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Discussion in 'Berserker' started by ARCHIVED-Azmadar, Mar 28, 2007.

  1. ARCHIVED-Azmadar Guest

    I usually do Off & hardly MT; so I need to pull some weight. Currently my AA is: STA:4/8/8/5 & INT:4/4/6/8/2 & I have put my other points to open up Gut Roar & maxed up OW & Destruction Yet my DPS is bordering on 200...& I am on offensive stance. So I duno what I am doing wrong. My gear is not fabulous, but I got mostly legendary & a bit of fabled. Maybe I am not casting my CAs optimally? I am not playing my character right? Sure.. I am open for any constructive criticisms - that's why I posted here :)
  2. ARCHIVED-YummiOger Guest

    [p]OK .. [/p][p]What Lv are u?.[/p][p]What weapon u useing? [/p][p]u want more dps?[/p][p]just to clearify..[/p]
  3. ARCHIVED-Slayer505 Guest

    I'm pretty close to the same AA spec as you and I rarely drop below 1000 so that's not the problem. One thing could be gear. If you're using a Xegonite Battle-axe you're not going to do the DPS you will with a Shadow Axe or Vilucidae's Sword. It could also be group set-up. You'll get much better DPS with a Dirge or another DPS buffer class then you will without. One other thing I can think of is positioning. If you hit open wounds and only have one mob in front of you you're not making full use of it. Also note you need to be in range for your auto-attack to hit. Note that this isn't the same as CA range, but if you stand as close to the mob as possible you'll hit. The only other thing I can think of is, don't spam your CAs. If you use CAs make sure you leave time for at least one auto-attack before you hit another CA. The majority of your damage will be auto-attack. Don't bother using CAs that don't effect epics or don't do as much damage as your auto-attack (which is about half of them). Last thing is, get a parser like Advanced Combat Tracker and find out where all your damage is coming from. That's really the best tip for increasing your DPS since you can see what's working and what isn't. Raw parse numbers won't do it. Look at ACT and see where your damage is coming from.
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    Take a look at positioning as was stated. Using Berserker Onslaught without all the mobs in front of you is a waste of your DPS, for example. Also make sure you keep weapon Aegis going as often as possible. In short, understand all your buffs and CA's and when to use them. In raids it is not uncommon for me to average 1200-1800 DPS with a dirge in my group, occasionally I can go 2K+. I'm not mastered out on CA's, all are Ad3 except about 9 total masters. I have mostly Fabled with some Legendary Armor, and mediocre jewels. My AA set up is STR 4-4-7-8 (Use Executioners Wrath often with a 1H Slash) and STA 4-4-8-8-1 (I will most likely respec to 4-8-8-4-1 to maximize Buckler Reversal to increase my DPS). Once I get some more masters and toss a few more AA's into the EoF line I'm sure I will be averaging closer to 2K.
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    thank you guys...its all good info...keep it coming pls! Yummi: 1. 70 2. I got the Badge of Service & The Annealed Defender - not the best of gears...but not exactly the worse... The Buckler of the Howler & (I haven't decided what sword) are on Santa's list so I'll see if I bump into him :) - not overly amibitous here are we ?! :lol: My jewels arent shoddy either, Chitin rings etc.. the only xeg I got on are my boots! :lol: 3.Yeah I do.. :lol: crystal? Slayer505: Can you gimme an example of how you'd roll out your attacks on a mob? & maybe a raid named...say the last one at FTH I am using ACT...but I think maybe I got the parse setup wrong - coz I should auto-attack at least 200 right? TuHideous: Yeah I got mostly AdIII and M1s, so I am pretty much on track overall right? I am in top 10 in my server for Melee Hits...but for Magical Hits I like 100+++ sheesh...
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    those melee and magical hit trackers mean nothing, i have a 180k hit but thats only when i use 1 item once a week. Im not quite sure how you could put out that low of dps with sta AA and a decent 1 hander, i mean even afk auto attack you should hit 500 with that setup. If you fraps one of your fights i will take a look at it and tell you if i see anything odd or maybe a bad CA order. Other then that there isnt much i can say that hasnt been said.
  7. ARCHIVED-Slayer505 Guest

