Icy Digs Balance Post Buff

Discussion in 'Beta Zones and Population Discussion' started by Roldy, May 14, 2022.

  1. Roldy New Member

    Understand this instance was recently buffed and as such ran the zone twice about 4-5 hours ago with two different group builds. Players were at low to average gear points i.e. mostly handcrafted with vendor jewelry.

    Like an idiot I forgot to enable /log so here is my general impression.

    Trash felt okay dmg and hp wise, though this may still feel a bit easy with a more appropriate geared group.

    Several bosses however felt very under-tuned from both a hp and dmg perspective:
    Diamondon (dead in ~15 secs)
    Kodan (dmg output of abilities seems pretty low)
    The Dark Planner (low hp and ability dmg)
    The Tundra Queen (very low hp and dmg, honestly reflecting on Kaladim difficulty, this one is a bit sad)

    Is Ghagan the Enforcer meant to be heroic? Additionally, he is a bit too generous with his number of drops for a heroic mob.

    Outliers aside, I generally felt everything could use a further gentle buff to hp and dmg.