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  1. Snowhaze Active Member

    Just wondering if, like EQ1, the enchanter had access to all forms of illusion spells at different levels, if this is true in EQ2 as a coercer. I stumbled on Illusion Troll and Rotanga in Garowyn as I leveled up (90 now), but I haven't seen any other illusion spells.

    I also did the quest for Guise of the Deceiver for Dark Elf and found a couple of other clickies along the way, I researched some internet sites and looks like illusionists get all of the spells. Are there any other illusion spells coercers have access to?
  2. Rijacki Member

    Enchanter from EQ1 was split into 2 classes, coercer and illusionist. Coercers got charm, illusionists got more illusions (and the personae).

    Coercers only have the 2 class-based illusion spells, ratonga and troll. All other illusions they can get are those available to all classes. Illusionists get more illusions as class-based spells, but not a huge amount (which is a peeve of illusionists who want to use illusions) as well as those available to all classes.

    Illusions for all classes: If you collect bones, there are 'racial' illusions of nearly all the player races and several NPC races. Guise of the Deceiver you found. There are quest reward illusions (can't recall the names of any off the top of my head) and drop item illusions. There are special event illusions, like the Nights of the Dead (Halloween) 'masques' and the Frostfell (Christmas) snowmen. There have also been illusions given at expansion launches (i.e. the Othmir illusion).