    (Assuming I'm off tanking since that's what you do) For casting order on big boss mobs like Malkonis I'll usually only use Demolish, Frenzied Blows and Disfigure plus the occassional Violent Pledge to build a bit of aggro in case the MT goes down. The first two are the only CAs that are higher then my auto-attack almost all the time (but I've seen auto-attack up to around 2k on a Dispatched mob- that's with Vilucidae's Sword of Shielding). They're also on long recast timers so you'll want to use them right away and re-use them whenever they come up. Disfigure's DoT effect will add a decent amount to your DPS and the attack speed decrease helps keep the mob's attack speed debuffed to the cap so I hit that whenever it's up. If I'm tanking I'll also hit Weapon Aegis right away and every time it comes up. Juggernaut also helps alot with single target DPS. That's single target, if it's a multi-mob fight I'll hit Destruction on the pull then Open Wounds once all the mobs are stacked up. I also stand right on top of the MT so if I pull aggro (and I usually do) the mobs aren't facing the raid. I don't do any CAs during Open Wounds since that's time my auto-attack isn't hitting all the mobs unless Juggernaut comes up, then I'll use that. I'll usually grab aggro on a couple of mobs if I'm off tanking, but we run with a full healer trinity in both tank groups so my healers know that and keep me up until the MT gets aggro back. If Open Wounds and Destruction aren't up I'll open with Berserker Onslaught and maybe a Bloodbath. Stunning Howl is nice in a heroic situation but in raids it just takes too long to cast to make it worthwhile. Once all that's done I'll go into single target mode on the current MA target unless a mob breaks out and goes into the raid, then I go after it. The nice thing about being aggressive like that is it puts you way up on all the mob's hate lists so if one does go after a caster you only have to throw in a couple of taunts to peel it. Badge of Service is ok, but I'd highly recommend farming Unrest for a Festering Flesh Buckler. It's pretty much the best tank buckler in the game, but I do like the proc on the Buckler of the Howler. Annealed Defender is ok for tanking, but I'd reccomend something with a higher crit range like Vilucidae's Sword, Axe of the Bloodbeast, Shadow Axe, Ancient Sarnak War Cutlass... etc. There's alot of good one handers in KoS instances, especially HoS. There's some pretty amazing ones in EH and MMIS too. For ACT if you go into the Table Setup tab you can select what to sort the tables by. Just pick Ext DPS.
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    hihi lmao VANAKAM.... u had improved...
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    His buckler has noting to do with how much dps he does and the weapons you sugested have close to the same damage rating as his current. Yes a weapon with a higher damage range might yield a little more DPS, but not something crazy like the 1k he is missing. Your logic on what CA's you use for added DPS isnt really on the money either. Just because a CA does less damage then your auto attack doesnt mean it not worth using. You kinda have this thing called weapon delay, and anything you can cram inbetween each swing in that weapon delay is bonus DPS. Its also not a good idea to use destruction or open wounds at the start of combat like you sugested, as you will pull agro pretty fast like you said you did. The entire point of off-tank dps is to do just enuf to not pull agro, anything more then that and you arent doing your job properly. EDIT: I also dont see how you think bloodbath is worth the damage vs casting time and stunning howl is not... because stunning howl and BB have the same casting times but SH does more damage then BB [IMG] Also, i looked at your aa setup Karsgaar, why would you put 8 points in parry and only 7 in gladiators revenge? .5% uncontested block and .5 riposte is much more then 2.1 parry could ever offer.
  10. ARCHIVED-YummiOger Guest

    [p]Azmdar, i am at a loss as to why ur DPS is so low. As several have pionted out even with auto-attack only u should be doing more DPS than 200. ur weapon is a decent fable and ur buckler built, .. /shrug i dunno.[/p][p]I am starting to beleive that maby the parser is somehow set incorectly. maby its counting total time and not fight only time? can u pull aggro EZily? do u peel mobs in groups? if Yes then u are doing more than 200dps. [/p][p]as far as attack/CA Order when off tanking. [/p][p]I open with my /assistMA /usea Kick (the high lv 1) macro to target and immediatly start attacking.[/p][p]The following are all with a 1s or so delay between each CA to allow for Auto attack.[/p][p]Accel Strike -> 3debuffs --> Taunt HO Macro--> Jugg (usually up by now) --> Demolish --> Frenzied --> then start the AE effects --> Repeat[/p][p]Uausally that will reap 1200+ dps. I have Flesh buckler and V. Sword.[/p][p].[/p]
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    Skel@Butcherblock wrote:
    I'll agree you shouldn't think about those hits too much. I have the highest melee hit on Oasis for a berserker with 12,486. I can tell you right now exactly where that came from. It was the AE miracle from Rallos Zek that does divine damage (not melee). It's not exactly accurate.
  12. ARCHIVED-uux Guest

