I want to dps >900

Discussion in 'Berserker' started by ARCHIVED-Azmadar, Mar 28, 2007.

  1. ARCHIVED-Azmadar Guest

    Hi guys, Once again I'd like to thank you all for your contribution, I'm having problems with Fraps & I don't want to reinstall my OS, so I cant post it. As for the ACT output, i'm resigned to believe that gear does play a part. I recently acquired the Buckler of the Howler & I saw my extended dps go up by 200 dps. Next thing I gota work on is probably get a better 1H, get some dps or haste adornment & hopefully I will see my 1K DPS :)
  2. ARCHIVED-LygerT Guest

    [p]surprised no one really mentioned buffing methods since it does play a bit of an important part..[/p][p] [/p][p]this is my pure DPS profile but expect to be tanking if you are not already...[/p][p] [/p][p]1)pre-buff Open Wounds(adds 10% damage to combat arts for 3 minutes) and Weapon Aegis(counterattack which also semi works as an AoE in the next steps) 2)pre-buff Destruction(207-623 damage to all enemies within range, triggers up to 10 times) 3)pre-buff Open Wounds(54 haste, attacks every mob within range of auto attack, lasts for 36 seconds) --engage mobs-- 4)buff Executioner's Wrath(267-446 melee on target, applies executioners wrath which lasts 10 seconds and up crit chance to 73%) ---apply Berserk(+29haste and +29DPS) at this point--- 5)buff Juggernaut(increases melee crit chance by 27%, decreases parry by 24, deacreases mit vs all by 813)[/p][p]6) toss in your 2 AoEs to take full advantage of your now almost 100% crit chance and you will be hitting everything around you(if working on multiple mobs)[/p][p] don't forget about buckler reversal and double attacks, plus any DPS adorns you have and focus on strength solely if you just want to DPS.. also keep in mind these buffs take 3 minutes to regen so you wouldn't be doing 2k parses all of the time but at least you will be contributing every other mob for a better average and the more mobs you have the more damage you will do since this is a cloud AoE hellfire. to regain mitigation lost from juggernaut you have 2 30 second buffs to choose from so that's your choice. [/p][p] [/p][p] [/p][p] [/p][p]it's kind of funny the reactions people give when you parse 4k saying zerks should be nerfed... we are not exatcly great DPSers at solo targets though but still mediocre. [/p]
  3. ARCHIVED-Schmalex23 Guest

    LygerT wrote:
    think you mean bind wounds, but yeah. Its also a waste to use OW before mobs are in place because its so short and its frontal arc, all the mobs could take 5-10 seconds to get into your arc, which is a huge waste esp when OW has a super fast cast. Also its a huge waste to use your AE's while OW is up, its better to stick to our short CA's then follow OW with our other AE's.
  4. ARCHIVED-LygerT Guest

    [p]yea 1) should be Bind Wound[/p][p]i toss up Open Wounds first to take advantage of the other multipliers but it could be easily cast just after hitting juggernaut to save a few precious seconds of its cast timers it's just that in most situations the mobs are already dead by the time the spells retire anyways so i find it a bit overkill to try and time everything just perfect unless the mobs are higher in health where a few seconds could make a difference. [/p][p] [/p][p]i find i see alot of zerkers do not take advantage of Bind wound and it's additional CA damage..[/p]
  5. ARCHIVED-BobTheBard Guest

