How to Make Money in Norrath: A Guide for New and Old Alike

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  1. Bashem Well-Known Member

    I have 10 lvl 95 crafters atm and its hard making money in game these days due no one buying many low level things. Most just wait until at least in my case to get to 95 adventurer to start using ToV gear and get crafted and quest items because the stats and mobs jump way up. Then I see most item to sell crafting the popular items a lot of item have people selling items at a really low price. If you can find some items you can make that are needed and can make a profit then do that.

    I recommend adding adorning and transmuting skill to your crafter as can make a lot money making high end adornments. I also on my main worked to be able to make all the recipes that require draconic etyma to make.
    I do like having tradeskills though as I can make anything crafted in game myself so you can save some dough once you have your crafter.
    Also make sure you get the epic earring so you can see the red glowie collections to sell for plat or use.....

    Heres a ZAM link for the ToV crafting info.......
  2. mouser Well-Known Member

    A few notes:

    Bags are basically worthless now since everyone can strap six strongboxes around their waist, and boxes are bigger than bags. On the positive side, appearance clothing sells based on fashion, not on tier, so there's profit to be made there. Stuff may sit a while, but eventually someone will want it. Furniture works pretty much the same way (though rent reduction plays a role in some items pricing).

    The advice about shinies and rares is good. On most servers, rares from the lower tier zones will sell for more than the rares from the top two because there aren't as many players running around down there harvesting. Kind of like how the azure reactants are a dime a dozen because a level 95 crafter gets 1-4 every day, while crafters in the other tiers get rewards like artichokes, so the lower tier reactants are priced higher. Prices on the non-rares are crazy volatile, at least on Freeport. Something might be priced for 75 silver each for a couple of days, then drop down to 50 copper in a matter of hours, then runs back up to 1 gold a week or so later. It all depends on who's leveling what tradeskills at the time.

    Buy sales displays (crates are best starting out) and claim your veteran's case if you're eligible. Place them in your house in clear view of the front entrance so people can avoid commision and find your displays quickly and easily. Naming the boxes and sorting what's in them makes life easier for buyers (harvestables, collectibles, etc...) - don't discount the effect of 'browsing'. Someone may come in for one collectible, and buy three or four more that she needs while she's there if they're listed all in a row.

    There's no substitute for watching the broker yourself on your server and seeing what sells and what doesn't. If you really want to be thorough, look at trends - prices on weekends often differ from prices on weekdays, and you may find yourself needing to adjust your prices more than once a day if you want to stay competitive as the market moves.
  3. Rotherian Well-Known Member

    Given that the max capacity of a bubinga strong box is 48 slots, and the max capacity of a metallic reptile hide backpack is also 48 slots, how exactly are the boxes bigger than bags? o_O

    Other than that, though, the post was spot on.
  4. mouser Well-Known Member

    I stand corrected - bags have caught up to boxes now :oops:

    I would edit my post, but the window has passed.
  5. Gregore Active Member

    There are still lucrative ways to make plat in this game. The more 95 toons you have, the easier it gets to make plat. Most peeps making serious plat in the game don't want to share their tips for fear of competition, as well as fear of SOE bringing out the big bad nerf bat. If you want to make plat in this game bad enough, you'll figure it out. It's definitely harder to make large amounts of plat these days since the "Great Plat Nerf" of a year or so ago. It will require thinking outside the box, multiple toons, and some hard work initially.
  6. Kalika Well-Known Member

    The advices of the barbarian lady used to be good ones. I leveled doing that finding way to make money on my way.

    Sadly most of those advices are now out-dated. Indeed the game has evolved into a rush to 95 and pay to win game.

    Kronos totally broke the economy, and the bag of plat from the loyalty vendor created nut inflation.
    Add to that huge Money split from raids and the picture get bloody.

    Currently :
    - Rare from any level sell for nothing.
    - There no crafted item on sale except level 95 temps/food/potions.
    - Experimentation does not seem to be used anymore.
    - Collection still sell but for almost nothing, may be those with funny reward (appearence, illusion) still may bring some money.
    Many people used them to PL alts, but nobody does it anymore since much easier and faster way to do it are available.
    - Masters below 85 sell 1-10 pp, with prob the exception of spell that are not upgraded.

    The only remaining market is probably to sell carefully chosen expert of all tier.
  7. Avahlynn Well-Known Member

    I... hmm...what is nut inflation? It sounds like some rather personal and uncomfortable medical condition...:oops:
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  8. Rotherian Well-Known Member

    I think that would be inflammation, not inflation. :eek: :D

    I'm not saying that it is or isn't, but I am curious as to the reason(s) that you think that the game is pay-to-win. Why, exactly, do you believe that the game is pay-to-win?

