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    My lady and I logged in for the first time in a couple of years. EQ2 is the best mmo game I have played, imho.

    I complain a lot about the NPC's lack of a bigger picture and EQ2 NPCs do not have that knowledge set either, but for a game that is based around defeating NPCs without a memory to remind then not to stand in one place or wander in a small area, and I say this without sarcasm, EQ2 is amazingly fun.

    The NPCs have no recollection of what types of things they find interesting or the ability to select and focus on one of their interests or even to dispatch a minion to their interests. Remembering their interests, and which of them have become concerns, worries, or emergencies is one of my gripes about NPC's in all the MMOs that I have played. I wish they could this sort of thing. However, if the MMO world is to remain static, EQ2 does so much right, imho.

    Sure, there are annoyances. I can tell that EQ2 might have desired to fix some problems which were troubling to players in previous games, but which are now a different kind of aggravation. For example, to get credit for each other's quest kills in the Sinking Sands, yesterday, the two of us had to be way too close to each other. That was probably to prevent cheating but I would rather allow the minor cheating and let legit players get credit zone wide or at least within a much larger range.

    But, overall, EQ2 is still a very fun game.
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    what's a lady?

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