How was the First Day?

Discussion in 'General TLE Discussion' started by RadarX, Jun 28, 2017.

  1. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    I completed like 180 quests on Beta and did no t get a mount either , so Kari I don't think there was a mount as reward
    The one you can get on Fallen Gate for getting to level 10 is a hoot:D I just don't like the idea that I keep on getting booted
    to jump ouch my Hinny.:eek:
    I think it's really funny that my guild leader is a lower level than me :p
    I am still playing on SH too it's at a level 90 cap so it's a different kind of playing, but still not as complicated as the regular servers.
    I started at the beginning on Deathtoll and we did not get any rewards but it still was crazy busy at the beginning
    This time people went on this new server as friends even whole guilds.
    Guilds were created much earlier than on Stormhold or Deathtoll.
    For me it's nice to see my guild mats to be about the same level and not 20 levels higher than me, because I like to take my time.
  2. Earar Well-Known Member

    I"m a bit ... mixed.

    It's fun to start again even if u feel like playing in slow motion, But at the same time frustrating there's nothing on the normal server. PG .. done .. expert .. done, nothing else for my main ... no summer event yet ... guildies went to FG. Game feels empty.

    and FG doesn't seem that more crowded, I just see lots of people boxing, people don't really try to group much more than in normal servers.

    but At least I have stuff to do. Less boring than perpetual grind
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  3. Lagerale Member

    I am only level 8 in crafting but honestly I didn't put any effort into it, I harvested then I found a woodworking station and crafted things. It really was simple, when I ran out of materials I stopped. If I had money I could easily continue because I had lots of food making stuff harvested but didn't really have money to buy the stuff from the vendor to go with the harvested items. I didn't do any quest for crafting at all.
  4. Malahk Active Member

    The first day was bumpy for the first few minutes on the boat, crashed once, and when I came back it was as smooth as can be. It took a while to get used to getting less than 1% per kill. Even now I'm only level 12. But, I'm having fun and laughed when I had to buy a newby set of tin armor just to survive the mobs in Darklight Woods.

    The boot mount is funny and everyone is jumping all over the place. I like seeing so many people and so many instances of the same zones.
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  5. Dude Well-Known Member

    I'm having fun. The questing and the adventure is why I started playing MMOs and I have that again. I'm not sure of my future, but it's much better than logging on just to grind out PGs, dailies, and tithe.
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  6. Conifur Well-Known Member

    I am sure it has been said and I know nothing will change but XP is not matching the quest. I completed the TS quest but nowhere near level 9 like they say. Also, getting gear from quest that is 2-3 levels away from current level.
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  7. Siren Well-Known Member

    There's nothing new being done with the "normal" servers because they are the "Free to Play" servers. Clearly Daybreak is not making any money off those, or they wouldn't have started putting these other rule set servers (TL, IoR, RTT, and even Deathtoll) behind gold sub paywalls. If F2P was a moneymaker for this company, the new servers would be F2P as well.

    Daybreak can't pay their employees with nothing.
  8. Earar Well-Known Member

    yeah but still ... it dispatches people everywhere
  9. Oraclelord Member

    You don't know what your talking about Siren lol, most of the live severs are people paying to play, but they won t be if they are forced to re-level their toons on a new server. This was a bad business move. It was a cheap way to try and keep their paid subscribers busy instead of adding new content, wake up girl.
  10. Shmogre Well-Known Member

    Replied to a similar comment you made in another thread: Just because a server has free-to-play people on it does not mean they are solely free-to-play servers. There are many people with paid accounts and even multiple subscriptions on those servers, many of whom have toons that existed before F2P was a thing.

    It's doing all of them a disservice to assume they aren't contributing players or that the players on those servers aren't making money. While Fallen Gate and Stronghold may be a draw for many, there are still others who don't feel the pull to go through those early levels again...this was a move by the company to pull in the nostalgia crowd with older content while continuing the standard servers (and adding the carrot of good gear on the standard servers for completing content on FG).