    This might sound stupid... but it's really not... Are you sure you are standing within melee range of the mobs? I mean I know you aren't standing at like bow range... but I'm thinking you might need to scoot up an inch... pan out to 3rd person view if you aren't already (best view for a tank so you know what's whacking on your mages sometimes before it even gets a swing in) and watch your toon carefully... make sure your are swinging for auto attack damage all the time. My Zerker has really nice gear (I am a 3 boxer) I have hit as high as 2,500 DPS on a couple pulls. I beat 3k once in HoF... I am over 1k alot. Obviously offensive stance is key because you need the +slashing, +crushing, and +piercing... stance mastery helps offset the defensive loss. I think it's my relic gloves that give me like +6 to slashing... I use Vilucidae's sword so slashing is important to me. I also use 2 feathered rings when I am not tanking... that's +3 slashing each... and some STR compared to light chitin.... on weak "farming" missions I sometimes do this also. I would hope you have your weapon adorned with a proc and your neck imbued with +10 DPS I would also hope you have run the quest for Deathtoll access to get the haste bracer... or have the cloak of flames.... most haste = more proc chances to pull off you bezerk state. You can buy +STR potions cheap... look for them on the broker.... I mean CHEAP.... I am not wealthy in game. Be very concious of your positioning... standing 1 inch away from the mob cuts off your auto attack... it's not a big difference and when it's crowded it can be hard to tell. Attack it's back if you aren't going to wipe the raid if you get aggro... be ready to run through the mob and stand on top the tank if needed. You don't stand there just for backstabs as a scout... it's also to avoid parry, shield block, and riposte. If you are going to "rampage" (destruction + openwounds) you want to cast one... start running in while casting the other one.... that way you hit 1 AE taunt when you get in and just ride the pain wave.... when it's over feel free to mash some more buttons. Watch who you group with... hopefully your raid leader knows you are partially DPS and should be treated as such... you want an assassin to give you a Poison buff, you want a Dirge giving DPS buffs and Cacophony of blades etc... IN RETURN you let them go bezerk and give them like 100 STR... it's a good trade.... you are awesome in a "scout group" on raids... a Fury giving you thier proc buff or an inquisitor using thier self-stifle ability is a good pick for that healer. Don't worry about things with low DPS as combat arts.... with the proper buffs your auto attack is higher than at least 3 attacks. If you have to be in defensive mode you want to be with a Warden... they have a single target +slashing, etc skill buff that pwns for us in defensive. Always keep in mind DPS = aggro... and all the plate armor in the world is simply wasted if you can't hold aggro... so if you need to give up a little defensive ability to increase your offensive ability and therefore boost your ability to hold aggro... you shouldn't hesitate too long.
  6. ARCHIVED-Schmalex23 Guest

    This is deffinatly NOT a true statement. Its best to spam any CA you can inbetween auto attacks, since you have a delay and anything inbetween those only adds to DPS. Best thing to do is once you are fully buffed and ready to role type /weapon (pref when you are zerk) and it will show you your weapons delay. The majority of our CA's take about .5 to cast so you can figure out about how many to que then then take a 1 second break on que and do the same again.
  7. ARCHIVED-Tyndaleon Guest

    I'm at work at the moment so very possibly going off shoddy memory, but I believe also the 10% damage boost only lasts 20 seconds right?...the 'trigger' for it will stay active for 3 minutes but the actual boost proc once the trigger goes off is only 20 seconds IIRC.
  8. ARCHIVED-Schmalex23 Guest

    yeah thats correct, but how long does destruction really last? =]
  9. ARCHIVED-LygerT Guest

    yep, most of your real DPS is in the first 20 seconds, then it tapers off after 30 and returns to what your average is.
  10. ARCHIVED-Azmadar Guest

    I'm pretty much in tune with the dance except for EW, coz' I'm on the sword line so its AS for me.. 4K ???!! Pray, do share the secret to your success ;)
  11. ARCHIVED-Ganeden Guest

    If this is true Berserkers need a serious nerf. Coming from a bruiser there is no way you guys should be doing this kind of dps. Either that or give brawlers heavy armor.
  12. ARCHIVED-Bibe Guest

    not that I'm one for class envy but.. coming from a class that can literally train/fd their way around the zones of their choice, and solo nearly any named they choose. Sure, 2.5k dps sounds really impressive, but when you know how to maximise it with open wounds, destruction as well as bind wound; and positioning for our AEs - it's not impossible. hitting 2.5k dps on a single target.. THAT would be messed up!
  13. ARCHIVED-Ganeden Guest

    [p]Feign Death isn't specific to brawlers, not by a long shot. Necros, sks, brigands and assasians all get FD. We can't solo even close to any named we want.[/p][p] 2.5k on a group isn't so bad i guess but that still beats my group dps, which shouldn't be happening. You guys are such a better tank then brawlers there's no way you should be beating us on dps, it's all we have. For now I take back my nerf comment, but what sort of single target dps do you do?[/p]
  14. ARCHIVED-Hardain Guest

