I need help understanding dirge AAs

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  1. ARCHIVED-Coffee_Hound Guest

    I need help understanding dirge AAs -
    As I was leveling, I primarily selected AAs based on which improved my ability to buff my group mates or debuff encounters. I skipped over AAs that improved my combat abilities since I doubted anyone would invite me for my personal DPS. I thought I made good selections, but I have recently been looking at other dirge’s AA builds, and I am finding that some of the AAs I considered a ‘no brainer’ to take are skipped over by most other dirges.
    For example, I maxed out Minstrel’s Melody AA to increase the DPS buff of Relentless Tune. I figured since dirges boost melee DPS, everyone would expect me to take this. As I have been looking at what other dirges take, surprisingly few take that AA. I’m sure they know more than me, but I still can’t figure out why.
    Another example is the Heroic AA endline. I took Songspinner’s Note because of the groupwide MA bonus, but in looking I haven’t found another dirge that has taken it.
    I’m guessing that I am looking at dirges that are built for raiding, and that their needs are different than I’ll ever need (I only do heroic content). Or not… I don’t know. I’ve seen dirges without raid gear with the same specs. It could be that they just copied a raiding dirge’s AA, but again I don’t know.
    I’m hoping someone could educate me on what a non-raiding dirge needs for AAs. I want to make sure I have the abilities that are expected in a dirge when a heroic group chooses to invite me. An example of a heroic-content only build would help, but I am also hoping for some better understanding too.
    Thanks in advance!
  2. ARCHIVED-Pattywak Guest

    It is true that Dirges are invited to groups to buff and debuff, but that's not our only job. We're also there to DPS and can do pretty decently. There are a lot of places that putting points into our personal DPS outweighs improving group buffs. I personally use this but I know a lot of Dirges don't like my bard tree. Most Dirges will use something more like this.
    Even in heroic zones, it comes down to little numbers here or there that change how much we help the group. Just trust where points are, either of these specs work, though my personal one is set up for grouping with a Warden who has a better blocker so mine was rarely needed. My Bard tree would look more like the second if I didn't have the Warden with me 75-90% of the time.
  3. ARCHIVED-Coffee_Hound Guest

    First off, thanks for the reply! With the low activity of the dirge section, I was afraid no one would respond.
    I looked at both builds, and now I am even more confused.
    In the dirge tree, why Enhance Noxious Symphany? I haven't even used that song yet. Also, why not Enhance Bria's? I thought people wanted dirge's power regen, so I put 5 in that.
    Why only 2 or 3 points in Elegy of Reawakening?
    In the heroic tree, why not Expertise for more potentcy? Also, increasing ability reuse didn't seem that good to me, and if it is, why not take points in Accelerando?
    For non-raiding, non-HM heroic, do I really need block or AoE avoid AAs?
    A groupmate (tank) I talked to in game said to take Magnetic Note, but both of your builds doesn't take it. I suppose I should dump it?
    Thanks again for the help!
  4. ARCHIVED-Pattywak Guest

    Coffee_Hound wrote:
  5. ARCHIVED-Coffee_Hound Guest

    Thanks again! Time to respec!
  6. ARCHIVED-Coffee_Hound Guest

    Ferk, I'm posting on this thread because I don't want to pollute your new guide post with my stupid questions.
    First, thank you for the help and the new guide! Now on to my question -
    I respec'ed and took Bladedance, but I don't have a clue on when to use it. Should I lead off combat with it, or should I wait for some indicator that an AoE is incomming? I have a lot of AAs tied up in getting that ability, but I don't think I have used it correctly even once.
  7. ARCHIVED-Pattywak Guest

    I would suggest using it right at pull to start. Once you get a hang of the bosses or by the suggestion of someone who knows the fights a bit better, you can start timing it for certain AoEs. If you're using the standard UI, I don't know if they've added an enemy casting bar to it, but most custom UIs have one. You can watch that for things like Cataclysmic Catalyst, and cast Blade Dance when you see that start to cast. A lot of the time, casting it at pull will most likely catch at least a quick one.
  8. ARCHIVED-Fairin Guest

    i'll offer some advice as well. once you get to know encounters you'll realize "thats when i shoulda hit blade dance!" like ikitars (UD Wyvern boss) 50% killing curse, or the droag + golem boss vile prison on the tank + aoe death meteor

    as for AA's and spec's the best one if the one you make not copy. but be aware somethings are pritty on paper but in reality dont do anything worthwhile. example - with full skyshrine everyone has 600ma, and dont need you to give them 15 more. the bria's is another. increases your mana regen song. sounds great but a tick is.. 3 seconds? whoopie 30 mana a second to a manapool of 40k?

    and contrary to other peoples beliefs . its my personal motto. your first job is dps, then buffing. i'd much rather have a dirge doing 200k and maybe missing a second or 5 between CoB casts than one doing 100k and not missing their "buff" for a second

    also, im a troub i know the pain when people only ONLY look at your personal dps parse. regardless of how much you made the raid do.

    also heroic tree, ability mod 10 pot 10, reuse 10 , RO/VC 10 , VoS 8, and of course deadly dance

    and i'd like to point out that dirges get good bonuses from reforging to spell reuse like a troub, however i dont have precise numbers for dirges so i can only suggest it from the outside looking in, on knowing how the mechanics work

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