How to reset the AA points and rebuild?

Discussion in 'Fury' started by ARCHIVED-josephzhengwow, Dec 8, 2008.

  1. ARCHIVED-josephzhengwow Guest

    Dear all, I'm lv20 Fury now.
    First time, I started my AA build from WIS line in Druid tree, and I used the free of charge AA reset and re-build from INT line now. After I reviewed the solo AA build topics in this forum, and I'd like to rebuild again to start from Fury tree first, but I dont know how to reset my previous AA build? Anyone can teach me?

  2. ARCHIVED-chrisarnold Guest

    These class forums are sometimes a bit slow to get a response, I'm only fairly new, but I'm here so I'll give it a shot!
    So you've already used your free AA re-spec?
    I've changed them a couple of times now - You need to visit your local achievement council NPC.
    Mine is in North Freeport, here is a link to eq2i which shows you where the others are whatever your faction
    When you speak to them, and this is the bit I messed up on... You need to follow the conversation through until they give you 2 cards which look like playing cards. You have to buy these from them, but I dont think they cost very much the first time.
    Once you have these cards (one for class achievements, one for archetype(ie druid)) they allow you to respec your AA's 3 times before you have to buy more cards

    Hope that helps
  3. ARCHIVED-Destructor646 Guest

    There's an 'Achievement Consular' or something of the sort in the Mage Tower of South Qeynos. You hit the portal that takes you into a large library looking place, and the person you're looking for is at the bottom of the steps.
    I know there are others, but that's the only one I know off offhand.
  4. ARCHIVED-chrisarnold Guest

    Oh one thing I should mention... Once you have assigned points to your Druid tree, you cannot take them out and use them in the Fury tree.
    You can move them around the same tree with a respec, but you cannot reassign them to your class tree unfortunately.
    If this is what you meant, I'm afraid the only way is to earn more AA points and make sure you use them in the fury tree!
    Good luck
    ps I have only 2 points in my druid tree, and 28 in Fury tree - they seem a lot more useful for me at lower level
  5. ARCHIVED-Ohiv Guest

    Countzero@Nagafen wrote:
    This isn't true for PvE servers anymore, although it might be true for PvP I don't know since I don't play on a pvp server.
  6. ARCHIVED-josephzhengwow Guest

    THANKS all for your kind help. Now I have reseted my AA and rebuild as below:
    1. Shapeshifting 1P
    2. Animalism 8P (Mask buff- 3p, Predator- 5P)
    3. Engergy line: 18P (insects- 5p, squall- 3p, strike of thuner- 5P .....

    all the aa will be reset and you can rebuilt it into any aa tree you like.
  7. ARCHIVED-chrisarnold Guest

    Your AA's are now the same as mine, so good choice :)
    I have a few more points and got 21 in energy last night for energy vortex - looking forward to my next pvp encounter!

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