    For 3k+ dps you need huge encounter with low hp mobs, so you can smash em' up in few secs, i got +4k in Courts(T6). I'm raiding weekly, but not in hardcore guild, just casual, so i'm not the best example of high dps. Atm i have Shadow Axe + Sta/Agi AA Lines, and usually i can do +2k AE dps with good group setup and right encounter, single targets are usually around 1k. But it will vary alot depending on group setups and how good gear you have, mainly the weapon, especially crush/slash/piercing buffs have big role.
  15. ARCHIVED-uux Guest

    message deleted
  16. ARCHIVED-Slayer505 Guest

    Brawlers are the only ones with the short recast feign death though that allows them to effectively train around any zone. All the other classes that get it have it on a five minute or more recast timer. Saying your DPS is all you have isn't exactly true either. Last time I checked I can't heal myself, cure my own state effects, become immune to state effects... etc. etc. I have several friends that play brawler classes and I usually keep up with them pretty well in raids DPS-wise and always beat them on group encounters, but I've never heard any of them suggest we should be nerfed because they can't keep up. Get over the class envy already. You guys have plenty of things that make you unique and valueable. Just because you aren't also the undisputed kings of fighter DPS is no need to call for nerfs.
  17. ARCHIVED-Ganeden Guest

    [p] Ok, we have a short recast timer. Brigands can use sneak and FD very effectively to get around any zone likeWhat does this even matter at 70? Besides SoD i've been working on recently I have no need to train around any zones. You're right, I have a self heal. My cure is useless, it doesn't cure magic/trauma effects, I can cure some random debuffs from trash mobs, i cant cure anything from epics. I can't become immune to any "state effects". We don't have anything unique and valuble on raids, DPS is it. We certinally aren't allowed to tank and have no raid utility. It's all about dps for us.[/p][p] [/p][p]So the brawler ability to self heal and train around a zone is a good trade off for being a worse tank and worse dps? You're telling me that in the end-game you can do both roles better then us and it's fair??? Brawlers WERE MEANT to be the undisputed kings of fighter dps, if this isn't the case something needs to be done about it. This is a more then good enough reason to call for a nerf. I think if we got an increase brawlers would be too powerful, the most logical option would be to bring down your DPS either through CAs or auto attack. Surely you can see the logic in this?[/p][p] [/p][p]This isn't class envy, it's called balance. Brawlers were out of whack in the original release and we got nerfed. Rightfully so, we were doing more DPS then some scouts, who were meant to out dps us. Brawlers were meant to out-dps berserkers, guess what should happen.[/p]
  18. ARCHIVED-Schmalex23 Guest

    I think you need to learn your class a little better... maybe then you wouldnt complain about how other classes are overpowered.... [IMG] [IMG] There is also atleast one epic fight where a brawler is required to tank. EDIT: Also, drag is one of the best utility spells i can think of... EVER
  19. ARCHIVED-Ganeden Guest

    [p]Close mind is BROKEN, it does not work as intended. It works for mesmerize effects and nothing else. Even if it did work 30 seconds of CC immunity isn't anything special. It's like like the Brigands AOE immunity, it's not even group.[/p][p] I should have chose better words, by "magic" i meant cold, disease, heat, poison, ect. anything that causes damage we can't cure, it's a useless spell. Even the melee skills that have a DoT attached to them we can't cure. In fact I can't even list things that it'll work with, it's more PvP then anything, as is close mind.[/p][p]Drag is one of the best utility spells ever? For FIVE SECONDS we can gain control of a mob, great, on raids I can get control for two seconds and then die. I respecced out of that crappy aa because we alot better ones and going down that line would be a waste of points. Please enlighten me on how that's the BEST utility spell EVER. [/p][p]Name one single encounter that brawlers are required for, my guild is clearing MiS and EH on a regular basis and I have yet to find that encounter.][/p][p]Don't tell me I need to learn my class, I'm one of the top parseing brawlers on my server.[/p][p]So in summary you guys are still overpowered, none of these skills you guys are bringing up besides FD and self heal are even that great. [/p]
  20. ARCHIVED-Schmalex23 Guest

    ever heard of 3 princes, a KoS contested? you need one of each tank type for it(brawler, warrior, and crusader) And yes drag is godly, if you tank spikes red, you drag the mob and if necessary you eat the death to save to raid or just FD when you are close to death. That over zealous wizzy pull agro again, drag the mob back to the tank. Mob memwipes, drag it into place. Mob about to AE, drag it away from the raid. Close mind deffinatly does work, i just used it about 30 minutes ago, so please inform me how its "broken". Just because you lack skill doesnt mean you need to come to troll on some other forum and whine about how much a class is better then you... EDIT: also 90% of damage done by EoF raid mobs is magic... which you are able to cure... pluse the afore mentioned trauma that you suposably cant cure

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