    EXT DPS is just your total damage done divided by the entire encounter time whether you were fighting or not. DPS is your total damage divided by the time only you were fighting. It's easy to trick a parser into printing high numbers with DPS, and not EXT DPS. You can wait until the last second to start fighting and toss out a 1500 hit from Demolish. It's not very impressive to see someone do 1500 total damage with 1500 DPS although most people tend to miss the total damage portion. EXT DPS can be flakey though. The more downtime you have during an encounter, the lower your DPS will parse. Every moment you're not fighting will count against you on the parse. A zonewide parse will hit rock bottom if you go AFK for 20 minutes or something. Look at the damage you're doing per encounter to get a better idea of what dps you're putting out. As for ACT, if I'm not mistaken, it is setup by default to output EXT DPS. You can change it in the Text Formatting options.
  13. ARCHIVED-Azmadar Guest

    Thx alot for all you input guys :) After tweaking my ACT - I found out my auto-attack yield about 100+ ... thats not so bad :) With the CAs I can get about 500+...but its way from the 1K mark I'd like to hit
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    Skel@Butcherblock wrote:
    The buckler was more of an overall suggestion rather then a DPS specific one. I know his buckler will not effect his DPS (excpet maybe the DPS proc from Buckler of the Howler).

    I got into the habit of being very aggressive on the pull because we had a number of people that would pull AE aggro and since I can take the hits and they can't, I do my best to get up the hate list fast. Basically, it's more of a dual tank set-up then a MT/OT set up. I usually don't take more then a couple of hits before the MT has aggro back and if a mob breaks for the raid I have plenty of aggro built up to bring it back to the MT. It works just fine if your OT healers know about it and are ready for it and it also helps mitigate the initial spike damage on the MT. I wouldn't do that as you've said if I was in a pure DPS group with only one healer, but we run with dual tank groups so it's not an issue.

    I stopped using my low damage CAs when I looked at ACT and saw they were adding very very little (1% or less) to my overall DPS compared to pure auto-attack. I usually sit at haste cap in most fights so I have very little down time between swings, even with a high delay weapon like Vilucidae's Sword. I suppose you're right about stunning howl though. I'll start throwing it in when OW/Destruction are down.

    I know his weapon won't account for 1k DPS, but it will count for something. I saw a nice jump in DPS when I went from the Annealed Defender to Vilucidae's sword (think it was ~200ish but I can't say for sure).

    Yeah, I know about the parry vs. block thing. I screwed up when I was speccing my AAs last time and I decided to put up with it for a little while until the price decayed rather then spending 10p. Believe me that'll be changing when my price goes down some (man I'm glad they added that decaying cost thing).
  15. ARCHIVED-XxkillyouxX Guest

  16. ARCHIVED-Schmalex23 Guest

    Please fraps one fight for me... i just dont undersatnd how you can be auto attacking for so low. Do it solo vs something that wont kill you but will allow for enuf time to make a decent parse, and leave your persona screen open in the fight. Also parse your DPS and post it along with the fraps.
  17. ARCHIVED-Azmadar Guest

    Yummi, what do you mean by 3debuffs? Skel, sure I'll get that done & post it...
  18. ARCHIVED-Slayer505 Guest

    The debuffs he's referring to are Disfigure (attack speed with DoT), Persistant Battering (weapon skill), and Ruthless Strike (focus skill).
  19. ARCHIVED-khufure Guest

    I'm surprised nobody else has mentioned this. Get a +10dps adornment on a bow and on your neck piece. Also make sure you are using some kind of default +haste item. For example, the deathtoll reward item or cloak of flames.
  20. ARCHIVED-Schmalex23 Guest

    +20 dps and +25 haste dont equal anywhere close to the dps he is missing, and those only affect auto attack.

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