twofeets Active Member

    Nope, ill take a look at it, thanks. I saw the post from a few weeks ago, but that was it.
  4. Priority Well-Known Member

    You may check with your guilds illus. Considering your sig says you're in the #1 ranked raiding guild WW.
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    He might be that Illu replacement. Lol
  6. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    I took a look at the first post in that thread, and while a lot of it is good, there are some things that have changed.

    If you have orange adorns from last expansion, throw them out, they don't work in BoL. You want to do the Legendary Charged Overseer missions to get the recipes for a lot of the red runes. The red runes can drop in solos and other instances, but why wait?

    The most important set will be the Empyral Aniquilacion set: Empyral Rune: Ascension of Destruction (cannot be crafted, you can only get it as a drop, many folks are selling loot rights for them these days for anywhere from 1 million to 5 million plat); Empyral Rune: Firmament of Fire; and Empyral Rune: Foundation of Ruin.

    Next most important are Empyral Runes of Juxtaposition [VIII], Glory [VIII], Championship [VIII], and Witness [VIII].

    Go to visit the Pandas in Sundered Frontier right near the Wizard Spire and do the Days of Summer Quests. That's where you will get a set of Daring Tol'Ren runes and cyan runes for your weapons.

    If you're playing in BoL, you will have more Ability Mod than you know what to do with. ABMod caps out at half of your biggest hit, anything over that is wasted. Most mages are reforging all the ABMod possible into DPS.

    DPS, AEAuto, Multi Attack are melee stats, so they affect a crossbow. You will never want to use a wand once you can get a crossbow.

    We no longer have Doublecast/Spell Doublecast, it's all "Ability Doublecast" now. There's really not much way to get more Ability Doublecast other than a few adorns, mount gear, maybe some mounts, some familiars, and equipment, so when you are deciding whether to roll NEED on an item, look for Ability Doublecast.

    Reuse Speed and Recovery Speed
    For some reason this expansion, you get TONS of Reuse speed and zero Recovery Speed. YOU must reforge to get your Recovery speed to 100-120 or so.

    Reforging Is Your Friend
    I look at all my stats on Dragons Armory before reforging. If you hover over a stat, it will highlight what pieces of gear have that stat and how much. If an item has a ton of ABMod, that gets reforged into DPS. Look and see what pieces don't have ABMod, but have lots of Haste, for instance - a caster doesn't need all that Haste, and you may be able to get rid of excess Reuse Speed. Plan ahead, shore up your weak spots, then convert everything else possible to DPS.

    Upgrade Your Spells
    The linked post is sold on Ascension spells but doesn't lean into profession spells. That's a mistake. It depends on the quality of the spell (Expert, Master, Grandmaster, Ancient, Celestial), how much damage, how long it takes to cast and refresh, and if it ticks how many ticks of how much damage.

    Ascension spells are usually pretty slow to cast, and "damage per second" means that if you divide the damage it will do by the number of seconds it takes to cast, you can see that some of your profession spells are going to give you better value sometimes.

    Upgrade the Ascension spells that you use. I do agree that Etherealist is probably the most DPS of the Ascensions. But they are essentially level 100-110 spells that didn't get upgraded in BoL, so now they get resisted a lot. When you are upgrading Ascensions, you are forced to scribe the spell at each level, so you get a Sage to make you Journeyman, Expert, and Grandmaster versions, then you watch the broker for the Illegible Scroll Pages for the Adepts and Masters. Past that, I just Research the spells, YMMV.

    You have to upgrade your profession spells to at least Expert, lower level or quality spells are resisted more often. You need a Sage to craft the spells, and if you need Experts, then go to The Blinding and harvest fish from all the shallow pools until you think fish are coming out your ears to get Lantern Hogfish, harvest bushes for Shrieking Mushrooms, and run Overseers religiously (doing the Legendary and better ones, not Treasured), you will get quite a few rares and that's what the Sage needs for your Expert spells. Watch the broker for masters. Don't scribe a master if you get it! Ask for someone who can make it into a Grandmaster for you!
  7. Melt Actually plays the game

