How to Make Money in Norrath: A Guide for New and Old Alike

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  1. Leloes Well-Known Member

    I just don't want to spend a month getting enough money to hire and keep a mercenary. I do need one, though, at this point because I tried venturing out on my own and kept getting killed by everything I ran into. I'll go back to New Halas and do a run over the whole area picking up what I can and sell it.
  2. Bashem Well-Known Member

    you can harvest and get shines and harvest rares without needing merc and sell on broker and should be a to make enough to buy and use the merc. Or ask guild mates for some coin. If no guild ask politely in general chat might be surprised! Just dont whine to get peoples help. If going that route ask once in general channel and if no response wait a hour or so to ask again. There are plenty of people who like to help and just as many wanting give you a hard time!
    That when you learn to use the ignore and friend part of game. GL..........
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  3. mouser Well-Known Member

    At low levels mercs are dirt cheap - a few silver to keep up. Even the "elites" aren't terribly expensive till you get close to max.

    I (almost) always play with my merc out when I'm soloing. The extra kill speed more than makes up for the "XP leech" and the extra kills also more than pay for his salary. The only one I'm careful about not leaving out when I don't need him is Perrin, who costs 50 gold every half hour. He's still the only merc I use on my main though, even though I have 'unlocked' him so I can change if I need/want to.
  4. Bluecheese New Member

    Do not make the mistake to buy a krono and sell it for 550p on crushbone or whatever! Go for the Antonia Bayle server where krono's sells for 3000p each!
  5. dingoPboy New Member

    Huhh thats over 1000pp your loosing from real moneys.
  6. Tarnorili Member

    If you want to make coin in-game, one of the easiest way is to collect those pretty shinies on the ground and put them up on the broker. Just keep an eye out for them whilst you adventure, use the ones you yourself can, and sell the duplicates. It's extremely simple to do, doesn't pull you away from your questing/adventuring/exploring/gathering etc. Effort/reward wise it has one of the best returns.
  7. purple8 New Member

    Broker prices have mutated in AoM, and the "old ways" of earning enough plat to play and gear a character do not seem to be cutting it. Is real money trading to obtain plat via kronos becoming the norm?
  8. dingoPboy New Member

    I couldnt give you a real answer, i do know theres people that refuse to or just dont have the means to purchase their membership so theres always a market for those people, who have farmed or crafted thousands to millions of game platinum.

    2500p is the lowest normal price for a krono on antonious bayle 2500-3000p is the normal must sale for these days, i figure without any mark up its $1=100plat on the server.
  9. Errrorr An Actual EQ2 Player

    Learn your broker economics. Work out the average price for things, buy cheap, sell higher.
    Keep an eye out on things like Test Notes for changes that will make its drop/rise in price.
    If you see 5 shinies on broker at 5p, 50p, 50p 55p and 60p, buy the 5p one, resell it at 45p.

    Failing that, roll a brawler and farm shinies.
  10. Llwellyn Active Member

    What is the obvious part of this one that I'm missing after 10 years?

    Is it wind walk and...

    *clutches chest and falls over dramatically*
    *stands up and brushes self off*
    Haha! Fooled you!

    ...Feign death?


    That's one reason I love my particular character. I get to punch stuff in the face and look cool doing it, plus: free full repair once per day, disarm trap, safe fall, alcohol tolerance, invisibility at will, and I can play dead like my pet dog. The only thing lacking is tracking.
  11. hwy101 Active Member

    One time at Mon-key camp i saw a 1/2 Elf Monk, was a trackin fool. According to legend it helped him to make money.
  12. diamondabbraxus New Member

    True. Also Nu'Roga has been known to give decent plat, but the best i got was 1p 50g
  13. quester770 Member

    Is it still true you can make good plat on visionary? I wonder if this was just close to when experimenting was introduced. I've made a whole set of visionary feysteel vanguard and it didn't see very well at all. I put it at 15 plat each (I tried to sell some incarnadine vanguard visionary for 70 plat, not one piece of it ever sold) I think only a few pieces sold. Or maybe just one.

    Experimenting for me losing the item isn't the thing that bothers me, (usually if all you use is augment and calibrate- and make sure to have ambrosial coffee so you don't run out of power- when you don't have a mishap to counter with another skill you'd do fine) it's just the sheer time it takes to get every piece from normal to visionary. I'd be willing to take a risk of losing multiple items at the same time if I could
  14. Deathbecomes Member

    Wow that post was over a year ago lol. I'm not sure if experimenting pays anymore or not. I haven't played much this last year, but being percent based upgrades lower tier items rarely give enough bang for the buck from experimenting. I would imagine that with the new tradeskill prestige and gear that helps ease the difficulty of experimenting it is not quite as painful, and thus not as profitable, but maybe still enough of a pain to make some coin. The best thing to do is let guildies know you can create visionary safely, I normally don't charge guildies for crafting but experimenting is just to much work to not charge, and work on commission, that way you are only spending time on making stuff that you will get paid for.
  15. Faelfreeblood Active Member

    The truth is on the server I play, you cant, because players set it up so you cant at low levels. They devalue everything, on purpose I know, for low level players, that you might want to sell.

    Its high levels doing this and they work at it. If you try to fix the econemy even at your own exspense, they will lower it back at there own. I have tested this, worked at it, trying to help. I know.

    What you do is, do every quest you possibly can, and get the money from npcs, the repatble ones 40 times if you have to. vendor stuff, but not what you need. If you can get your hands on something higher players might like to sell, then undercut them. It is the only things they wont devalue.

