I assume PVP server is still dead?

Discussion in 'PvP TLE Discussion' started by Freddie_Mercury, May 2, 2022.

  1. Freddie_Mercury Member

    left a couple months ago as the only thing that was around was x4 vs whoever could come out there to block, then all the little "elite PVER's" disappeared to their cities until the next time, never risking a title hit by leaving in anything other than a x2 or more... using their Pay-to-Avoid a fight mounts and run speed to avoid any fight they didn't have overwhelming numbers for...

    The Pay-2-Run mounts and buffs still in the server or did they come to their senses yet?

    RIP EQ2 PVP once again... judging by how dead this forum is, i assume it's gotten worse...

    So... PVP server dead?
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  2. Sunlei Active Member

    discord is where most players discuss pvp come join there. still low population yet last night there was avatar kill and lots of pvp. this forum eh wish it had more but it doesn't...

    Don't know what you mean about pay to run mounts..didn't you have a dinosaur too? I worked hard to get kelrocks for all of mine, they're faster then dinos and go see server discovery for my dirge lemon...25% to all mount stats=96 speed 'free'. plenty of pvp action and group fights guilds still filling their raid nights....go ahead a run around LP and the MM stairs ..pvp will find you.

    use sprint more :p

    edit to add link to discord for EQ2 so you can read about last nights pvp action
  3. Freddie_Mercury Member

    Pay 2 run is exactly that... The only way to run lightning speeds was to pay real money for something... it should have been disabled for PVP server because that is beyond dumb and has ALWAYS been disabled for PVP servers.. run speed was always limited to mount speed or the few class buffs that got you faster than that... and the limited in game items that anyone could obtain...

    but the powers that be wanted this server as a cash cow only. And that is one of the things that killed this server... Dudes were running away from fights at 150+ run speed because they used their mommies credit cards...

    Pay... to... run... Simple
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  4. Sunlei Active Member

    I hope they do something new and different to bring more people to the server.
  5. Freddie_Mercury Member

    they wont, they have yet to ever attempt to save any of the PVP TLE servers... it seems they are happy with just using it as a very temporary cash cow for extra income, short term. If they cared about having a long term PVP server, TLE or otherwise, they would have implemented some changes over the last 3... they never have, and have just made worse and worse decisions each time they open a new one.
  6. Renew Member

    yea they need to bring pvp gear back ... but they won't listen
  7. Brutalis New Member

    PvP Gear, Locked PvP, Remove all the crazy broken mounts. Loads of stuff they need to do. Hopefully with the TLE launches it is helping them scale the numbers better.
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  8. Nuada Active Member

    I've been saying that for years, but PVP gear with "lethality and toughness" and warfields

    fun fact : the whole PVP gear Version from of all raids exists up to lvl95 in game, they don't even have to create it

    there was a time when pvp gear was best for pvp and pve gear was best for pve. and that works only with.
    "lethality and toughness" and then it stops that ppls buy gear for real money, because best gear for pvp is only available for doing PVP, And then best would be we need not 6 months, max 1 month, and we have all peaces.
    And 1-2 months later, we get a little upgraded gear. and 1-2 months later again. ect ect...

    "This is called support."

    The most successful mmorpgs WW all have pvp gear, it seems to me that Everquest wants to self-destruct.
    Or she just wants to serve as a niche forever.

    There was a time when, wow would release something new and then everquest would replicate that, and then everquest would release something new and wow would replicate it.

    For years, however, they have not cared about what is well for the mainstream. It is simply ignored by the Everquest devs.

    So it's no wonder that the game is dying faster and faster.
  9. Renew Member

    yep all that too
  10. Sunlei Active Member

    everyone has the same gear choices on tarinax, I do not understand why 'PVP GEAR' would change the population...bring players to Tarinax. ??? Hands down some players, a lot of eq2 players do not like open pvp....., the more experienced players slaughter them. After a while they leave. All pvp gear would do is make the dedicated few so powerful no one new will join.

    I'm not sure how they could fix Tarinax, I do think making the few more porwerful isn't the answer. The devs know that as well, thats why the orange adornments aren't very strong. Perhaps they can try something new, change tracking to all?...have the attacker group take a stamina loss?/ don't leash contested mobs......?? have server boot any bot /tell ??
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  11. Sunlei Active Member

    what crazy broken mounts? The stat mounts were in game from day 1. Only one (rare) run speed item stacks and not for much. Run speed are a player choice by class abilities/item and the way they know how to use those abilities.

    Open world locked pvp didn't work well on Tarinax, it drove off most of the newer players. The devs got rid of locked twinks slaughterers- way to late. I 'd like to see them do something new with locked pvp players, not sure what?

    players have gotten so much more skilled from when you left Tarinax, it is possible for skilled players to game pvp in a fun way...but they need a much larger population. I wish the devs would work on this problem with the skilled players input. Comeon Devs ask players like Mysword what Tarinax needs to thrive....

  12. DefeatedZ Member

  13. Arielle Nightshade Well-Known Member

    I'm an old EQ2 pvp fan from back when it was fun, playing PVE with a lot of people who would also go back to pvp in an second if it wasn't so awful. I wouldn't even know where to start to make needed changes though. Population is, of course, important, but so is playing fairly and not exploiting the game. Since that's not going to happen, I'm not interested in wasting my time.
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  14. Stevethevirgin New Member

    To your first point that is already how the server was, the big guilds with raid gear had a HUGE advantage over anyone not in raid gear, I think PvP gear that is maybe on par with some raid gear but not the best pieces should be in the game to give different avenues of gearing in a game where gear plays a BIG part in how strong you are in pvp. You can't create a pvp server where the wolf eat the sheep, pvp games have proved over and over and over that wolf eating the sheep=dead game or dead server in a matter of months. You need to provide the sheep an easy way to play on a relatively close playing field as the wolf or your server will always die. Locking the best gear in the game behind 20 man raids means it is essentially a first to pve server wins the pvp which means anyone who really enjoys a fair competitive fight is going to leave this server instantly if they were looking for any sort of pvp gratification and not just playing for nostalgia. The PvP needs to come first not the PvE or these pvp tles will die everytime, it can't just be another TLE with pvp enabled and no other changes.
  15. Des hen Member

    My son and I would come back in a heartbeat if it wasn't for the Krono.
    Everything becomes P2W and those with the most real money to spend gets the best gear.
    We were both here at the opening of the server, but quickly fell behind because people used Krono to buy gear which drove up the prices.
    Devs knew what they were doing, this is just a cash cow with Free Trade ruleset and Krono.
  16. Siren Well-Known Member

    You should see the stats on the real-money-only crate mounts, if you think the rest of it is bad. And their run speed stacks, too. ;)

    I don't support pay to win so I don't buy that stuff, but I think they actually nerfed the crate mount stats on Varsoon for its launch, even though they launched Tarinax with the full stat nightmare.
  17. Ecno Well-Known Member

    NO its very much alive and kicking, this is the best expansion and PVP experience we have had the entire Tarinax server.

    Round up your friends and come have some fun! PVP writs now for RoK zones too!!!!