How To Report and Upvote Bugs

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  1. Mepps Community Relations

    How To Report A Bug

    Welcome to the bug report forums! Please make a new thread for each new bug, and include as much information possible.

    To make your bug reports most effective, please follow these guidelines when reporting bugs:
    • Search
      • Before making a new bug report, please check to see if your bug has already been reported. Either use the forum search or at least scan the first page of threads.
    • Report
      • If your bug is not yet reported, please create a new thread in this forum.
      • Discuss only one bug per thread. Please open additional threads as needed for multiple bugs.
      • Provide as much detail as possible, including steps to reproduce the bug. You can never post too much detail.
        • Details include Server Name, Character Name, Zone, Frequency, Time of Occurrence, Are you using a custom ui?
    • Discuss
      • Join the discussion in threads if you can add any sort of additional information.
      • Keep discussion to bugs only. Posts should be informational and constructive.
    • Like (upvote)
      • Let us know which bugs are most important to you by clicking LIKE on a thread's first post (the initial bug report).
    Following these guidelines will make bug stomping easier and faster for everyone. Thank you for your support!
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