If I could redo channeler AA (Bored pipedream post)

Discussion in 'Priests' started by Vunder, Oct 31, 2017.

  1. Vunder Well-Known Member

    Shaper Tree
    • Dissipate: No change
    • Impulse Shot: No Change
    • Arrow Torrent: Replace DPS increase to ammo conservation
    • Piercing Blows: Replace Potency with Fervor (4.5% potency is irrelevant)
    • Focused Assault: Add potency before tithe calculations.

    • Snap Shot: Add Crossbow, increase from minor damage to moderate.
    • Agile Movement: Add mount speed (all mounts)
    • Precision: Change to 0.032 to keep us in line with other priests.
    • Mobile Assault: Remove WDB, Add: As long as shaper is moving, increase Ability Double cast by 5%

    • Stone Shaping: No Change.
    • Shield Shaping: Change to group buff, same effects. (channelers have almost no group buffs)
    • Stamina Shape: No change
    • High Frequency: No Change

    • Dazing Invocation: Convert to a DoT
    • Spiritual Arrows: No Change
    • Breathing Techniques: No Change
    • Essence Revival: Change to include the channeler.

    • Chip Essence: Convert to dot and hot
    • Energy Conservation: Change to reduce dissonance cost (global) by 0.5% per rank
    • Critical Intelligence: No Change
    • Overloaded Interception: No Change

    ·Sentinel’s Fate Attributes
    • Bombardment: No change
    • Motion Aim: Increase the amount of WDB granted by items by 0.5% per rank.
    • Buffering: No change
    • Essence Recovery: No Change
    • Construct’s Protection: No Change
    • Maximized Protection: Maximum rank increase duration by 2 seconds.
  2. Vunder Well-Known Member

    Channeler Tree
    ·Row One:
    • Enhance: Mirisha Kur’s Blessing: Increase mitigation from items by 1%/rank (Groupwide)
    • Enhance : Sprint: No Change
    • Enhance: Healing Arrow: Change to apply to base damage before modifications.
    • Enhance: Vengeful Arrow: Change to apply to base damage before modifications.
    ·Row Two:
    • Enhance: Barrage: Change to apply to base damage before modifications
    • Enhance: Shadow Bind: No Change
    • Enhance: Eye Shot: Change to apply to base damage before modifications
    • Enhance: Shield of the Blackwood: Final Rank applies to group; fighters exempt (add some utility to this class)
    • Enhance: Construct’s Sacrifice: Change to apply to base damage before modifications
    ·Row Three
    • No change to any of these.
    ·Row Four
    • No Change to any of these
    • Technician: Delete Replace with Volley Fire: Adds an additional hit to barrage when target is below 80% health.
    • Consume Construct: No Change
    • Downpour: Add crossbow
    • Mental and Physical Focus: Add AIM
    ·Sentinel’s Fate
    • Bolstered Blessing: Change from MAX HP buff to adding raw Hit Points before max HP calculations exp Rank 1/2/3/4/5 = 2000/4000/8000/16000/32000 @ Level 110 (again added utility)
    • Eagle Eye: Change to apply to base damage before modifications
    • Arrow Arc: No Change
    • Shadow Trap: No Change
    • Poison Arrow: Change Add each resist with each rank final rank grants combat mit reduction @ level 100
    • Truespirit Reach: No Change
    • Protect Me: Add Summon construct (those that park pets will understand)
  3. Vunder Well-Known Member

    Shadows Tree
    • Pet of the gods: Delete --Replace withEnhance Familiar: Increase bonuses of familiar by 1% per rank
    • Swift Journey: Apply to ALL mounts
    • No other changes on this line.

    • Litany of Combat: Change to allow this to scale for level.
    • No other changes to this line
    • No changes to this area
    • Critical Aim: Increase base damage of Combat arts (not spells) by 1% per rank
    • Piercing Arrows: Lower dissonance cost of damage ability, increase dissonance of healing abilities.
    • Focus of Restoration: Lower dissonance cost of healing abilities.
  4. Mhoramm Member

    I`ve never understood protect me. Unless you`re solo and need survivabiliy it seems a total waste.
  5. Vunder Well-Known Member

    In all honesty it is a 100% useless ability at lvl 100. I use it to break scripts and survive a deadly AE when I solo raid zones, but I dont actually use it anymore. It was designed as a death prevent so the channeler wouldn't die and would allow the group to instant rez followed by a group heal and then recover.

    I used it extensively at first in ToV with some of the pulse damage wiping groups. I have not actually used it in current content since then.