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    Created 11/12/2004

    Sadly I have a busy job and can only play about 15 hours a week. I love this game but cannot even run heroic dungeons because no one is even running them any more. I can buy some loot from people selling loot rights but where do I get the millions in plat? But experience vials or kronos?

    I was slow to catch up. Got 280 resolve and was working on my epic but for some reason the royal bones disappeared from my inventory. Have to run nizara again, but last time took 4 hours. Maybe I should log on my warlock? I can run some heroics right? I have 230 resolve. Nope. Why does you dps suck?

    I try to remember when the game became a chore versus fun. Its sad because I really love this game. Love the lore and the music and everything, except the fact that unless I can log a ton of hours the only way to progress is to spend cash on top on my monthly subscription free.

    Shame on you DBG.
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    Would it be best to take the cash option out?
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    Same boat here..
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    Zaneluke - just a few suggestions I hope this helps?

    Concentrate on finishing your epic, it will be a great boost now that your level 10 ascension. In the meantime try to find people in the same position as you who play at similar hours. Infuse your gear with diety potency (platinum), you are missing vital potency and crit bonus. Go for another relic item, whether that be chest key loot, perhaps find out when the burned woods key will be dropping and do the key quests at the same time and maybe get lucky? If you sell the keys and buy infusions for your equipment you will get stronger also.

    You can either attach yourself to some powerful characters who blow through zones or go slower with people who are also struggling, but I would find regular people to group with or find a tank friend who isn't terrible and one of you start the groups yourself.
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    I honestly do not know. I think they could tone it down a bit. It is a two step process to turn money in to plat. Buy kronos then sell on broker. Buy exp vial, fill then sell on broker. That is a two step process. Either just let people buy plat and gear from the store or remove the two step process.

    Not going to be popular. Just remove the heriloom tag and let all gear, from heroic gear down, to be sold on broker. Final bosses in all heroic and raid instances drop loot that is only lootable by people there for the kill.
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    There is a server for that called IoR, it only costs 500 to move there.
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