    (Right now it looks to be splintering an already thinly-spread playerbase, but I'm holding off my judgment until I see how things are after the initial rush dies down.)
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  11. Araxes Active Member

    I am one of those old school people backing Pantheon, so, of course I appreciate any throwback to launch-era EQ2 or at least some semblance of it. I'm not keen on the cash shop being so extensive this time around, as opposed to the bare bones on Stormhold when it opened. Would have preferred no appearance slots, and no mounts for purchase. I love the slow experience gain, and the added challenge, same as on SH. I would have preferred for races like Arasai and Fae to be released with the appropriate expansion (EoF), same goes for Sarnak (RoK) and Arakin (ToV IIRC). (I have no idea what to do with Freeblood but from lore it might also make sense for them to be in EoF.) I don't think Frostfang and Darklight should have been available until EoF, either, as Darklight and the Arasai actually came out in an update after EoF, (and FFS was much later, but for the sake of symmetry I'd still put them out together when EoF unlocked.) Also Frogs after the first raid takedown.

    It's always nice to see full zones, whatever peoples' reasons for playing may be. It's nice to have players running around when the world is small, again, and the cities are the only place to gather for crafting and brokering, and there is limited travel. All good things. Seeing guilds hit level 20 a few hours after the server opened though was not cool, I get people want to be first and get the achievements and just generally get their dopamine hits, but, IMO, it really went against the spirit of the server to see that, and knowing it was from nothing more than selling cash-purchased items to vendors ... anyway.

    Other than that are the same old things many others said when Stormhold launched, wishlist items like bringing back the original city quests that were deleted not long after launch, and returning the villages and city adventure areas to their pre-renovated states. Adding back in the class quests and the citizenship quests ... Bucket-list items, I know.

    I'm enjoying playing on it!
  12. Adoninilol Well-Known Member

    You kind of have to sub on live to play at all tbh, the double currency, spells, zone access to newer zones. etc.etc. the list goes on, you really can't play without a sub unless you like run around and harvest or like do housing in which case you probably have a sub anyway.
  13. Adoninilol Well-Known Member

    Also being one of the higher level people my biggest problem is this:

    People who are buying $50-100 xp pots are getting ahead of me which makes me mad, makes the game basically pay to win. They put in 1/2 the time yet can level 13-20 in around 2 hours and that took me basically 8 hours~
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  14. Siren Well-Known Member

    And in a week, none of it will matter as you'll be there too. :)
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  15. Zenji Well-Known Member

    I was not an advocate for pots on FG, but how is getting to 50 two to three days before you pay to win? I can see the argument for spell research, but not exp pots.
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  16. Albertine Member

    I love needing to ask for group help in the peat bog! Please do whatever you can to prevent combat from turning to mush as it is on older servers!
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  17. xyviz New Member

    my launcher wont open
  18. Adoninilol Well-Known Member

    How is getting something in 1/2 the time because you pay money not pay to win? Like do you not understand what pay to win means?
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  19. Arandar Well-Known Member

    Different people have different ideas of what constitutes "pay to win". Personally, how quickly you level or convenience items aren't "winning" as I see it. What would I consider "pay to win" to be?

    1. Current tier raid gear being sold directly.
    2. Augmentations to gear that are only available for cash.
    3. BiS weapons, armor or jewelry that can only be purchased for cash.
    4. Access to zones that require cash purchases, with unique gear only available in those zones.
    5. Special items required to defeat certain raid bosses, or bypass difficult mechanics, that can only be bought for cash.
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  20. Adoninilol Well-Known Member

    I mean i can only get grandmastered spells from pay to win on this server outside of the one i can pick, i can level up faster. I can get a mount at day one, repair kits etc. etc.

    I can agree some are "convenience" items, however being able to bypass long hours of grinding by breaking out my credit card is pay to win regardless of whether or not you think it is. Less time = more personal $ spent on the game.

    I am going to win on the parse or kill specific mobs because my raid force is at level 50 sooner, i am going to kill harder mobs because all my spells are stronger because of daybreak cash.

    Once again this is all assuming you decide to accept what pay to win is and not just defend it.

    Edit: I thought of another pay to win, familiars. The difference between having one and not having one is ridiculous especially parse wise.
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