    yeah they definitely seem to think that...
  8. Bhayar Well-Known Member

    With all the obsession around DPS parsing, I want to add a reminder that never forget your role is not DPS, it's mana management/regen, which is critical in this xpac. DPS is fine, but it's not your primary job. I see people playing support/utility who are constantly clamoring for 'moar dps.' Worry about dps when your group/raid force isn't sinking because of a lack of power regen because you think you should be in the top 10 DPS parse in raid.
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    With some skills you can easily do both, but yes dont be a selfish Illy, Start the fight with all the power buffs you have and Manatap, and debuffs, then start blasting , rinse repeat and your group will be happy and you should parse fine. It's not are job to dps, but we can help a little when we can. look at the power drain and powerfeed on ACT does are the ones you want to top. GL
  10. Twofeets Active Member

    Thanks for the positive replies. Yes, my 'mains' are in Muskateers, I havent played my illy in about 5 years, so the haters can go 'beep' themselves. I never understood why so many have to troll others for simply asking a question.

    I have the VIIIs, the destruction set, etc. My DPS mod and doublecast are a work in progress due to my illy currently wearing 'leftover' raid gear. I am working on upgrading my spells as money permits (most are currently expert with a few mastered/grandmastered).

    Mainly, I'm wondering about AA specs and which spells are worthwhile, and any feedback on the new spell (Do the 6 swarm pets do any real damage? Ive heard the potency component was broken?).

    Again, thanks for the positive responses, and the haters... well, that's your own problem lol.
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  11. Nazy Well-Known Member

    AA... Raid spec? I think I saw one a few days ago.
  12. Jrox Well-Known Member

    Disagree, just because I power feed, doesn't mean I wont beat you down... Just sayin, I do well on the parse and feed just fine. I am in line with where Illy's should be now 7-9 in raid. But if your not comfortable with your feeding skills and you can't temp buff while DPSing because it's too much, the class isn't for you. Lots of guilds/raids/groups will settle for you to just power feed, but you are just making the class look bad because your lazy. Feeding is almost as easy as hitting one button every 30secs. With the way your DPS is generated you need all your grp temps running to maximize your own DEEPS.

    Spend some time reading the AA tree. Spend some time reading your spells, consider the recast + DMG + type before just blinding spamming buttons. Think about learning how to use macros. Reforge correctly and have or gain an understanding of the different types of specs you can run.

    Want more than that? Come join me in OUTLAWS on Halls of Fate server and I will gladly spend time showing you the ropes as an Illy. It's fun when played right, but speaking for Illy's out there who love the class and play it to it's fullest, stop playing them just to feed power. But be serious about wanting to lear how to play the Illy as a main and not as your 5th that you just want to hang out on.

    YOUR ROLE IS TO HELP YOUR TEAM!! DPS / Power Feed / Buff, not merely one of these! If your not going to try to do it right, why make the toon!

    All three specs serve a purpose... Hopefully this helps, and stop listening to people like Bhayar who will have you "SETTLE"
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  13. Jrox Well-Known Member

    See above.
  14. Jrox Well-Known Member

    DPSmod is not as big as you think. CB/CBOC and Potency much more so... Just m two cents. The swarm pets do exactly the equivalency of a small sneeze in your general direction lol. However the raid buff is not to be overlooked. It is ferocious when you have three of them stacked at once in a raid and everyone is buffing to the hilt for the push! It is a glorious push!!

    Above I linked my AA specs. hopefully they will be helpful. The newest one is a work in progress.
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  15. Melt Actually plays the game

    Illy DPS is 100% dependent on mimic'ing an assassin while he FFUs and hitting ascensions. Do that, parse 100b on burn fights, the end.
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  16. Bhayar Well-Known Member

    I wasn't talking about "settling," but then again, people read what they want to in posts. I was simply reminding people in this obsession with DPS and where they fit on the parse, that never forget what your primary job is. Whether you're an illy or any other class--except for DPS. If you're DPS--that is your job. You should be focused on it. If you're utility, remember that YOUR buffs help the raid perform better. I've seen troubs/dirges throw buffs on themselves to better their personal DPS, groups/raids without power, etc...all for the sake of the God of DPS because that seems to be the only stat many care about it. If you read anything else in the post, you simply read it from your own biased perspective. I'm all for illy dps, because that too, helps the raid; the difference is, it should never come at the expense of why you're in the group/raid. Period. Unfortunate you didn't grasp the difference.
  17. Jrox Well-Known Member

    Sorry, did you take that personal, wasn't meant that way. But let me be a little more direct so you might get where I'm coming from...

