I want to dps >900

Discussion in 'Berserker' started by ARCHIVED-Azmadar, Mar 28, 2007.

  1. ARCHIVED-Ganeden Guest

    It's broken because at 70 most "stuns/stifles" are attached to spells that close mind doesn't recognize. it works for being stunned by a regular melee hit and most mezzes, nothing else.
  2. ARCHIVED-Schmalex23 Guest

    tell me what you parse and who you are and we will compare you to sardonis
  3. ARCHIVED-Ganeden Guest

    [p]Well i've never done three princes but it sounds like a technecality more then anything else. NOTHING can ONLY be tanked by a brawler (unless some quest or something like that requires it)[/p][p] A your MT is in the red on a raid chances are he's dead already before you get to click the spell. Most raid mobs (that we would ahve trouble on) would take one hit to kill me, id use drag and die then the mt would pretty much instantly have agro back[/p]
  4. ARCHIVED-Ganeden Guest

    [p]lol, i have no idea who sardonis is. Is he on the leaderboard or something? I said ONE of the top on my server. I'm certinaly not the top worldwide.[/p][p] [/p][p]This isn't about utility. My posts on here are about how your dps is way to high, which none of your agruments have tried to refute. I can only assume that you agree. You shouldn't be outparseing brawlers. period.[/p]
  5. ARCHIVED-Schmalex23 Guest

    no you have to have a brawler tank, its part of the script, if not then you get bolted for about 6k ever second or so... and sardonis is the top WW brawler and im sure he puts your dps to shame as well as zerkers
  6. ARCHIVED-Schmalex23 Guest

    Ganeden wrote:
    This is just saying you dont have the skill/reaction time to drag it away... and even if you did die instantly, which you wouldnt because drag has a distance and the mob has to run it.... it still saves the tank
  7. ARCHIVED-uux Guest

    Ganeden wrote:
    I normally parse about the same as others have posted in this thread. Our brawler has no trouble keeping up or even surpassing me. He is even lesser equipped. The question you should be asking yourself is why you're not able to.

    As for not "outparsing brawlers, period", I assume you mean if both players are of equal skill, no? That is one defining factor that no matter what SoE does to the game, you cannot overcome. A well played brawler will outparse a well played berserker, and depending on AA choices, even on AoE fights.

    Also, your posts are not about how berserker dps is way too high. You have offered no comparison to prove so. You're assuming for every number shown as a parse for a berserker that a brawler was (or wasn't) present and didn't (or can't) outparse the berserker. That or you're going by your own skill, or lack of. Either way, you have not given any supporting evidence that berserker "dps is way to high".

    You certainly can be compared to brawlers on other servers. It's the same game with the same rules. If someone on another server is outperforming you, it's not because of the server. What will you ask for next? Class nerfs based on server? Post your numbers as asked so your ridiculous statements can be debunked, or just except the fact that other players are outparsing you.
  8. ARCHIVED-Ganeden Guest

    I dont see how my statements are ridiculous, i'm just baseing them off the dps that your fellow berserkers are saying can be done. My guild just cleared MiS tonight, I'll post Mayong numbers once they get posted on the guild site. I dont keep parse numbers.
  9. ARCHIVED-uux Guest

    I'm not saying the numbers in this thread are inaccurate or ridiculous. I'm saying claiming berserker dps is too high based on those numbers is ridiculous. You have offered nothing to prove they're too high, or where SOE expects them to be in comparison to other classes. To top it off, you have not offered anything to prove that a bruiser cannot out parse a berserker on the same mobs in the same situations. You don't even have the details of those situations.
  10. ARCHIVED-Anjin Guest

    [p]Forget about general DPS. The major issue with brawlers is lack of utility/debuffs/buffs and a decent nuke (dev fist should be changed a bit for epics imo). Before striving for a Berserker nerf, why not focus on getting SOE to change the following:[/p][ul][li]Brawler AA's (they are currently very restrictive - not sure about bruiser aa's though)[/li][li]The lack of decent 2H weapons (reasonably readily available aka not from contested mobs)[/li][li]More utility/debuffs/buffs.[/li][li]"Defining" brawlers more - DPS and Haste were key attributes of Bruiser & Monks, but now they can be easily capped/taken well into dim returns.[/li][/ul][p]I honestly don't think SOE has defined brawlers well enough, but that's for the bruiser/monk forums, not here.[/p]

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