How to Queue / Join agnostic dungeons

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  1. Falcan New Member

    i am currently level 30, can i start doing agnostic dungeons? how to join in? because i tried dungeon finder with no luck.
  2. Rhodris Well-Known Member

    Agnostic instance portals are found in your home cities. In Freeport, the portal is outside the entrance to the arena in West Freeport, and in Qeynos, it is in the area of the Clock of Ak'anon in Qeynos Harbour (can't remember the name of the big building it is beside, sorry). You just click on the portal, choose your agnostic dungeon and go for it. I find it helps to have a merc along to make them go quicker.
  3. dorotea Well-Known Member

    I will add that the thing you click on is large and red and glows - cannot miss it. I will further add that you can begin agnostics at level 10 and continue them to level 96. Starting at 96 the mobs become so hard to kill it is very tedious and unproductive.

    Note that at level 30 the agnostics added with the Thalumbra expansion are ideal if you want to speed-level. You get 630 xp per kill and this is huge at lower levels. Stygian Threshold is the best for speed-leveling. By 75 or so the older agnostics catch up (xp per kill in these is tied to character level) and the high mob density in Crypt of Agony makes it the place to go.

    For an experienced player wanting to skip old content this is perfect. For someone newer I highly recommend not speed-leveling. You miss a lot of the best content in the game.
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