    Also if you have real life money to spend buy a krono and sell it, I know, I know, its nice but yoiu should still be able to do it in game by selling rares and such, but the headache is not worth it, that sort of thing is fixed now by the players.

    Otherwise buy nothing and use rewards untill you reach a higher level if your adventurious and can make due. If this is your first character and you dont want to buy a krono and sail through it, I would actully advise this route. You can pay for merc with quest rewards and vendoring stuff.
  16. Allabreve Active Member

    Let me guess, you're a conspiracy nut.

    People lower the prices they sell at so they can sell things faster. That's the only reason. They undercut other people's prices so they can sell their stuff first, clear those broker spaces, then fill them with something else.

    Nobody lowers their prices with the goal of hurting low level players. Their goal is to make money selling their own stuff.

    Wait a minute ... you undercut people for vindictive reasons? That's counterproductive.

    Ideally, you don't want to be selling things that high level players want to sell. You want to sell things that they want to buy. At that point, you don't even need to undercut them. Figure out how the price cycles on that item, then set your price near the top of the cycle. The people who undercut you will sell their stuff first, but you'll sell your stuff for 10% to 20% more than they do.
  17. Faelfreeblood Active Member

    The prices are forced like a few copper sometimes, it could not be to profit even if you sold 1k of the item. What it is, is that they think they are helping new players out by letting crafting mats and stuff cheap, and they may be true, at first. People have told me such...its no conspiracy.

    Yet past a point, in the long run at slightly higher levels when things go up, this will have hurt them. Because they will not have made much plat. Just like comming on chat and saying dont buy mats you can use our guild hall crafting depot for free, even if not member of guild. All are welcome. Though this dose not hurt much as most to lazy to farm there own mats wont always see it at the time.

    There are things you can sell and they include seasonal curncy and fertilizer as I said at really low levels. You can sometimes sell rare harvest but not like you used to could. Admittdly the situation as gotten slightly better since I came back from my break prices are up a bit to what they were. So maybe there is hope.

    Also its not vendictive, I was encorging others to sell what high levels sell, if they can get it, or its given, maybe even on a alt, instead of focusing on lower level stuff at that characters level. It is true that the sort of things the higher level players sell they wont devalue, that is offer for free because they hopre to profit themselves. Its not being vindictive its logic.
  18. Allabreve Active Member

    It's obvious that you don't understand economics. If something only sells for a few coppers, that's because lots of people acquire it and barely anybody wants it.

    Try to force the price down on something that people want. Buy up 1,000 fertilizers, and try to sell them for 3 coppers each. See how long you're able to force the prices down for.

    You won't be able to do it. Someone will notice that there's a sale on fertilizers, and buy them all up. Even if they don't want to use the fertilizers, they'll know that they can sell them for far more than that. You'll bankrupt yourself before you have any lasting impact on the price.

    The people who use low-level crafting materials are low-level crafters ... and if they're newbies (instead of alts) they're too poor to afford to pay more than a few coppers for each material. The people who generate a ton of materials are the high-level crafters with tradeskill prestige points, pack horses, gathering goblins, and guild gatherers.

    Any newbie can do the daily objectives. If they're a F2P player, they can earn one per day. After 5 days, they can turn in their 5 loyalty tokens for 75 platinum.

    How many levels do you think a brand new F2P player can gain in 5 days? (And if they subscribe, they can gain loyalty tokens twice as fast.)

    EQ2 is a mature game with a mature economy. There are ways to make money in brand new economies. There are ways to make money in mature economies. You're complaining that the strategies for a brand new economy don't work in EQ2's mature economy.

    You can't change the economy back to what it was 10 years ago. It's pointless to try.

    That's really lousy advice. It ignores the most fundamental rule of economics: the law of supply and demand.

    I don't make money by selling what high levels sell. I make money by selling what they buy.

    If lots of high levels are buying something, and few people are selling it, It will be worth a fortune. If lots of high levels are selling something, and few people are buying it, it will be dirt cheap.

    And how are low-level players supposed to get the things that high-level players sell? We don't kill high-level mobs. We're not high-level crafters. We don't go on high level raids.

    So your suggestion is to sell (at the broker) something that a high-level gave to me as a gift. That's sure to earn the newbie a crappy reputation ... if the high-level person actually gave them something that could be sold for much.

    Really? Try selling some level 96-100 common materials. Our supply depot has 99,999 of the common leathers. I'm sure some high-level harvesters would love to be able to sell them. When the guild gatherers bring more of them, I just destroy them.

    Everybody would like to sell them for a profit ... but nobody needs to buy them.

    Go ahead. Try to sell 1,000 of them. Tell me how much profit you make.
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  19. Kuulei Well-Known Member

    Only members can purchase the Bags of platinum.
  20. Faelfreeblood Active Member

    Look lady fae, I'm not sure why you are getting nasty, I mean well I really do. Overall you maybe right but a year or so ago there were a few people on my server specificly and admitidly trying to lower the value on any and all sub t6 items, and ferther offering the free use of there guild depot to non members in an effort to lower the price.

    Normaly you would be right but this actully happened, its not something I assumed they were publicly talking about it. I talked to them about it. White knighting gone bad. They were trying to monkey with the low level econmy and had enough plat to keep it up for a while.

    Now that I am back though for a bit longer I notice as I said things have got somewhat better.