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    Only been playing for about a month now so this is sort of newbie question about my Necro.
    Hp use and regen is so wierd I have to ask. Im almost dinging 90 and doing quests in Velious.
    So I have max HP 14587, however when I hit that max my HP drops to 14004 once every tick?! This same thing keeps going during combat but ofc Im not regening so in any combat I take about 500hp damage per tick which does not heal. On top of this if I get hit by mobs I take that damage too. If I cast Necrotic Reconstruction it ALSO removes about 500hp each cast!
    Basically I constantly have to cast Lifetap and Bloodcloud in combat just to keep myself alive even tho Im not even getting hit by mobs ( Until Lifetap and Bloodcloud outaggroes the pet that is )
    So what the heck is causing this? Im eating Dungeonmaker food 190 out of combat health regen. I cannot remember any spell or AA option that would constantly drain HP but well Im pretty new so could have missed something.
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    If you're sitting idle, and your hp sits at about 95% or so, then that's probably just lic form as Tal mentioned. If your health continues to drain while you're idle and not in combat, you might have blood pack on. As far as necrotic reconstruction goes, check out the spell discription, it's supposed to be a health transfer from you to your pet. Spell descriptions (right click spell and hit examine) are very valuable! Hope this helps.
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    Yea I have Lich on and now when I read the description of the spells row by row I can see that there is a health cost, Im just used to read the Effects part of the descriptions which doesnt mention the casting costs.
    Thanks for the fast replys

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