How to Mastercraft?

Discussion in 'Tradeskill Discussion' started by ARCHIVED-Kigneer, Jun 15, 2008.

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    The question is quite basic, but no guide I read says "this is how you proceed".
    Mastercrafted one item (a bronze armor piece), but for the life of me can't see how it was done!
    Do you substitute common materials with a rare type? As a primary?
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    Kigneer wrote:
    Mastercrafting is exactly the same as normal crafting to do, thus no separate guide is needed.
    You need the recipe for the mastercrafted item, which you typically get from an advanced recipe book rather than an essentials one.
    That recipe will typically require a rare material as the primary component.
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    Advanced recipe books for T1 are available from your local crafting trainer. T2 up, they drop from mobs. Most can be found on the broker. T3, 4 and 5 you can get a quest from the Grandmaster at your city's TS society HQ to get one Advanced book for that tier free. T6 if you have faction with one of the Maj'Dul courts, you can buy the Advanced books from them. T8 Advanced books can be bought from Bathezid's Watch/Rillis and Danak if you have enough faction with those groups - and unlike Maj'Dul, this faction can be earned by crafters who do not adventure.
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    Terron@Splitpaw wrote:
    This is what I don't get: I was level 2 trying armor making, and out of nowhere I got this bronze mastercrafted item. The recipe was level 2 (so take it was from the advanced 2 book), but those recipes don't call for special mats. Imbue ones do, and I see it, but that bronze armor piece was made out of nowhere.
    When mats are low and you're left with just rares, will the rares will be used instead? Apparently that is what happened with the bronze piece, as I sure didn't substitute any mats.
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    A bronze cluster is indeed a rare item. Apparently you had one in your inventory and when you chose that recipe to create... voila. Tin clusters are the common ore in that tier, I believe. For example:
    Bronze Chainmail Leggings (from Advanced Artisan Volume 7)Components
    • Primary Component: Raw Bronze(1)
      Build Component 1: Raw Tin(1)
      Build Component 2: Raw Rawhide Leather(1)
      Build Component 3: Raw Root(1)
      Fuel Component 1: Coal(2)
    tin chainmail leggings (Artisan Essentials Volume 7)Components
    • Primary Component: raw tin(1)
      Build Component 1: raw tin(1)
      Build Component 2: raw rawhide leather(1)
      Build Component 3: raw roots(1)
      Fuel Component 1: Coal(5)
    One further note, if for instance you only had 1 tin cluster and 1 bronze cluster and you chose the Tin Chainmail Legging Recipe one of your components would come up as red (meaning you're short a compontent). It won't substitute a totally different recipe based on what you have in your inventory. Most likely you just selected the wrong recipe without noticing.
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    As much as you might not want to admit it .. I think this is most likely user error and you made the item by mistake. Either that or you found some weird bug.

    All the advanced recipes call for rare materials as the primary componant. Check the recipe and it will ask for Bronze. Rares will not be consumed in the place of normal materials. You cannot substitute commons with rares.

    oh and .. what Mezz said ;)
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    It is REAL easy to buy the advanced books for 1 to 9 instead of the essentials (I've done that on 2 alts *blush*).

    It's real easy to miss the first part of a recipe name (the bit with the material, i.e. bronze vs tin) when you have both essentials and advanced books for that same level.

    I have crafted rare recipes when intending to do common on my tailor while doing a rush order! I did it not that long ago on my tailor when I was running through recipes for fist pristines... I hope someone on Guk wants the T7 mastercrafted boots and bracer. Heck, I've even done that with roots, too, when I wanted to use the root for something else entirely *sniffle*. I've taken to putting my rares in my banker box when I go to doing rush orders so I won't accidentally get a rare recipe when I don't intend.
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    Kigneer wrote:
    Actually, MC recipes do call for a special mat - the primary component must be a rare. My suggestion, open your recipe book and search recipes by "bronze". Examine the recipes by either hovering over the recipe icon or right-clicking on the icon and picking examine. If you have done that recipe, at the bottom of the tooltip/examine window will be three boxes with a "?" in them followed by a fourth box with a picture of the final product. Which shows that you did, indeed, craft that recipe and happened to have a bronze cluster on you at the time.

    If you have absolutely no bronze recipes which show those 4 boxes on the bottom of the examine window, then you've got a weird bug.
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