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    My warlock, Hulda, is honored that y'all named an NPC after her. But maybe it would be good to doublecheck the names of major NPCs vs. player names in future content? (In my case, I picked the name because <Hulda> is one of the stereotypical Scandinavian names for a witch/sorceress, it means "hidden").

    (1) As I am wandering on my warlock in Sanctus Seru, I am confusing the heck out of people.

    (2) People in various places where there is fighting near Hulda Flintbraid are for reasons unknown targeting the NPC Hulda while casting abilities, but they have macroed to that ability, /tell %T blah blah blah about the spell effects. Which of course, shows up as a /tell to me.

    It's been very interesting.
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