    On Unrest (respectively):
    - It depends upon the rare (however, some of the mid-range rares tend to sell for higher amounts than the top tier stuff).
    - I wish this was the case. That would make it where I wouldn't have to spend quite as much time poring through the food and drink lists when I feel to lazy to log on to my provisioner.
    - Depends upon what you mean. If you mean that nobody seems to do it, then that may or may not be the case (depending upon one's server). If you mean that fewer items are eligible for experimentation, then you may be right (but I don't have a definitive list of the gear that allows experimentation, so I can neither confirm nor deny the claim).
    - Collections still sell, and some of them sell for 10x -1,000x the price that they did when introduced. However, this largely depends upon the server.
    - This varies with server. Even below 85, there are still quite a number of Masters that sell for well over 10pp (however, many of them are either class-defining abilities or healing spells).
  9. mouser Well-Known Member

    On the off chance there was a serious question behind the very funny one-liner, it's basically what I, and some others, predicted would happen, but were shouted down by hordes of happy people seeing "plat from heaven".

    It's a bit past macroeconomics 101, but you're looking at the 'money supply'. Those bags of plat keep pouring money in, but EQ 2 has basically no money sinks to pull money out of the economy. They took out travel costs, rent is a pittance (yet people with good stuff for sale still can't seem to remember to pay their 5 silver before I show up at their door), very little is actually bought from vendors for coin (a side effect of all the 'alternate currencies'), and the biggest sink, brokerage fees, are avoidable by visiting houses directly (that change NEVER should have gone in). Menders and crafting fuel are probably the biggest ones left.

    Since everyone has an increasing pool of money, but the same stuff to spend it on, they're willing to pay more for said stuff (what else are they going to do with the money?). Hence, the obvious result: very high, sustained inflation.
  10. Ahupu Well-Known Member

    nut inflation=net inflation I do believe.
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  11. Bashem Well-Known Member

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  12. Ahupu Well-Known Member

    To be fair Kalika first mentioned it LOL. However as, of the two of us, I am the only one that could suffer from such a thing; I shall suffer those slings and arrows.
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  13. Rotherian Well-Known Member

    Yeah. I think that is referring to something that aids in the retention of air rather than something that will slow economic inflation.
    I used to be an adventurer like you...then I took inflation to :eek: :D
    The difference between the plat that enters the game through the exchange of loyalty tokens for bags of platinum, and the plat that enters the game through other methods, is that there is a maximum rate per account that the bags of platinum enter the economy - which can not be increased by adding characters on the same account. Granted, this can be somewhat overcome by amassing the tokens on a free account, then periodically bringing the free account to member status for one month to exchange the tokens for the plat (then trade the plat to the primary account), but that is a significantly greater effort (unless someone just has a lot of disposable income) than creating more characters on a single account to farm lucrative zones.

    So the bags of plat do increase the net plat, but not as easily as other methods of plat generation.
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  14. mouser Well-Known Member

    Funniest line I ever heard in an SOE live type thing - re: Dungeon Maker: "I used to design dungeons, then I took an arrow to the knee." Forget who said it though (probably for the best) ;)

    True dat. But at the time 150 plat a week for showing up was huge for most players (read: non-raiders). You could gear up a 92 toon with mastercrafted for that. Like everything else, it's value has gone down relative to brokerage items.

    They screwed up a lot of things in SWG, but at least they kept the economy basically functional. With all the collective MMO experience SOE has under their belt (and lessons learned from watching other games), I cannot understand some of the decisions they've made for EQ 2.
  15. Rotherian Well-Known Member

    Just a note about a previous point that you made. It isn't that there aren't currency sinks. It is that the ones they have are very inefficient. (and getting more so).
  16. Raff Well-Known Member

    I make 500-600 plat a week harvesting & selling rares and shiny's. Shiny market can be slow sometimes, but certain rares sell all the time. I only harvest a couple of days a week too.
  17. Leloes Well-Known Member

    Been away from the game for a few months due to RL problems but now I'm ready to get back into it. My problem is I have a level 22 wizard and I need to hire a mercenary but I'm low on money. What would be an easy and quick way to make some money? Go back to New Halas and pick up shinies and collectibles?
  18. Hijinx Well-Known Member

    Any of the areas you are comfortable venturing into: New Halas, G Fay (even the nursery), TS, etc.
  19. Morfydd Active Member

    Quest and then broker the low level drops (treasured or better gear and adept or better spell books) and the quest rewards that can be traded. Sell them on the broker for 5g to 12g each (on Freeport - your server may vary, but it will still be higher than you would expect) - somebody will buy them to level transmuting or to twink an alt.
  20. Bashem Well-Known Member

    Shines always a great source of income as well as rare harvest items. You could see if making the collection and selling the byproduct can be done this is good if you get sell able item from collection like portal devices sell for good money too. Just see is selling the shinies from the collection would make you more money or the collection itself. And while running around looking for shinies get a tradeskill and harvest for rares and do this questline to add to your skill and some nice items from it as well as your going to doing a lot of harvesting anyways!