I feel cheated and mislead.

Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by Aabari, Nov 11, 2012.

  1. Aabari Member

    So when my account was silver I had 3 characters locked . On the character select screen they were greyed out and on each one it said why it was locked. 2 were because of race and 1 was because of a class . So when my gold account ran out again I spent the station cash to buy a race pack and a defiler class pack so I could play those characters. So after doing that i go to the character select screen again and find 3 locked characters again only this time it was 2 previously unlocked characters and 1 that was locked from before. When I clicked on those it said i was past my limit for characters. But when I clicked on the characters previously locked before I bought the class and race unlockers it said nothing about me being past my limit for characters if it did I wouldnt have spent the station cash to unlock them. Just feel cheated out of my station cash because it didnt tell me I was past my limit before I spent it.
  2. Trebien New Member

    If you had read the information listed, you would have probably seen that it said wrong class/race, AND that it exceeded your character limit. You only have access to the last 4 toons you played, on default silver sub. So you always lose the extra 3 character slots that gold give you, and will only be able to play all but the last 3 toons that you had available as a gold sub. The game is actually working more intelligently than it used to, used to lock the 3 extra toons (or more, if you had the 12 slots with the original station access), but now looks first to see if any toons should be locked due to silver/bronze restrictions, THEN goes for the toons you haven't played recently.
  3. Pariel Active Member

    If I follow this right... you had silver.. you went gold. You played some of your toons, you dropped to silver again.

    You may already know this... but it shows you, from the bottom of the list, the order in which you last played your characters. Any over and above the limit (those at the top) are locked as you dont have the character slots.

    Those at the bottom are playable, but only if you have the race/class packs - so you'd have had to buy the race/class packs anyway to play them. When you were silver, if the 3 that were unlocked were at the bottom the only things stopping you from playing them was the race/class packs.. if they were at the top then yes, it should have said about race, class and the number of characters you had.

    What you get and don't get with each tier is confusing as hell sometimes.. I spent a good 20 minutes yesterday trying to look up what silver and bronze get! I wish they'd simplify it, or use a leaf from some of the other F2P models out there... IMHO, there should be 2 levels. You either subscribe, or you don't, none of this chat, broker, spell restrictions, make a definitive line in the sand and set it up.

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