    The OP asked about Illy DPS... Do you play an Illy? Do you know what it takes to feed power as an Illy? Based on your comments, my guess is no. This was not a discussion about Support classes nor about what a support player should focus on. And if you read my post for what it was you saw where I said all three were important. But like you said...
  18. Bhayar Well-Known Member

    First of all, read your last sentence. That was a personal statement directed at me and it was patronizing as hell. Secondly, point of fact I raided on my illy for three years before switching out to a different toon this last year, otherwise known as the case of disappearing healers, haha. I would say that qualifies as experience and again, you make assumptions based on zero knowledge. If you look at what i said, it was basically that don't get so focused on dps that you forget what your class is for, which is primarily power feeding or more accurately "power management" since not every spell available to the illy is a power feed. I'm primarily thinking about Savante at this point. Then there's Mimicry to augment another partner's dps. I never said you shouldn't/couldn't dps---that's a ludicrous statement. What I was saying was don't be so focused on parsing that you forget what your role in group/raid is. I'd point out that you essentially said the same thing in your own long reply.

    Your arrogance and superior attitude comes through loud and clear. Do yourself (and the forums) a favor and make sure you really understand what someone is saying before, and I paraphrase, cry havoc and let loose the dogs of impertinence.

    And apologies to the readers and to Dreamweaver, but the day hasn't dawned when someone with a self-inflated ego thinks their imagined self-importance overloads both intelligence and common courtesy. And, probably time for a break, haha.
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  19. Jrox Well-Known Member

    Let’s try this again…

    With which you replied…

    Is his raid force sinking or dying? Did you have inside info on this? If so my bad. I assumed he knew how to play an Illy and what his/her role was. The OP’s question was very specific.

    My last couple of sentences…

    Yes the last sentence wasn't supposed to be published ROFL... Sometimes I type too fast and don't go back and edit. I didn't like your advise or response to the OP's direct question about DPS. My apologies, should not have printed that and for that, /facepalm my bad...

    I was really offering advice to the OP’s question and was pointing out that it wasn’t about feeding power. I offered to help to anyone who wanted to learn to play the illy since I have played the class for a very long time and feel like yes I am pretty good. But that has nothing to do with being arrogant. I’m just confident in my abilities. I also asked if you played an Illy, never said you didn’t. But Savante is an emergency feed only. If you put manatap in your rotation you never really have to do anything else unless it’s an OH $h!t moment. Again not a knock on you, just countering your advice to it, that from my perspective as an Illy is incorrect.

    Power management is not really power management except for a couple of fights. Like the last boss in Daiku Challenge, Or the lamp mob in Sol Eye if you’re not set properly, Early in the xpack when gear wasn’t quite there (first couple of weeks) the second boss in Maidens Eye. Last spot would have been the insta blick in Ruins from the trash in the start of the zone that was a bug. But look, you feed the way you want, I will always offer my advice when it comes to Illy’s. Especially if I think someone is not giving advice I think is sound. Sorry if that offends I just see the power feeding a little different than you. No offence is intended, just my way of seeing it.

    Again should not have published that last sentence... #mybad
  20. Bhayar Well-Known Member

    This will be my last response on this thread because it's a waste of time. You indicate in your latest response, and I quote, "...I also asked if you played an illy, never said you didn't." Well, here's a quote from your earlier response that says otherwise,

    The OP asked about Illy DPS... Do you play an Illy? Do you know what it takes to feed power as an Illy? Based on your comments, my guess is no.

    I'd suggest in the future you spend less time composing witty repartee and actually practicing reading comprehension. The fact that you draft long messages in self-proclaimed speed without bothering to read and edit your work prior to posting is not an excuse for a number of your comments. And the fact that you later deny ever saying something when in fact it's still inn your posts is laughable. Physician.....heal thyself.
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