How to Make Money in Norrath: A Guide for New and Old Alike

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  1. Rosyposy Well-Known Member

    :eek: Wow... glad you got your $$ back!
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  2. Breanna Well-Known Member

    Me too LOL Our bank and Dell worked well together, we found out the packages were dropped off at an abandoned house in Detroit, so I think that helped.
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  3. Rosyposy Well-Known Member

    Sheesh... and there are lots of abandoned houses in Detroit. :(
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  4. Breanna Well-Known Member

    LOL yes there is, of course most of them are burned out now.
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  5. Nithlia New Member

    This is very helpful! Thank you for sharing :)
  6. Tagg Member

    Check out it allows you to create onetime use “debit cards”. You do tie it to you bank, but it allows for as many one time use cards that you want to make so that you don’t have to worry about recurring charges or having your card number stolen and used fraudulently.
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  7. Merker Member

    The original OP said they had completed the Gathering Obsession quests with a lvl 1 toon. For noobs, this does not include the Return of a Gathering Obsession quest line. You must have a lvl 90 tradeskill in order to receive the quest.

    As far as money making goes, I have been able to easily make 20 million PP overnight on a weekend by harvesting and selling "Planar Energy" on the broker. On average, these sell for between 1 - 2 million plat on AB, but I have had them go for over 3 mill each before. Just depends on the market fluctuation on a given weekend.
  8. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    Note that she was several levels higher when she finished it, just from location dings.
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  9. Forestchild Well-Known Member

    I think a lot of these Guides need to be updated.

    For instance letting players now, that there is no skill cap on harvesting. you can level harvesting from 1-max doing T1 areas. Long, long, long time ago in a land called Norrath, you got a message saying that you needed a specific skill set to harvest the next tier. Well the Devs removed that, and now you are able to harvest in higher Tiers even if you aren't high in harvesting skill. I believe thought it still a rares though. You'll harvest only the common elements, then when skill researches the tier you're in, then you start harvesting rares.
  10. Tkia Well-Known Member

    I highly doubt this since the last time we tested you had to be level 5 to get the first quest. Adv or ts level doesn't matter, but 5 is the starting level.
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  11. Forestchild Well-Known Member

    I also doubt this, because you go ahead and take a lvl "1" to a level 100 area to get the required mats, and see if you don't die. die.
  12. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    By the time you have run around Qeynos for 15 minutes, you'll be level 10. It's not hard to do. And you can totally take a level 1 toon and harvest in almost any zone.

    The key to doing this on a low level toon is to just watch the pathing of the mobs carefully.
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  13. Forestchild Well-Known Member

    A Gathering Obsession Timeline
    Recommended Levels 5 to 100

    according to the Wiki...
    and you're right, Sigrdrifa, on the leveling and becoming level 10 in like 10 minutes. just by descovering the locations.
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  14. mouser Well-Known Member

    Yep. I remember back on a PvP station exchange server I made it up through Kingdom of Sky without dinging 10 so I couldn't be ganked while harvesting. I had to stick to a very tight path the whole way. Eventually they changed the rule for the Desert of Flame and KoS zones. Felt pretty honored since I was about the only low level harvesting there (well, there was one bot that stayed in the corner of the beach...).

    Made some good money :)
  15. Lambro Member

    Has this guide been updated any? Seems it's very old and outdated? If not I apologize.

    How to make money as a silver account F2P? I guess it's not possible since you have to keep buying broker credits with RL $$$?
  16. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    You're kinda SOL as long as you are not a paid member. As a F2P, your best bet is to buy a Krono then sell that, but you would need access to the auction channel.
  17. Lambro Member

    That's why I was asking how to make money as a F2P is to get a Kronos.. but you can't even use the broker or anything.. I have access to the auction channel. I can read it but not sure I can post in one. Haven't tried.
  18. BaldNinja Member

    Yea sadly even buying broker credits takes DBC.
    but, I think total would be just about $25 (Kronos + DBC) to get 50m Plat.
    I just sold one in maybe a minute after posting on Maj 'Dul

    Broker credits item is 99 DBC in game store.
    $5 = 500 DBC
  19. Taled Well-Known Member

    Man. Next time, post in the newbie channel you're selling it for 500mil, you'll sell it about as fast and make 10x as much. They're worth 800-1bil currently if you're able to auction it for real.
  20. BaldNinja Member

    Broker is capped at 50m listing