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    Founded back in 2006, the Lonewolf guild, on Halls of Fate, has a 'one character per player' rule, on the grounds that we can get to know each other best when there's no alt confusion. Other than that, the other main requirement is to seek fun!

    We welcome solo players (lots of those about these days) who may not have grouped before, but who aren't averse to trying it out. Teammates are far, far better than sucky mercs! But if you just want to play solo, that's fine too: why hamper yourself by not having access to the resources a guild can offer?

    Let's see... what else? We don't use voice chat, believing that text is more effective (though many will - vocally! - disagree). We believe that a group you may be in is more important than the guild: your teammates deserve your full attention. Oh, and we roam all over Norrath, not just in the New Lands. We welcome low level characters, and especially new players (who we consider to be the lifeblood of the game).

    We used to have a busy guild back in the day, but now only have a few members, scattered all over the planet -- all timezones are covered. I'd dearly love to get us back to the glory days, if possibubble: so if you have a spare character slot, please consider seeking out the guild... they say 'a change is as good as a rest'.

    '/who all lonewolf' will tell you if any guild members are online: and every member can recruit (even if they don't know they can!) using '/guild invite <character name>'.

    Good hunting!

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